Alerts List Subscriptions

If you subscribed to the TZP Alerts list but are not receiving the Monday newsletters, please check your inbox and spam folder for an activation email from Until you click the link in that email, your subscription won’t be activated.

If you didn’t receive the activation email at all check your (and your ISP’s) spam blocker settings and make sure is allowed.

Thank you.

Bear Bussjaeger
List Admin


2 thoughts on “Alerts List Subscriptions”

  1. I do not recall when I signed up, but just received — and clicked through — my activation e-mail. I saw a message indicating there might be a hiccough in the system, but it appears to be sorting itself, if slowly perhaps.

    1. Glad you got it, LiberTarHeel. I just re-sent activation emails to everybody listed as “inactive” (including, Bear Bussjaeger tells me, a handful of Russian spammers, who he then removed from the subscriber list). I’m hoping that solves the problem for most people.

      But I know we do have at least one subscriber who is unable to receive our alerts because his provider is blocking them. So we’ll continue to work to solve glitches whenever anybody informs us of them.

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