Poll: Do you care?

election-2016Well, it’s almost that time. We are less than a month away from Election 2016, and I’m wondering how our readers and members feel about this year’s election.

This is the most contentious election I’ve ever seen. Friendships have been threatened or downright destroyed. Bitter disagreements over politics have taken over civil conversations. It’s good to see people get passionate about the future of this country, but when the passion transforms into something toxic, ending camaraderie and civil discourse and understanding, one has to wonder why.

So today’s poll question is: do you care about this election, and if so, how much and why?


7 thoughts on “Poll: Do you care?”

  1. I care, but only in the tactical sense. There are no acceptable candidates in the “top four” parties. You’ve got an absolutely evil crony mercantilist masquerading as a socialist, a crony mercatilist playing Halloween dress-up as a Rep conservative, a greenweenie Republican pretending to be libertarian, and a green socialist who’d clearly prefer that humans weren’t around to pollute Gaia’s paradise.

    For the first time in a long time, I will vote. I’ll go in to write in Sweet Meteor O’Death. And I hope a lot more people will do that. I want so many SMOD votes cast that even the lamestream media will be forced to report the percentage, just to make the point of how tired and disgusted people are with this quadrennial excrement.

  2. I care about the Constitution and Bill of Rights, also about Supreme Court appointments. But not much about the loser candidates. In a country of millions of people this is the best we can do?

  3. I care enough to keep crooked hillary from appointing any Supreme Court Justices and to keep the serial rapist Bill and serial felon hillary from damaging our Republic any further. I care enough to keep this mess from ruling like a dictator through executive fiat and destroying our Bill of Rights:


    P.S. Remember a vote for Trump is a vote to end judicial activism on the US Supreme Court. A very worthy cause.

  4. I’m not voting for who I want or like so much as I’m voting in hopes of getting the candidate who’s damage we will have the best chance of recovering from after they’re out of office.

    No matter who gets in I think our best hope is a catastrophic medical emergency that pushes a VP into the big seat shortly after inauguration day.

  5. If The Hill-n-Bill Traveling Snake Oil Show is installed in office we will shortly have 20-30 million permanent “D” voters legalized, and thousands more imported from the third world every month.
    At that point the word “elections”, at least on a national level will have no meaning. Either way, regardless of who wins, I believe the bubble economic voodoo will continue until the whole mess comes crashing down. David Stockman’s new book “Trumped” lays it out chapter and verse, and he’s not a fan of either candidate. Personally, I’d vote for Putin before I’d vote for that sociopathic, traitorous, two-faced, rapist enabling, arrogant, un-convicted, carpetbagging, female felon.
    Give me a minute and I’ll tell you how I really feel.

  6. This republic is dead!

    So what’s important to me is planning & preparing for what is next whatever that may be.

    When tyranny becomes law
    Rebellion becomes duty

  7. I no longer care. In a few months, maybe weeks, the election will be forgotten and sourcing our food and water for the day may well be our only interest. Wood for a fire up North. Those things will weigh heavily on our minds. I will care about my family, close neighbors and friends in a 50 mile radius. Not much else. We should be thinking seriously about tribe and comms. Globalism is about to implode and destroy itself. Presidential elections will be remembered as a quaint anachronism and not much more.

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