The world is in a red-hot mess. Barbarians rampage over the Middle East (and even on the streets of London and some places in the U.S.). Thugs burn and loot in the name of “social justice.” The Cold War seems to have risen from its grave. Billionaires crow with glee because they think they’ve finally found the key to disarming the rest of us. Hatred of Jews edges ever closer to the redline.

These aren’t great times to live.

But then, there have been worse. Black plague, anyone? An ice age? The aftermath of a supervolcano eruption? Hitler’s Germany? Stalin’s Ukraine?

All in all, even with perils everywhere, right now we have it pretty good — we who sit here reaching out to friends the world over via blogs and tweets and more new phone apps than a 20th-century person can keep track of.

I don’t know about you but I’m cozy and warm and looking forward to a low-key Thanksgiving. With that in mind, I’d like to mention a few things I’m thankful for and invite you, today and this weekend, to add your own in comments.


I’m thankful …

For my fellow bloggers here at TZP. They are outstanding people and I have learned so much from them, reading their posts. Even though we’re still in the early stages, I think we did the right thing in creating The Zelman Partisans.

For those who’ve donated money and those who’ve cheered us on and asked, “When can I join?” or “Where can I buy TZP swag?” Thank you … and soon. Give us a few months to do all the background stuff.

For Aaron Zelman, whose legacy deserves to live on. He was a real mensch. A pain in the wahzoo sometimes, but a mensch.

For those who are rallying against the billionaires’ dream law, I-594 in Washington.

For those in the (for want of a better term) black states — Delaware, Connecticut, New Jersey, Colorado, you know who you are — who’ve defied and fought back. And for people like Mike Vanderboegh who inspire them and stand with them even when their own lives really suck. Speaking of Mike, if you want swag, go buy a hat from him.

For friends I’ve never met.

For the amazing, astonishing, wonderful people who helped keep the roof over my head this year — and then who contributed more (without even being asked) when another section of roof sagged in.

For California dried apricots! And other intriguingly apricotty things.

For Ava and Robbie, who at 9 and 13 have finally matured into being really, really good dogs (as long as you overlook Ava’s regrettable tendency to snack on Chihuahuas).

For 3D printing and the smart, bold firearm designers who are making sure that the billionaires’ dreams will never, ever come true. That so many are giving their designs freely to the world is wonderful; clearly they know what’s at stake here.

For Dutch apple pie, soft wool to knit, beautiful custom-made knives to admire, and the life-saving power of firearms in caring hands, I’m thankful.

And that so far, there’s neither plague nor supervolcanoes hereabouts.


That’s just for starters. How about you?


9 thoughts on “Thanksgiving”

  1. It does not seem possible that another year is almost behind us. Where, oh where does the time go? So, it is entirely fitting to pause and reflect, to be aware of what has gone and all of the good things, since it is so easy to be preoccupied with all of the bad and sad so much of the time every day.

    I am grateful for so much, for so many people, for the potential in the future as well. I’m thankful that such people as Claire, Joel and so many others are part of my life, even though only through these electrons. It is hard to imagine life without them, but it will happen, one way or another.

    So, I am resolved to be thankful, mindful and careful of all my associations and connections each and every day. Thanks and blessings to you all.

  2. I’m grateful for the awesome people I’ve met through the gun rights movement – and those I haven’t yet, but will at some point. And for my Zelman Partisans partners.

    I’m grateful for Claire being a voice of sanity on the other side of that computer screen, for her never-ending willingness to indulge my need to vent, and for her great advice.

    I’m grateful for my amazing, incredible kids and my surly, but ever-brilliant husband.

    I’m grateful for Tucker, who at 180 lbs. is a lot of dog and a lot of love and warmth.

    I’m also grateful for my parents, who are patient and loving, and who have saved my ass more than once. And for the job that I love more than I can say.

  3. I’m grateful that, despite the fond wishes of power-mad billionaires and politicians, gun control is still dead, and more and more people are finding it within themselves to resist. I’m grateful the Ferguson riots are nothing compared to the LA riots and others in that period; but that people see the problems with the institution of policing and with delegating security to others. I’m grateful I’m still above ground. And I’m grateful I have no dog. 😉

  4. I am thankful that G-d seems to have a purpose in mind for me that requires a level of patience for my failures beyond measure.

    He has also seen fit that I have a loving wife, children, grandchildren, and fine friends that I have neither earned nor deserve.

    Lastly, He both provided a miraculous shield and guided the hands of skilled surgeons to save the life of my baby granddaughter.

    For these and countless other blessings, I am unable, through the end of my days, to bless Him sufficiently.

  5. Thankful I was able to be present when the new Frandson was born Monday. Thankful that all hope,is not lost because we can still breathe and fight and are committed not to go,quietly into the night.

    Instead of Black state, maybe they are behind the “blue” curtain or similar?

  6. My list:
    My family – genetic and otherwise, even the kid who doesn’t talk to me. Rebellious as all get out that one.

    My continued health and strength as I age, in spite of multiple serious car accidents caused by others. Credit to my God whose protection and or intents have kept me not just alive but ornery as ever.

    Thankful that I’ve been able to acquire enough weapons to arm the entire family and supply the ammo too, should that need arise.

    Thankful for my tinkering skills. I can fix nearly anything, and a friend laughs about my ability (as he says) to “weaponize anything”. Which means that I can always find a way to get another firearm as long as the enemy has them.

    Thankful for all of my animal friends and our abilities to understand and appreciate each other.

    Also for a long list of things I don’t have time or patience to list – loving women, beautiful sunrises and sets, imagination and intelligence, living in America instead of some muslim wasteland, etc, etc.

  7. I’m grateful for my team mates at The Zelman Partisans, to be among such talents is a constant source of amazement. As in “How did I get here?”. If you had told me a year ago I would be writing on a team with Claire Wolfe, and Nicki Kenyon and I would have laughed long and loudly at you. That I am, is the hand of G-d. To have writers such as Y.B. and Ilana join us, also hand of G-d to my mind. I’m grateful to have been able to talk to Aaron Zelman on the phone, and was always stunned when I called and he knew who I was. Me. Seriously? But he did. I’m grateful for the courage of my fellow Partisans. May G-d guide and guard us.

    I’m grateful to G-d for second chances at life. For medical and spiritual miracles. For G-d’s unfathomable grace, and that he loves us. That I can gaze with awe and wonder at his handiwork. Miracles made new each day.

    For the people he has placed in my life. Some I enjoy enormously, some are there to teach me something. Those, maybe not so much. But still. I’m grateful for my family, some of which I’m related to by blood, some not. I’m grateful for friends, some of them I’m closer to than some family.

    I’m very grateful for horses, BIG dogs and little kittys. For amusing and productive chickens. For beautiful farms, sunrises and sunsets, and lovely moons.

    I’m thankful for a great boss and supervisor at work, in a job and facility I love.

    I’m grateful for the land of Israel, and America. May G-d bless, guard and guide both of them.

    I’m grateful for Israeli coffee, even when I have to make it for myself. And chocolate. Always chocolate.

    I’m grateful that I have hope, hope for a better tomorrow, and the tomorrow after that, and the tomorrow after that.

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