Gottlieb: The man who owns JPFO

From the great Herschel Smith:

As for Gottlieb, I always knew that the “stupid” act he played after support of Manchin-Toomey was a ruse. He has a deep character flaw that enables him to support totalitarian measures. We all have our flaws, but this one runs deep and dangerous. In fact, read again his excuse for supporting universal background checks. Basically it boils down to this: if you don’t voluntarily agree to it, they will do it anyway. Or by way of analogy, if you don’t give a pick pocket you money, he’s just going to take it anyway.

Someone please try to convince me that isn’t what he is saying, because it looks to me like it is. And that’s puerile and childish reasoning, and in this case I think he advances it not because he really believes that it is logically compelling, but because he is frightened, or a publicity hound, or something dark. As I said, I don’t know exactly what, but the character flaw runs deep in Alan.

Gottlieb appears to want universal background checks, despite his Washington state initiative that, on the surface, opposes them. The very short text (pdf) of his I-591 manages to include language completely unnecessary for the stated purpose of the measure — and it’s language that virtually invites the federal government to try again to impose the very UBCs he supported last year.

Gottlieb just wants background checks and the inevitable firearms registration on on terms that he considers favorable — even as everybody else in the gun-rights movement (even the normally limp and compromising NRA) draws their line in the sand in front of UBCs. And “favorable” means favorable to Gottlieb in some way.

What Gottlieb is up to, nobody really knows. The only thing anyone can be sure of is that whatever he’s up to will benefit Gottlieb. That’s been his way of business for a very long time.

One Jewish gun-rights activist I know calls Gottlieb a Kapo. The Kapos were prisoners, sometimes Jews, that the Nazis used to help them rule others in the concentration camps. The Nazis couldn’t do it alone, so they enlisted sellouts — men interested in saving their own skin and working to their own advantage — to help them rule and destroy their fellows.

Per Wikipedia:

The system was also designed to turn victim against victim, as the prisoner functionaries were pitted against their fellow prisoners in order to maintain the favor of their SS guards. If they were derelict, they would be returned to the status of ordinary prisoners and be subject to other kapos. Many prisoner functionaries were recruited from the ranks of violent criminal gangs rather than from the more numerous political, religious and racial prisoners; those were known for their brutality toward other prisoners. This brutality was tolerated by the SS and was an integral part of the camp system.

Prisoner functionaries were spared physical abuse and hard labor, provided they performed their duties to the satisfaction of the SS guards. They also had access to certain privileges, such as civilian clothes and a private room.

Yep, that shoe fits. When Gottlieb supported (and even claimed to have helped write) last year’s Manchin-Toomey-SCHUMER bill, he repeatedly cited petty privileges that the bill supposedly granted, ignoring the principles and rights it would have slaughtered and the millions of gun owners it would have put at risk.

And this is the man to whom JPFO’s weak, tired, willful, and (in one case) quite possibly senile board members sold Aaron Zelman’s legacy. That they sold it “on the cheap” and without even considering better options makes matters worse. But a Gottlieb-owned JPFO, cheap or dear, is a travesty and an abomination.

Poor Aaron. He must be so weary from rolling and rolling in his grave.


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  1. I’m a life member of JPFO, and that ass-clown Gottlieb doesn’t own me. I haven’t sent JPFO a dime since the take over, and I’m not going to give that sell-out the time of day. Why his actions and chicanery are such a surprise to many is beyond me. A guy who is perpetually fund raising, and falling all over himself to compromise rights and freedoms away shouldn’t be that hard to figure out. Just like his master, Obongo.

  2. Perhaps he thinks, as the guy who may be the one to ‘sell’ UBCs to the rest of us, that he’d get a nice fat paying job managing that effort? Mameluke!

  3. As a founding member of JPFO, who valued Aaron Zelman as a close, brilliant, honest, and indescribably savvy friend, I am sad that JPFO has been commandeered by Mr. Gottlieb. I know Aaron would not be happy. It’s worth noting that, founded by Angel Shamaya, who was also a friend… until he disappeared – where are you, sir? – was purchased by Mr. Gottlieb, and is now pretty much defunct and/or irrelevant. The problem was – JPFO WAS Aaron Zelman. RIP, dear Aaron. And RIP, dear JPFO.

