Poll: Shanah Tovah

roshhashanahimagecroppedIt’s hard to believe it, but we’ve reached the second day of fall. It’s also that time again – the Jewish New Year, or Rosh Hashanah. It begins tonight, and it ends Tuesday evening.

It’s a time for reflection for Jews that culminates with the Jewish Day of Atonement, or Yom Kippur, during which observers reflect upon and repent for any sins of the previous year and consider the year ahead.

So as we consider the year ahead, what would you – our members, readers, and friends – like to see the Zelman Partisans do, achieve, or change?

Obviously, the list could be huge and exhaustive, so I’ve chosen a few possible answers. However, you also have an “other” option in which you can provide your own answer and maybe even give us some great ideas we haven’t thought of yet!

Feel free to explain your answer in the comments section. Let us know what you’d like to see and how you’d like to see our organization grow.

L’Shanah Tovah, y’all!


5 thoughts on “Poll: Shanah Tovah”

  1. The response

    “Become more directly involved in state and national level Second Amendment issues, such as legislation and elections.”

    seems to be in a healthy lead. I could not disagree more. This is a task of monumental proportions that will quickly drain TZP’s resources. The organization is (I infer) neither staffed nor equipped to take on such a process. Even if all members pitched in as local volunteers, the task is still overwhelming. Just my $0.02 worth, YMMV.

    1. The organization could however kick off it’s own series of pamphlets (in either DTF or online) along the lines of the old “Grampa Jack” series.
      While TZP may lack the finances and manning to play the game of direct lobbying or advertisement in print and broadcast media, I believe it is not lacking in the talent needed to create online web-comics which also could be downloaded and printed for distribution at a grass roots level.
      The anti-gunners and anti-liberty crowd poison the well of voters by a constant campaign of negative imagery of guns and anyone who doesn’t turn to the auspices of government to solve their problems, and they start targeting them when they’re very young through cartoons and children’s programing. Perhaps it’s time to use that same technique against them.
      I’m pretty sure TZP could support a web comic or two, maybe some entertaining animation shorts that have a message of self reliance, freedom, and how guns play a positive role in protecting individuals from tyranny and oppression.

  2. I know that this is a labor of love for everyone of you, and that time is short for everyone in the crazy world that we live in nowadays. Myself, though, what has set this site apart from others is the fact that I have had my comments read and the writers made comments to me. I could hardly believe that Claire or Nicki would take the time to write to some unknown like me. So the personal interaction is key for me. And I also would like to try and slowly expand the circle of freedom, by somehow getting the word out that TZP is the true fighter of rights for Jewish firearms freedom, and not that other group that has abandoned the cause. Since I am not as smart as all of you, I can’t tell you how, just that I think that this next year should be a time to spread the message.

    1. Although I certainly enjoy coming here for many of the same reasons you do, I have realized that this group, while correct in what it stands for, isn’t actually doing any “fighting [for] Jewish firearms freedom” that I’ve seen.

      I’m hoping that will change at some point, but thus far we’ve been nothing but an echo chamber, like-minded people sounding off to each other. Don’t get me wrong; that’s of great value to people who feel like they’ve been beating their heads against a wall 24/7, but it’s not “fighting.”

      I agree the message needs to be spread (we need to become bigger before we can fight), but I too am at a loss as to how. In my more pessimistic moments I conclude that there are just too few Americans left who give a damn who aren’t caught up in such incoherent rage they will vote for a man on a white horse, liable to be at least as dictatorial as what they think they are fighting against.

      1. “Although I certainly enjoy coming here for many of the same reasons you do, I have realized that this group, while correct in what it stands for, isn’t actually doing any “fighting [for] Jewish firearms freedom” that I’ve seen.”

        Alas for whatever truth is in that statement.

        We are fighting for ideas, but it’s true that the ideas are mainly being heard by the choir.

        There’s no question: it’s a struggle to carry on Aaron Zelman’s legacy without Aaron Zelman. We have a wonderful but very small supporter base. No inspirational leadership. And a volunteer crew whose members have largely had a bad few years (cancer for one of us, crushing financial troubles and work overload for another, big personal changes for several among the blog crew). We at TZP can’t “get political” because aside from not having the resources, we have strong differences within our ranks.

        So for the time being at least, yes, all we can do is keep putting the ideas out there: that gun rights are live-saving civil rights and that there is no such thing as an acceptable or “commonsense” compromise on this issue.

        Maybe for now we can only whisper it. But as long as we stay alive there’s hope one day we’ll be heard. And maybe even heeded.

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