Hello from Vladka

Hello from newest blogger Vladka. My handle is a pseudonym in honor of Feigele “Vladka” Peltel Meed, a name more people should know.

Why a nym? Because today, as too often in history, there are things it’s not safe or at least not wise to say under a real identity.

I’m just introducing myself today and have nothing controversial to add yet to this wonderful new blog. While I’m here, though, I might as well add value. My namesake Vladka was one of the many women of the ghettos who had to make choices every day about who she would be and what she would do, even under circumstances where many people would say that there were no choices, or none but bad ones.

Every day, even in the most extreme oppression and danger, even the weak choose.

We are not weak or oppressed yet. We are still strong. Choose wisely while you’re still free and your choices may be less onerous later.

I’m grateful to have been chosen to blog here. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Hello from Vladka”

  1. Hello Vladka, and welcome to the world of ‘personal opinion journalism’. (AKA “blogging”, AKA “Vanity” or “Pajama” … add your own activity name.)

    I’ve read a couple of your earlier articles. You have a taste for your chosen subjects, a sense of history, style and An Opinion! I hope you look forward to the day when you realize that one of your readers has been offended by what you say. Then you will know that you have arrived.

    Good luck, have fun with it, and never let your family know your blogname. (My family reads my blog, and they love to tease me about it. Yech.)

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