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attackThis weekend wasn’t a good one for the home team. Three separate violent attacks that left roughly 40 people injured in three different locations have people rightfully on edge. There are more questions than answers, and concerns are on the rise about lone wolf, unsophisticated attacks that are easier to perpetrate, and yet still leave bloodshed in their wake.

Police said a man dressed as a security guard injured nine people in knife attacks late Saturday at a shopping mall in St. Cloud, Minn. He was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer.

Authorities said they were investigating it as a possible terrorist incident.


In New York, authorities were searching for a bomb maker who set off a blast near a large trash container on a Manhattan street Saturday evening that left 29 people injured from flying debris, including shrapnel.

Police subsequently found an unexploded bomb four blocks away. Authorities said they had identified a “person of interest” in the bombing they would like to speak to.

And in New Jersey, officials said they didn’t yet know whether a pipe bomb that went off before a charity run at a seashore resort Saturday morning was linked to any terror group. Officials were also trying to determine if the Manhattan bombs and the New Jersey device were made by the same individual or group.

No injuries were reported from the blast at Seaside Park as thousands of runners were set to participate in the benefit for Marines and sailors.

In the aftermath of such attacks, we always see calls for those in power to “do something.” What, is unclear, but even incidents that do not involve guns generally need to calls for more gun control.

Will it happen again? What will be the reactions in the aftermath of this weekend’s attacks? Will there be calls for more gun restrictions, despite the fact that not a single gun was used in these acts of terror? Will there be calls for knife control? Increased surveillance?

Let us know what you think below.


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  1. There are no gun rights left to take from citizens in NY.
    New Yorker’s are “allowed” nothing more than the right to keep a low capacity sporting arm locked up at home. A pocket knife will land you in jail. Cameras are already EVERYWHERE. All that is left is for them to “rip you apart” with searches everywhere. There is nothing left of the second amendment – there is nothing left of the fourth amendment. Public religious expression is outlawed (Unless you belong to that “SPECIAL” religion that politicians bend backward and waive their own laws to ACCOMMODATE!) Loretta Lynch’s HATE SPEECH LAWS will shut down opposition expression as effectively as these laws do in the EuroSocialist Union.
    Progressive socialism is the greatest enemy we have ever faced, and it is attacking from within. They subvert our constitution and sovereignty for a global agenda.
    They attempt to cover up the fact that Islam is waging war upon us – on our own soil.

    1. That’s never stopped gun grabbers from demanding everyone else be disarmed. After the Boston Marathon attacks, my old Congresscritter demanded more gun control. No, seriously.

  2. KUETSA, that’s been true for a while now. Sounds like lots of good reasons to stay away from NYC – and every other big city, metro area, or large crowds of strangers.

    And it’s going to get worse before it gets better. Lots worse.

    All the questions about whether or not the attack is “terrorist” is hardly relevant. Doesn’t change anything, really. Rational choices and serious self defense are still the only logical “something” that can be done about it.

  3. All of the above was my answer. Along with denial of any relation to terrorism for as long as possible. After all, terrorism in the USA might reflect badly on the outstanding performance of our current Prez and former Sec of State.

  4. They are going to go after everything they can think of, plus they are going to demand that they get more money. Every body and their brother will have their hand out because if only they had more money they could stop this. Also watch for a further attempt to Federalize local Police Force under the opacifies greater interagency cooperation.

  5. I was in a high crime area of a major metropolitan city this past week, I avoided malls and areas that could be problematic, I carried a G43 at all times and I had a TAVOR/5.56 nearby if needed, along with a get home bag.

  6. A Tavor? Comrade X I just drooled on my keyboard…..

    I too expect more calls for gun control despite the stabbing at the mall happening in a Gun Free Zone.

    And it possibly could be used as an excuse to federalize Police officers. Since more than 800 illegal immigrants have been granted citizenship. At least one is a law enforcement officer. oops.

    1. TAVOR’s are a very good urban area guns and IMHO for a smaller person it is very easy to handle. They are rear end loaded so when you pick one up they feel heavy (7 to 8#, I think) but when you put them to your shoulder the front end is light and very easy to hold & aim (which in IMHO is very very important!!!), some people don’t like bull pups in general and one of the valid arguments against them is the long & heavy trigger pulls, but the new TAVOR models have changed out their triggers which are a lot better now, I have an older model where I have changed out the trigger to be very much like an M4’s.

      Because they are a bullpup they handle like a SBR but also have the benefit of a 16″ or 18″ barrel, I have read articles about shooters being proficient out to 600 yards with them when they have the upgraded triggers.

      They are spendy but I find them well worth the money if you learn to use them the way the IDF intended.

  7. PS – After the ISLAMIC TERROR BOMBING, NYC mayor DeBlasio is calling for many more unvettable Syrian “refugee” immivaders to be packed into NYC!


    and . . . they . . . keep . . . getting . . . re-elected . . .

  8. The authorities, especially the Obama administration will double-down trying to pigeon-hole it as lone-wolf, mental illness (like your odd Uncle Fred), victims of Islamophobia, economically disadvantaged, closet Trump supporters, or Life Members of the NRA. If they can expand the state, say by EO’s into health care records, or other prior restraint, without naming the elephant in the room, it is just a bonus.

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