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A few days ago one of our valued readers recommended we check out a new group and their website, called Canary Mission.

In the event you had not been aware, many on the political Left have undertaken a Boycott-Divest-Sanction (hereinafter, BDS) movement against the modern State of Israel, its supporters, businesses, citizens, etc.

Modeled upon similar efforts undertaken against pre-Mandela/pre-ANC South Africa, they wish to pressure individuals, commercial enterprises, associations of every stripe, and governments themselves to boycott, divest from, and sanction any and all activities with Israel, Israelis, their businesses, associations, academia, government, etc.

This movement is intended make them a pariah, and thus to submit to the will of the BDS proponents, conforming everything about their lives, their land, and their society to these peoples’ dictates.

Even a brief review of various BDS proponents, organizers, and activists readily reveal, beyond their dripping self-righteousness, is that they 1) seethe with hatred for Israel and anything remotely like an observant Jew or patriotic Israeli, and 2) they vociferously hide and deny it whenever before an English-speaking, outside-the movement, audience.

Enter Canary Mission. Using the very methods of the BDS’ers themselves, they provide profiles on people and organizations active in the BDS movement. Further, they seem to have done their research and provide it for the reader.

At this point you might be asking “Is it not possible to criticize Israel, especially the actions of its government, without being a Jew Hater?”

Of course you can. In fact, the most harsh and unrelenting critics of Israel are Israeli Jews, followed closely behind (although, admittedly… for reasons that may become obvious, among fellow Jews) by Jews outside of Israel.

But is that not what the BDS movement is doing. Not at all.
I would urge our readers to visit Canary Mission and draw their own conclusions.

For myself, the shrill, spitting, outrage with which the BDS’ers are reacting to the appearance of this new voice is very heartwarming. I think they hit a vital organ in a very dangerous, and previously successful beast.


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  1. I’m one of those people who likes Jews and Judaism but has a lot of doubts about Israel as a political entity. When I first saw the Canary site I was skeptical about it because what they call anti-semitic I just call a political difference of opinion and it seemed wrong to target individuals, especially students, over mere disagreement on policy.

    You did a good job of clarifying the methods and aims of the BDS movement. Now I understand a lot better what the Canaries are doing.

    Israel has a lot of faults, but it’s the only spot of sanity in the whole Middle East. It must survive.

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