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Let me just start out by saying this column is not so much about defending President Trump as it is about venting. Venting that the left has now decided to step up the deceive and control game, and now “regular” people are doing their bit.

Second Amendment supporters have know for ages that cnn (#FakeNews) has been deceptive in their reporting. Americans that are unfamiliar with firearms and the shooting sports are easily deceived apparently by the cnn news readers. What’s not to believe? Nice clothes, nice hair (except Rachel Madow on msnbc, who makes me think of Kramer on Seinfeld) well modulated voices, how could they not be trustworthy?

A police officer named Leroy Pyle did an excellent video years ago explaining the “assault” rifle scam.

But G-d bless and protect James O’Keefe of Project Veritas. He has been dumping fantastic amounts of tape on cnn (#FakeNews) and their producer really does think American voters are stupid as sh#t. Shades of Jonathan Gruber, eh? Holy wikileaks Batman, O’Keefe is a one man truth squad.

So after all the false stories cnn has spread, been forced to retract because they weren’t true, had producers resign over stories they ran that they were caught out on, they are seeing ramifications. CNN’s Anonymous Source Proven Wrong About Trump It seems our social media savvy President got hold of a little gif from a old wrestlemania clip. Someone had doctored the clip and put the cnn (#FakeNews) logo over the other persons face so President Trump appeared to be attacking cnn (#FakeNews).

Predictably the media had kittens. The president was encouraging violence against reporters! How many reporters have been attacked by conservatives? None that I know of. Some have been attacked at “peaceful protests” by antifa and blm. Hey cnn (#FakeNews) how about telling the truth about some of those “peaceful protests”, how about doing some investigative journalism and finding out who’s behind them? Oops, guess that doesn’t fit their narrative.

CNN (#FakeNews) instead sent their ace investigative reporter Andrew Kaczynski to find out WHO did the offending gif. I kid you not. I would really urge you to read the link about Kaczynski, he’s a real piece of shi work. So old Andy tracked down the Reddit users who made the gif. And threatened to Dox him, unless he apologized profusely and promised never to do ANYTHING EVER again to annoy cnn (#FakeNews), whatever it might be, they didn’t specify. The gif was removed from the Reddit users account, he apologized profusely, begged forgiveness. And cnn (#FakeNews) crowed about their journalistic achievement of threatening a private citizen into submission. Such hatred and bile are usually reserved for conservative women, like Sarah Palin or Ann Coulter.

Legality schmegality. Probably within a day Sen. Ted Cruz informed them they may well have committed an illegal act. Ted Cruz says CNN might have committed a crime when they did this. Oopsie.

But it gets even better. Cnn (#FakeNews) and crack reporter (Buzzfeed reject) Kaczynski may well have identified and threatened the wrong person. Yep, they out-faked themselves. They blackmailed the wrong dude. High journalistic standards indeed. Did CNN Identify The Wrong Person?

I’m sure CNN is still trying to understand what went wrong. They were so sure the gullible people were fooled. But, last I’ve heard, they aren’t making any efforts to correct the problems, because hey, ideology and delegitimizing the lawfully elected President is more important than you know, mundane “news”.

But, I suppose Home Depot, Lowe’s and other stations are incredibly grateful to cnn (#FakeNews) for continuing on with their ideological suicide. Now Nick-at-Night, Home & Garden TV, Investigation Discovery, ESPN, Discovery channel and others are beating cnn (#FakeNews) in the ratings. One of the others beating them is MSLSD NBC. I wonder how many heard about the Freudian slip of Mika Brzezinski? She was complaining about President Trump, and let slip it is THEIR job to tell people what to think. Yeah, boy howdy.

But it’s not just the #MSM and #MediaBias that can’t stand that someone thinks something other than what they think people should. I got a email from a friend around the Independence Day. It wasn’t one of the fake ones, it was real.

Relax, Trump is stone cold sane By Dr. Keith Ablow

Well, apparently one of the people he sent it to was a liberal. I first noticed this phenomena when George W Bush was in office. If you sent a email a liberal didn’t like they hit “reply all” and told all your family and friends how stupid it was. A cousin of mine sent out a email and someone replied to all. I’ve had people forward emails I sent them. The liberal hit reply all and DEMANDED an apology from me. I sent him a link, and said “NUTS”.

This time a liberal, or just very rude person didn’t like the email my friend sent, so he hit reply all.

Happy 4th of July.

The issue of Trump’s actions or his sanity or his temperament is most likely A-OK for those who voted for and support Trump.

What you failed to mention is the ongoing investigations of Trump and his associates regarding Russia and Traitor like actions and Traitor like appearances.

Simple question on this 4th of July celebrating American Independence and our American Way of Life …. Do you support traitors?

I’d had enough. My happy little holiday was interrupted by this baloney. So I thought I’d help out the poor soul who is obviously illiterate in computer etiquette.