  4. I keep wondering why this is such a hot issue. If I’m not mistaken, these horses escaped from the barn back in 1968. If the ruling class feels froggy enough to try a confiscation, they already know who the gun owners are. They don’t have to know where each gun is.

    The point is, they are not going to do it as long as they continue to fear ending up like Ceausescu or Mussolini. That, it seems to me, is what matters.

    Oh, sure, we should oppose universal background checks/AKA gun registration on principle. But the world will not end if it happens; laws are often ignored, and that’s especially true of gun laws. We’ll still be shooting the bastards when the confiscation comes.

    If I’m missing something here, let me know…

    1. Paul- your missing the FACT that on some scale, the confiscations have already begun, to wit- the use of the nazi plagurized GCA68 to confiscate arms from an ever increasing list of “prohibited possessors”.

      People who understand the long history of weapons control laws and in particular the recent hisotry of weapons laws aka “gun control” know that as a public safety measure, such laws are of little use…. but as a means to turn the unalienable human right of ownership (and carriage) of the tools of self defence into a gov’t administered privledge; thus placing a monoply on the use of force squarly in the hands of gov’t.

      As a Jew, we have seen where such a monoply leads.

      As a Jew, I will never forget that under the law plagurized by Thomas Dodd and signed by LBJ, the nazi’s made we Jews the FIRST “prohibited possessors”.

    2. “If I’m missing something here, let me know…”

      Paul, what you’re missing (though I expect not really) is that the man who favors UBCs now controls JPFO, removing one of only two hardcore national gun-rights organizations. You’re also missing the fact that the provisions of GCA ’68 don’t even remotely cover all firearms transfers, which is what Gottlieb, Schumer, and friends hope to do.

      They’ll fail, of course. But right now there are still plenty — plenty! — of horses that haven’t escaped from that barn!

  5. Gottlieb -IS- a Kapo.

    You got his number cold.

    The problem with Kapo Gottlieb as I see it is that he’s -uncompromising- when it comes to his blatant support of “universal backgroud checks”, even as the most radically anti-2A administration since the Klintoon era couldn’t get anything to pass in its own party controlled senate, even with the blood of over a dozen small children to smear their oppoents and motivate their ghoulish grave dancing supporters with; and yet, even with such an outright rejection of more grabbing by the American people, hKapo Gottlieb contines to support this insanity.

    That tells us who he is.

    The fact that it was Wiemar Republic passed registration that was used by the Nazi’s when they used “gun control” to target their politcal adversaries and we Jews for disarmament, and the fact that high level officals within this very administration have all but admitted that “universal background checks” will not work without (drum roll please) registration says more about Kapo Gottliebs support of this scheme.

    Kapo Gottlieb basically is agreeing to the exact same tool the nazi’s used to disarm Jews- registration!!!

    Kapo Gottlieb is the reason I will no longer support JPFO finacially.

    I urge other like minded supporters of liberty to do the same.

    1. Zoss — Welcome and glad to have your very strong voice here!

      The guy who originally called Gottlieb a Kapo was my friend E. — Orthodox Jew and gun-rights activist extraordinaire. I’m trying to arm twist him into blogging with us, right now. I expect you and he will be kindred spirits.

      1. LOL perhaps, but I’m certainly not orthadox, just Jewish by ethnicity (my old man comes from Russian jews who escaped the commie pogroms of white russians after ww1 I belive).

        Your freind was right about Gottlieb.


  6. Hi Ms. Claire,
    Maybe it has nothing to do with a character flaw.
    Maybe is has everything to do with exactly what has happened.

    Maybe Gottlieb is a psychopath. A psychopath really not much different than the rest of the elites of the ruling class, (lord how I despise that term for they are neither).

    Maybe you have lost sight of the forest for the trees.

    As an outsider to the entire event, it is rather apparent somebody wanted the JFPOF to be used as a political and social engineering tool for the usual tyrannical reasons. Gottlieb is the perfect foil. Couldn’t find a more suitable sycophant.

