Fun with targets — put your thinking caps on

Next item for the TZP store — targets. And we’d like you to help us create the first design.

Here’s the idea: We’ll find five of the dumbest, most idiotic anti-gun quotes we can and print them in the rings of the target. Finding the quotes is where you come in. Please use the comment section on this post to suggest your favorite brain-dead hoplophobe remark.

If you’re the first to suggest a quote that makes it onto one of our targets, you’ll get a free packet of the printed targets.

Rules are simple:

1. The quote must be short enough to fit in the rings of a 8-1/2 x 11 (or maybe slightely larger) target.

2. It must be verifiable (providing a link will help but isn’t required).

3. To have a chance at a free target pack, you must be the first to post it in comments.

4. Entries close midnight EDT July 31, 2015.

So … go for it and have yourself some fun.


And don’t forget the other nifty items in our store. Their numbers are few so far, but their quality high. You can get yourself a membership, a custom Kershaw folding knife, or a highly attitudinal yarmulke with the TZP logo.

I just got my own yarmulke last week and it’s a very nice, well-made, attractive item. Being a Gentile female, I’ll display, rather than wear, mine. But we’ve had multiple purchases from happy customers who plan either to use them as intended or gift them to people who will. We just lowered the shipping cost on the “buy three and save” offer, also.


18 thoughts on “Fun with targets — put your thinking caps on”

  1. Oh my. So many possibilities…

    “Outside of the killings, Washington has one of the lowest crime rates in the country.”
    – Mayor Marion Barry, Washington, DC

    “It’s the shoulder thing that goes up.”
    – Carolyn McCarthy

    “If I could have banned them all – ‘Mr. and Mrs. America turn in your guns’ – I would have!”
    – Diane Feinstein

  2. Aw, heck.What’s a “stupid victim disarmer quotes” contest without something(s) from Shannon Watts?

    “This has never happened. Data shows it doesn’t happen.”
    – Shannon Watts, founder of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense of America

    “We think that regulations for buying and operating a gun should be at least as stringent as buying and driving a car.”

    “We are in no way anti-gun”

    “They are about to see a tsunami of 84 million angry moms coming out at them.”
    (Note: I’d like to know where she palns to find the extra 40 million mothers, since there aren’t 84 million in America.)

    “This is your manager. His employees hid in freezer from @OpenCarryTexas Are you ok w/ this?”
    (Note: Nope, didn’t happen.)

  3. “The Second Amendment only protects the people who want all the guns they can have. The rest of us, we’ve got no Second Amendment. What are we supposed to do?” — Rep. Louise Slaughter (D-New York)

    “If you ban them in the future, the number of these high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.” — Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colorado)

    “There are a lot of people that have been shot by an unloaded gun and whether it’s loaded or not, it still presents a threat.”
    Sacramento, California councilwoman Sandy Sheedy

    1. “If you ban them in the future, the number of these high-capacity magazines is going to decrease dramatically over time because the bullets will have been shot and there won’t be any more available.” — Rep. Diana DeGette (D-Colorado)

      LOL, I’d forgotten all about that one. What a maroooooon!!!

      And although some of the full quotes here are too long, a few of them (like that one) might edit down well. That’s what … are for. 🙂

  4. AGGGH! Too much utter stupid to read this early in the morning. Where’s my eye bleach? sigh

    These are great, but few seem to be short enough for the stated purpose… Bigger targets? Tiny letters? I don’t envy you folks the task of putting this together.

    But I’ll buy some of the targets. 🙂

  5. “Just so you all know. I am in support on the Manchin-Tooney substitute bill….. Alan Gottlieb

    SAF’s Alan Gottleib on Background Checks: Let’s Make a Deal!

    “The so-called “background check” bill is really about gun registration — ultimate and imminent registration of every gun and gun owner in America.”
    Alan Korwin, Author “Gun Laws of America”

    “Tell Pres. Obama and democrats in congress to demand mandatory, comprehensive gun registration. It’s the only way we can ban guns with any effectiveness.” Daily Kos

    When tyranny is law
    Rebellion is duty!

  6. “This is a Ghost gun. This right here has ability with a thirty caliber clip to disperse 30 bullets within half a second. Thirty magazine clip in half a second.” CA state senator Kevin de Leon
    Even more appallingly ignorant than “shoulder thing that goes up”.

    1. Oh, the ghost gun statement! Man, that’s got about three different quotes’ worth of idiocy in it. Good one vorkosigan.

      And Comrade X … naughty, naughty, naughty. (And funny.)

  7. “The most foolish mistake we could possibly make would be to allow the subject races to possess arms. History shows that all conquerors who have allowed their subject races to carry arms have prepared their own downfall by so doing.” — Adolf Hitler (either sentence would work)

    “I don’t believe people should to be able to own guns.” — Barack Obama

    Those two, and a few more, found here. But at least those are short enough to fit on a target and be legible. 🙂

  8. perhaps too long, but… “We must be able to arrest people before they commit crimes. By registering guns and knowing who has them we can do that. If they have guns they are pretty likely to commit a crime. ” Vermont State Sen. Mary Ann Carlson
    And of course– ” I don’t believe gun owners have rights.”
    Sarah Brady-Hearst Newspapers Special report Handguns in America October 1997
    ” If the personal freedoms guaranteed by the Constitution inhibit the governments ability to govern the people, we should look to limit those guarantees.”
    William J Clinton 8/12/93

    Ever think that was just what the Bill of Rights was supposed to do, eh, Billy Jeff….

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