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Not All of Hollywood is Anti-Gun, Clueless, and Anti-Israel

I will admit I’m a fan of crime dramas. I will watch episodes of Law & Order endlessly, and my latest interest is Criminal Minds – a show about the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit. I tend not to look at the politics of a show. If I did, the writing, plot, and characterization would be sullied for me in most cases. I also try not to pay attention to the politics of the actors, unless they become so unbearable and preachy, that I am unable to separate the screeching lunacy from the character, in which case, the actor’s talent can be called into question.

The reason I bring this up is because as you may know, the majority of Hollywood is leftist, and most actors are sworn enemies of the Second Amendment – from their gated communities and guarded mansions, of course.

One, however, stands out from the pile of mindless, sheltered, spoiled celebrities – Joe Mantegna one of the stars of the aforementioned Criminal Minds.

A recent Ammoland article shows Mantegna as not just friend to the Second Amendment, but also friend to Israel – a combination you won’t often find in Hollywood.

IWI US, Inc., a subsidiary of Israel Weapon Industries (IWI) Ltd., announces it will be donating two TAVOR® rifles to be auctioned off at the next “Bullets & Bagels” event to be held Aug. 23, 2015 at the Raahauges Range in Corona, California. Joe Mantegna, best known for playing Special Agent David Rossi in the acclaimed TV show “Criminal Minds” and for portraying Joey Zasa in “The Godfather Part III” will be conducting the auction. Proceeds from the auction will be going to Friends of the IDF, an organization dedicated to supporting the men and women soldiers of the Israeli Defense Forces who defend the state of Israel and to the families of fallen IDF soldiers.

As you can imagine, some Middle Eastern media outlets aren’t all that happy about Mr. Mantegna proudly showing his support for Israel.

Hollywood actors have been long supporting Israeli aggression against Palestinians through various means, such as direct fund-raising events or making movies backing Israeli interpretation and catalyzation of the ongoing unrest in the middle-east.

The obvious lunacy of that claim aside, keep crying those bitter tears, Pakistani media. They taste like WINNING!