Yeah. About that “active shooter” in Ohio today.

It’s hard to know whether to laugh or cry. Check out this headline just sent to me by our TZP colleague Nicki Kenyon:


Anyone who’s been watching knows by now that the only guns involved were the ones that finally removed the creepy little stabber from this earth. But the antis aren’t about to give up their “killer guns” so easily.

THREE TIMES this headline writer manages to insert a “gunman” who never existed into the story — and that’s even before the actual article. AND after they already knew he wasn’t using firearms.

That takes talent, folks. Hatred up the wahzoo toward guns and gun owners. Ignorance and carelessness on a vast scale. A deeply propagandized brain. But also a perverse, determined sort of talent.

(BTW, the headline is from a British publication, the Daily Record. They eventually changed the headline no doubt while dousing themselves with ice water to cool the deep burn of embarrassment.)


5 thoughts on “Yeah. About that “active shooter” in Ohio today.”

  1. It’s down right disgusting how eager, myopic and sinister the press is when it comes to their anti-gun agenda. Any and everyone who doesn’t look past the headline will think the perp was the shooter. When the only one with a gun was the policeman who shot the car driving knife wilding perp. I’ve read that he was a student and refugee from Somalia. My, I think reasonable, take on him is he is a jihadi taking his lead from the Muslim terrorist groups as they have been seen to do in France and Israel.

  2. Well…calling a pig a bison , does not make the pig a bison. Calling a machete a gun, does not make the machete a gun, either, but those of us who were not there to see it, would be at a disadvantage in that regard. The amoral jackasses who spewed forth the false reports know good and well they were lying, and they shall not be as much as handed an advisory to be more careful in the future . My hope is, that we may for some time to come, still witness the truth coming out, until the so called main-stream media devises a way to not have that happen.
    I wonder if the perp held a belief system that contributed in some way to his crimes? Am I to be labeled a bigot for bringing the likelihood up, or am I just being realistic?

  3. There is NO requirement of TRUTH in the progressive socialist PROPAGANDA advancing the globalist “CHANGE” that is subverting our constitution and sovereignty.

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