Munich 1972

I’ve been watching all the memes and the news about some spoiled overpaid, loser becoming a model for what I feel is an over-rated shoe. If that’s what passes for an athlete and man of valor these days we’ve sunk quite a bit.

Munich, 1972 Athletes

If you want a refresher on what happened,

Remembering Munich 1972

Munich 1972


They believed in something and sacrificed everything










May their memory be for a blessing.









הי״ד  השם ינקום דמו  HY”D


5 thoughts on “Munich 1972”

  1. Not only were those athletes brave, and martyrs, for the nation of Israel, but Golda Meir was a woman who seemed larger than life, at times. I know that she has those who did not like her, or her politics. But there is nobody who can question her courage. If the United States must have a female president at some point in the future, I pray that it is one with such character.

  2. Me too Pigpen. She would have been perfect (well, in a human sort of way) if she hadn’t been socialist, communist. That, I don’t admire, but she was fierce. And very smart. When during the Yom Kippur war her military advisors more or less failed her, it was her making the decisions and they turned out to be the correct ones. Amazing woman.

    I look at so many of the “professional” athletes these days and I don’t think many of them are fit to light a candle in these men’s honor. I just don’t.

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