Go Fly A Kite

I will start out with the amazing first. The United States embassy is now open in the Capital city of Jerusalem. To my knowledge, most other countries are allowed to designate what city will be their capital, only Israel has been denied that respect. President Trump put into actions in 2018 what congress put into law in 1995 with the Jerusalem embassy act. While Israelis were thrilled and celebrated Israeli Independence day according to the Gregorian calender on May 14th, the joy this year was heightened by the opening of the United States embassy.

The media, the Hamass terrorists and their minions, but I may be repeating myself there, were predictably apoplectic. The media covered the event as though the riots, which had been planned for a long time, were the result of the embassy moving. Nope, the embassy moving was just the cherry on top for Hamass. They pretty much do this every year in one form or another. They call the Nakba, or the “catastrophe” of the establishment of Israel. Some families have reunions, and some burn tires throw Molotov cocktails and get women and children to march in front of the men as human shields as they try to break through the security fence. The “peaceful protesters” set fire to the Kerem Shalom crossing, again. The Kerem Shalom crossing is where humanitarian aide gets in, as well as the gas pipelines which benefits the residents of Gaza.







The media branch of Hamass is complying by showing lots of split screen shots of the riots and Ivanka Trump at the opening. That way they can imply that it is President Trump moving the embassy that caused it, and that they don’t care about the poor suffering Gazans.

Social media is abuzz, there is a group out there using Twitter to offer $100,000 to blow up the U.S. Jerusalem embassy. I guess that doesn’t violate Twitter’s community standards. On Facebook there were posts plastered all over instructing protesters to bring guns, knives, infiltrate Israel en masse, invade nearby villages and kidnap Israelis. Seems despite receiving numerous complaints about this Facebook left it up till 40 hours after the event started.

Split Screen






The American legislative branch of Hamass showed their “support” of Israel and the Embassy move as well. They practiced the ever popular “BDS BS” and not one elected Demoncrat was in attendance.

And while the media would have you believe that those killed are just innocent “poor Falestinians” apparently Hamass is more truthful than the media, at least 50 out of the 60 killed were Hamass operatives. Chew on that for a bit, Hamass is the more truthful. It’s sad, Hamass instructs the civilians, preferably women and children to be at the front. The Hamass operatives are not to be at the front where the action is because they might be hurt/shot/dead.

One of the other popular new Gazan hobbies is flying fire kites with Molotov cocktails, and other incendiary devices attached. They’ve managed to burn hundreds of acres of farm lands, crops and forests. That along with their burning of tires just proves how much they really love that land. Much like Ferguson being burned to the ground. Some are artfully adorned with swastikas. How original. But the idea isn’t that original. The Japanese thought of it before. Calls for kite control Diane Feinstein? Oh, no because you’re busy blaming Israel as well. Hypocritical dingbat.

The U.N. is of course having a conniption fit. They are blaming Israel. Of course.

Peace Hamass Style






My solution?? Visit the nearby Kibbutzim and towns, hand out rifles and handguns like candy, every man, woman and older child gets one along with plenty of bullets. Make a big deal out of it, lots of media. I’m sure cnn and msnbc #FakeNews will wet their panties and cover it non-stop. But, lets see just how eager the Gazans are to break through then. Because their plan is kidnap soldiers and civilians, if you can’t kidnap them, kill them.

Dr. Mordechai Keder has a very insightful column on how Hamass has turned their citizens into live ammunition. Ever since Hamass took over Gaza, the lives of their citizens has gone downhill. The reason Hamass, at least partly, is a terrorist organization is because they use terrorism against their own citizens.

But for the progressives, Israel hating anti-Semites, the always wonderful Sultan Knish has a column on How not to get shot by a soldier. It’s really a must read.

The following is intended to serve as a useful guide to various activists, protesters and other completely non-violent folk who happen to be packing knives, guns, rocks and grenades. You will encounter various law enforcement and military personnel– this is how not to get shot by them.

First of all it’s important to remember that if you attack an armed man in a uniform, he will very probably shoot you.

