Mr. Gottlieb: The invitation still stands

On January 21, I hurt Alan Gottlieb’s feelings.

I never imagined I had the ability to do that, but he came here to say so and to tell me that if I really wanted to know what he was thinking I merely had to ask. I respect that he cared enough to come to a site that is (it’s hardly a secret) unfriendly territory for him.

So I asked. I responded by offering Mr. Gottlieb a guest post at TZP. And commentor Oregon Hobo swiftly came up with a cogent list of questions for him to answer, regarding his support for Manchin-Toomey and related matters. Realizing Mr. Gottlieb was unlikely to come back to read comments, I emailed him both the guest-post invitation and the link to Hobo’s questions.

I told him that while we hoped he’d answer Hobo’s questions, we’d run whatever he chose to submit, without editing.

On January 23, Gottlieb responded:

Thanks. I am at the SHOT Show in Vegas and will try to get you something in the next week or two. There is much on my plate right now.

I appreciate the invite.

The SHOT Show is definitely enough to occupy and wear out any gunperson. I waited just under a month. Having still heard nothing, I once again emailed the invitation. On February 17, Gottlieb wrote:

Thanks for the reminder. Life is real busy right now with Congress and legislatures back in session along with 30 plus active court cases that we have going on at the same time. In addition, I am getting booked on 3 or more TV and radio shows a day. I will try to get to it as soon as I can.

Again, understood. But since several people have asked, I’m here to say that is where matters remain.

After the recent unpleasantness between Gottlieb and (now former) JPFO contractor David Codrea, I admit there was some talk among the TZP team of rescinding the guest-post invitation. I also admit I was at least momentarily on the wrong side of that talk. But better heads prevailed and I’m glad they did.

So here’s an open message to Alan Gottlieb:

Mr. Gottlieb:

I won’t bother you again because I know you’re busy. And I understand that you might be reluctant to subject yourself to questioning by what is clearly a skeptical audience.

However, I want you to know that our invitation to write a guest post is still open. Specifically we hope you’ll answer Hobo’s questions, then stick around for follow-up questions. But I reiterate that I will post whatever you send, without editing and without any form of censorship. And if you don’t choose to answer comments, that’s up to you.

Your supporters have come to TZP several times, accusing us (and me, specifically) of fragmenting the gun-rights movement by being too radical or being hostile to you. You yourself, in your comment here, said I was harming the gun-rights movement. But like Oregon Hobo and a lot of others, I would rather see us, if not united, at least agreed in our opposition to victim disarmament. (We can disagree on tactics and strategy all day; I hope we can agree on the principles of freedom and gun rights.)

Whatever I or any other skeptic may think, there are readers here who would love to believe better of you than they have since Manchin-Toomey. This is a chance for you to build bridges by clearing up misunderstandings and explaining how your actions on Manchin-Toomey and last November’s Washington state initiatives further the cause of Second Amendment rights.

By accepting our offer of a guest post and by giving clear, open answers to the questions that so worry so many of us, you’ll be demonstrating your leadership and you could lay the foundations of those bridges.

If you just plain don’t want to set foot at TZP again, I’m sure everybody would understand. In that case, all you have to do is email me or leave a comment on this post to say so. But on our end, the invitation remains open.

Thank you.

Claire Wolfe


7 thoughts on “Mr. Gottlieb: The invitation still stands”

  1. Maybe he’s too busy promoting Norquist the Muslim brotherhood stooge (just ask Pam Geller) for the NRA board right now to reply?

    1. As a previous, very small, supporter of JPFO, I would be interested in reading Mr. Gottlieb’s response. However, I do not believe that negative comments such as Comrade X’s (even if true) would encourage him. Just saying.

  2. I wish it wasn’t true but;

    Here’s what Gottlieb is doing ;

    The Second Amendment Foundation’s Alan Gottlieb sent out a March 3 email notice to members and supporters in which he endorsed the candidacy of Grover Norquist for director in this year’s National Rifle Association board election….

    Here’s what Pam Geller has to say about Norquist;

    “I have long worked to expose Muslim Brotherhood operatives in the GOP, most pointedly Grover Norquist. He wears the mask of “fiscal respomsiblity” and “tax reform” while infiltrating and subverting the party with dirty money and traitorous alliances. – See more at:

    Gottlieb is evil and that truth needs to be shouted from every rooftop! But I am not against him having his say just like with anyone, so maybe he should also address why he is promoting someone with ties to the Muslim Brotherhood in the questions he is asked.

    Death before slavery!

  3. I confess that this waiting for Gottlieb is starting to feel like a study in pointlessness, and not merely because of an alleged propensity to identify with shoddily clothed old vagrants lacking in purpose.

    Oh well, nothing to be done.


    1. Mr. Gottlieb is probably preoccupied with having been cut out of the latest back-stabbing NRA game. Or, maybe he was one of the back-channels? In either case, we are surely not his constituency. Elmer F. and the RNC Kingmakers are.

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