If you look carefully at the top of your email program you will see a”Reply” AND a “Reply all” button choice. Ooops, Apparently you inadvertently hit the reply ALL choice. Thus you subjected me and everyone else Dave sent this email to hearing your response. Speaking for myself, I could care less what you think. I do care what Dave chooses to forward and read it with interest.

In the future please, pay attention to “Reply” and “Reply ALL”.

Attention to detail matters.

Son of a gun, my helpful efforts were unappreciated.

On the 4th of July … his rant on Trump was over the top and I care less what you feel about that. Let’s watch what the investigations turn up on Trump.

SERIOUSLY? You impose your unwanted presence into my happy little email home, during a dinner party and essentially pass gas, and then attempt to tell my what my friend sent is “over the top”?? You sanctimonious jerk.

I’m sure you are embarrassed at not having paid enough attention to detail when you chose to reply. You replied to EVERYONE that Dave sent the email to. I don’t know you, I’m sure some of the them don’t know you, you are behaving as the equivalent of a boorish party crasher.

Whatever Dave or anyone choose to send, it is NOT yours to determine if it is “over the top” or not, you see, that’s where individual freedom comes in. WE all get to decide for OURSELVES if it is over the top or not. YOU are not in charge of U.S. and YOU don’t get to tell us if it is or not.

I’m VERY tired of getting emails from people I don’t know that have taken exception to something one of their friends, family, acquaintances or their insurance agent has sent and to express their childish displeasure decides to “shame” the sender, or pitch their email hissy fit and hit “reply all”. You have now stamped your feet and attempted to behave as a petty tyrant by telling a whole group of people what will be acceptable and unacceptable to them, because it is unacceptable to you.

Since you apparently do not know this, the mature, adult thing to do when confronted by an email you do not agree with is to merely hit the delete button, NOT the reply all.

You may go seek your safe space now, I’m sure it’s been a very trying day for you, getting such an upsetting email from Dave, and then two from me.

Stay out of homes where you aren’t invited, don’t hit reply all. It will be ok.

I think, just me here, that for too long we’ve been polite when attempts were made to vilify conservative points of view. People were rude, hateful and we “took the high road”. Perhaps the time has come to cease. Perhaps the time has come to say “NUTS”. I’m tired of getting offended email from snowflakes that I don’t know, I didn’t send them email, I don’t want their email. Personally I’ve learned not to send email to someone who won’t appreciate it. If I do, on rare occasion, it’s a link to a story usually and I don’t send it to more than the person I’m communicating with. So when I get stuff like this back? I’m just done. If these people can’t learn to use either the “delete” key or the “reply” key as opposed to the “reply all”, they might not ought to be using a computer. But, then, I could just be cranky about it. Bet a quarter the person gets his news from cnn (#FakeNews).

So let’s see how I do with a little “CNN (#FakeNews) still reporting, shall we?

Evidence of Collusion with Russians FOUND!!

I first check CNN to see if they had picked up the story yet and run with it. So my cnn (#Fake News) search for the topic yielded two results. One about Newt Gingrich and empty symbols and one about former PM David Cameron of Englandistan. I was discouraged by this but not dissuaded in my quest for truth, justice and the American way of life, and some good coffee.

So I persevered and checked to see if just maybe by some slight chance someone else had picked up on the story. Was I ever in luck!

(CNN #FakeNews) – America. This just in! Evidence has been found of a shocking collusion between the United States President and Russia! There is no word yet if this evidence is going to lead to the proof that the Russians hacked the US elections, but we are sure it will. If not, we’ll make it up as we go. A daring CNN reporter was able to secretly tape the US President as he spoke to Russia President, our camera man hid behind the potted plant to obtain the video. The proves the collusion we’ve been droning on about. We at CNN are very daring and edgy.

So whaddya think? Do I have a bright future with CNN (#FakeNews) or not?

If you want to watch the video CNN supplies with the title of “CNN: President Obama caught on open mic” here ya go, as you can see, they are not exactly identical.

CNN- tagline all the news that’s fit to fake, lie about, or obfuscate.

CNN anti Israel bias

CNN anti gun bias

CNN controversies

I can only hope that the backlash of it being made so clear that the #MSM has been deceptive in their news coverage about topics like this, that people will begin to question their reporting on those “evil black rifles”, and guns in general.

The genesis of the problem with CNN
The mask comes off

4 thoughts on “Over The Top”

  1. Good one Sheila!

    But I do think CNN (& all the others like them) are right about one thing, anyone who believes everything the CNN’s in this world have to say; must be stupid.

    I’m not a Trump fan, I feel his judgment isn’t good and that is proven with all of these tweets he does, however he was elected constitutionally, he is the president no matter what the CNN’s in the world say or do, and as of yet there has not been proof of one single crime by him committed. What really has been made obvious is just how slanted the CNN’s are and how stupid they think we all are.