Even given the most restrictive Rules of Engagement in the world which forbid him from opening fire unless he is outnumbered 600 to 1, and only when he has been given specific authorization by the UN to use deadly force– there will still come a time when he will open fire on you.

If you want a short movie version, which while good, isn’t as good as Sultan Knish’s column.

The modern media for the most part, is the enemy of good decent people everywhere. I would like to hope people are catching on, because no matter what #FakeNews tells you, Israel is a sovereign nation and it is under attack from an attempted invasion. What other sovereign nation has to not only defend itself from the invaders, but the rest of the world from objecting to it’s doing so? I wonder why that is. Some claim that moving the embassy will endanger the “peace” process. Does anyone see a “peace” partner on the horizon? Gaza IS the two state solution. There are no Jews in Gaza, it is Jew free. What there are, are rockets being shot into Israel, terror tunnels paid for with aide money, UNRWA schools that hide rockets and have school books with no state of Israel shown and teach hatred of Jews. That right there folks is how your “two state solution” looks.

President Trump, well done, well done indeed sir. After all these years, since 1995, the promise has been kept.


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  1. Yep, and they are very proud of it! I just keep thinking it was a couple of years ago I think they had the fire intifada. This is like a version of that. They want to harm and kill as many as possible all the while knowing the MSM and Progressives will be speaking on their behalf. Much like the progressives always speak on behalf of the criminal element. Come to think of it, I believe it was a couple of years ago we saw a bunch of fires set…..

  2. No matter how old I get, and how much I read and try to learn, I simply cannot fathom how these supposedly intelligent people think that we members of society believe their lies. That the United Nations, a body composed of countries whose goal at one time was to insure peace around the world, can sit back and send messages like they do, is patently absurd. The U.N. has always 2 different knee jerk reactions when it comes to whatever is happening in the middle east. They either vote to condemn Israel, or they vote to condemn the United States. You can pretty much count on it, unless you want to add in the third reaction, they vote to condemn BOTH Israel and the United States.

    Nikki Haley has a huge job in dealing with the thugs that are in that body of losers, but she seems to be capable of handling it. The biggest question I have is has the U.N. outlived their usefulness? I guess that is not really a question so much as it is a statement. They used to be good at delivering food supplies to impoverished nations, but now they don’t do that well either.
    So I think that if we can get the left to leave Trump alone he will get around to kicking the U.N. out of New York, just for spite.

    I have noticed that while the MSM has tried to take Israel to task over the Hamas riots at the border, and the resulting death of many of their so called peaceful protesters, there has not been all that much of a stink made here. It could be because I am not following the news on any of the media anymore, but even so, I still usually cannot avoid it when all the media squawk about the same thing. So perhaps the MSM are losing some of their strength, and some of their members are breaking ranks. That last part, I am sure of. I have seen cases online, where at times, some of the anchors have abandoned ship and actually went with the conservative side on an issue. As if they are learning that it doesn’t pay to stick with a loser just because that was the horse you were riding when the fighting started. I watch with a small amount of interest the Mueller investigation, and the court cases going on in D.C. or as I like to think of it, the Den of Crap, and it seems as if things are wind down, in some ways. Indictments that had been handed down, are now being sent to judges who are not always pleased that they are based upon flimsy evidence, and demanding more from the prosecutors, and other things are happening that seem to show that the left is not standing on a very strong foundation. Will Trump weather the shitstorm? Who knows, and at this point, who really cares? What I know is, I am still glad that Hillary was not elected, and I don’t think that she is going to be indicted, no matter what my spam filter shows.

    And Trump, by moving the embassy to Jerusalem, has shown that he, for one, recognizes the importance of Israeli/United States relations, both now and in the future. And both countries are now stronger than before in the middle east, with several other countries stepping up and supporting our move. If Trump accomplished nothing else in his presidency, his still would have been a successful run. I think it will go down as being that important. Time will tell, but it might be the most important thing that any president has done in the last fifty years, if not more.
    My prayers are still with Israel, and with those who might be forced or misled to attack her borders. May peace begin soon, and may parties an both sides soon know no war.

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