    Sweetheart, you are a beautiful person, don’t loose an iota of that. Let me tell you something, I’m sure you will be offended, but you are not facing to the cold ugly truth, this is a Jewish thing, right there it must be destroyed, it is a gun thing, it must be destroyed, it is a conduit to freedom and liberty, it must be destroyed, it is a new and free media thing, and it must be destroyed, involved in this is women, like yourself, speaking the truth, you remember Sarah Palin right?, well it must be destroyed.
    Wake up Girl. You are waffling. Time to grow a set and go on the attack. You would be pleasantly surprised how well and how many would receive the cold hard truth and what is required of that truth.
    After all who was it said its too early to shoot the bastards and too late to vote our way out of this?

    Kindest regards,

    1. Hi, Boon.

      Not offended. Interested, though. Especially by this: “this is a Jewish thing, right there it must be destroyed, it is a gun thing, it must be destroyed, it is a conduit to freedom and liberty, it must be destroyed, it is a new and free media thing, and it must be destroyed, involved in this is women, like yourself, speaking the truth, you remember Sarah Palin right?, well it must be destroyed.”

      Though I do believe that JPFO has already been destroyed (and worse, destroyed from within), anybody who wants to destroy the collection of outspoken and varied folk we’re gathering here will have a big job ahead of them.

      BTW, it’s actually Herschel Smith who called Gottlieb’s problem a character flaw. Me, I’ve called G. a traitor and a sellout. I don’t know him well enough to say he’s a psychopath, though that’s certainly a character flaw. 🙂

      Thanks for the intriguing comment.

  7. JPFO can still be salvaged……. those who created this blog have taken the first step and created an place for organized resistance and protest.

    I want to thank ya’ll for that. I was honestly so dispirited and upset by this occurance that I was wondering what I could do about it, and here some of the best known names in the Liberty movement have taken note and taken action.

    Hopefully, by word of mouth and inclination of those who seek liberty to seek truth, this blog will grow.

    My personal agenda in this is to see Kapo Gottlieb either make public his reversal of support for “compromise”, or failing that, see Gottlieb ejected from the movement, and see both SAF and JPFO strangled for cash and shut down.

    Gottlei must publicly go on record reversing his position of wishing to “compromise” with those who wish to destroy American heritage in respect for the right of self defence, acknowledging both that the “universal background check” scheme that has become the recent rallying point for those that wish to disarm all Americans is nothing less then a thin attempt at forcing registration, and that registration as established by the none-too ironic folly of the now defunct Wiemar Republic in “gun control” “laws” passed in a vain attempt to disarm the street fighting of the SA and other groups, for “public safety”, was then used as a tool to target polical dissidents and we Jews when the national socialists took over- that REGISTRATION LEADS TO CONFISCATION, and that even when the worst does not happen, and the confiscation is not aimed at those targeted for eventual eradication, it is still the case that REGISTRATION LEADS TO CONFISCATION.

    Gottlieb must make this reversal of attitude and his fresh education as to the facts of the matter public and he can be forgiven, at least by myself.

    Otherwise, led by such a man as Kapo Gottlieb, who is far too willing to compromise with evil, JPFO cannot possibly be known as a “no-compromise” rights advocacy group (false advertising?), and those seeking to support such should spend their hard earned money elsewhere.

    The damndest shame of it all, is that Kapo Gottlieb still has shown his eager willingnes to play at being our movements Neville Chamberlain even in light of the fact that even the lefts’ Great Messiah, The Anointed One, couldnt even blood dance new collective punishment on the rest of us for the actions of a madman at an elementry school in the senate his party controls.

    This places Gotliebs assertions of inevitability of UBC’s in the realm of defeatism.

    Far from simply being misguided and possibly willing to repent, this might signal Gottliebs true nature, meaning we are going to be in for a fight to rectify this situation.

    Well, it starts here, now.

    Tell your freinds, tell your family, tell anyone who spends any money on advocacy groups for the 2A to stop funding Gottlieb, and tell them why.

    Hit him in the pocket book.


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