Oslo’s New Human Shields – Updated

Yesterday, in a show of compassion and not a small amount of savvy public relations, over one thousand Muslims reportedly formed what amounted to a human shield around a synagogue in Oslo,Norway.

Oslo Circle

Norway has the dubious distinction of having the highest level of Jew Hated in all of Scandinavia. Indeed “Jew” is a common curse among even non-Muslim Norwegians. Violence against Jews is quite common.

Norway Bris

The primary organizers of the event, described as a Peace Circle, went to great pains to declare that Islam is a “Religion of Peace” and to try to draw distinctions between those few “Jews” living in Norway for whom they feel kinship (Norway has only thirteen-hundred Jews.) and those other “Jews” who live in Israel, for whom said kinship is demonstrably less vigorous.

Bloggers “Aussie Dave” and “Carl in Jerusalem” have more on the event and organizers here and here.

Norway’s Chief Rabbi , and long-time left-wing political activist, Michael Melchior was “visibly moved” by the turnout.

Still, the Police were taking no chances. They were there in force, despite claiming that there was no particularized threat to which they were responding. They even had snipers positioned in vantage-points on buildings adjacent to the synagogue.


Since Norwegian gun laws administrators almost never accept “self defense” as an acceptable reason for gun possession (despite statutes theoretically allowing it) these Jews and their new-found friends, are utterly reliant on those policemen to be everywhere, and all the time.

What a plan.

Update:  According to Breitbart, the “Thousand” Circle participants was only twenty.    What a SCAM.  (Thank you, Mr. Baker )


6 thoughts on “Oslo’s New Human Shields – Updated”

  1. Hmm, reminds me of how many big news items come out that favor, oh say, the left. Then when corrections or retractions appear they are 23rd page, small print. So good front page story. If something to the contrary happens later, it’s no big news. Nothing to see here, move along. Odd how that works.

  2. So the witnesses and pictures showing their were only 20 muslims forming the circle of one thousand in no way stopped you from writing this article? Saddens me as to zelmanpartisans buying the propaganda.

    1. I, for one have “bought into” nothing of the sort. I doubt the other writers here at The Zelman Partisans, have, either. Please follow the hyperlinks embedded within to help clarify this. The three primary points I tried to convey were 1) While those who genuinely wished to act in brotherhood should be praised, that the event was indeed skillfully crafted propaganda, 2) That the organizers are of decidedly mixed motives, and 3) That the only tool the disarmed Jews of Norway are left with is the Police, who as we all understand, cannot be everywhere at once, to act in the stead of free people defending their own lives and liberties. The sad, stupid, European theme of the day, it seems.

  3. Wow, talk about “looking a gift horse in the mouth”!

    Carl in Jerusalem had to go back 7 years to find an anti-semitic statement from one of 8 organizers. Sheesh.

    Yeah it’s propaganda – like everything else besides cat youtubes. Yeah they have mixed feelings about Israel. Is that so outrageous? So do I.

    Of course the government should let people arm themselves. That certainly is a travesty.

  4. At the risk of starting another kerfuffle, Y.B., I have to agree with William Baker because you made little to no effort (except for a single link) to clarify that the “over one thousand Muslims” were, in reality, merely twenty people. You should have done what I did and placed that number in quotes. Instead, anyone reading your words, who chose not to follow your links, would be left with the impression that you had casually repeated a lie without bothering to check if it was true or not. Good journalists double-check their stories for accuracy. If you choose to write articles that are simply your opinion, that’s fine. But please don’t repeat propaganda without letting your readers know that is what you are doing.

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