    I have also have found it a waste of time to argue with those who are actually stupid (even though they may have sense about some things but not in the propaganda they are being fed) and think that the CNN’s of this world are not slanted, totally bias and on a mission of forcing their (the CNN’s of this world) beliefs down everyone else’s throat whether we like it or not.

    The same people in many cases of which also think there is no G-D and climate change is caused by man, IMHO?

  2. I have remained a good boy, and for the most part, stayed away from social media in regards to politics the first half of the year. It was a conscious choice, made to keep from having my liberal cousin’s son threaten to come over to my house and cause me harm, again. I was not afraid of him, I was afraid that the entire thing would cause a rift between my relatives and myself, which just was not worth it. I came out of my shell for a few days, this week, due to my cousin posting things that came to my attention and that I decided I didn’t want to overlook. One of these things was how President Obama had such a scandal free 8 years. I posted just a short note trying to give her some examples of that administrations malfeasance. Then, when the Donald Trump Jr. stuff started, she and a different liberal cousin, from FL, both told me how Trump Jr. was a traitor, a felon, and guilty of conspiracy and would go to jail. Once again, I tried to explain the legalities of the issue to them both, but of course, that old saw about no one being blinder than one who just won’t see came into play. And so now, I am once again retiring my social media presence, except to keep up with family and friends lives and such. I learned through the dreaded book of face that my niece had gotten married today. It was a surprise, she was living with the man for several years. But it happens to have been my late mother’s birthday. So you see, I hate to abandon social media completely. And I find myself getting so very, very intolerant of the leftists and their sanctimonious crap about how great their side is and how horrible the right is. The marches and picketing that we have seen by the looney left has not invaded my little corner of the world yet. I can only hope that I am not faced with the choice of driving over a picket line trying to stop me from freely driving somewhere, or a bunch of BLM types trying to get up into my face, because I think that I would have to call 911, and then tell the operator, while the protesters listened in, to send an ambulance and the police. The Democrats and the other liberals have been poking the sleeping bear for too long. It is waking up, and they have no idea what they are in for, if they can get someone as peaceful and law abiding as myself to begin to consider not turning the other cheek to them, but to stand my ground. Have a wonderful Sabbath, Sheila, and keep fighting the good fight. It is because of people like you, that many others are encouraged to also stand strong.

  3. To avoid the “reply to all” bomb, simply send any multiple recipients the message as a “blind cc” and it won’t happen. If people send me things along with others without the blind cc, I tell them ONCE that they can either use the blind send or delete me from their mailing list. If it happens again, their messages are sent to a spam filter and I again request removal. A few have ignored that request, but it cuts down on 90% of the unwanted email.

    And no, there is simply no purpose in any argument with such people – unless you just like to argue… 🙂

  4. I wasn’t a Trump fan initially, but the more I watch the left become un-hinged it’s pretty instructive the lengths they are willing to go to says a lot. His tweets, yep, you’re right no doubt. But the fireside chats were a way to speak directly to the people, could President Trump do that now? I doubt any MSM or radio stations would carry him, or would put the chat out unedited. We KNOW how they LOVE to edit things! The tweets, while I agree are not always helpful are the way he’s found to by pass the MSM altogether. I guess one of the reasons I hate cnn, mslsd and their ilk are that I’ve seen them change normally wonderful, kind, reasonable people into rather hateful beings. Blindly repeating the crap they hear, “Melania was a hooker”, “This is illegal” etc etc. ALL stuff cnn has had to retract. Hopefully as people catch on to what the two worst offenders are really are they will check other news sources and quit panicking that the President is the second hitler. Perfect? Oh HECK no, but I do think he loves the country, and that is a big change.

    Dreaded book of faces? I LIKE that! There are people I’m friends with that I changed a setting in facebook so my posts don’t show up in their feed. It’s not worth it. I don’t unfriend them, I just set it so my stuff doesn’t show up. But most of what I post IS political, very little personal. I do read what family put up though with interest. And, I do get some great ideas for stories. A friend posted a picture of a really cute tank top yesterday, so various and sundry stuff. I like that I can follow Israeli groups, and some of my fav merchants too.

    I almost always send stuff bcc, for that reason, among others. One of them being I don’t give email address to other people and that’s the way to avoid that. I don’t usually so much see the reply all bombs, but this time him TELLING me something was over the top on Independence day when I was working on a column about the media TELLING us what we would think, just struck me as ludicrous.

    And well, um, Mama Liberty, it COULD have been a quieter than normal moment at work that night, and MAYBE that filtered in…….. 😉 It might have been a bit amusing. Yes, I was honestly ticked, no I don’t often do that, but thinking about how I wanted to phrase it…well, maybe.

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