Traitorous Bagel-Brains Against Gun Victims


U.S. rabbis’ anti-gun violence group starts in Berkeley
Like many Americans, Creditor reached a boiling point on guns after the 2012 Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Newtown, Connecticut, where 20 young children and six adults were killed.

If Rabbi Creditor wants to reduce gun violence, it would be a fine thing for him to organize gun safety classes for the young people of his community. He could work to expand economic opportunities so fewer would resort to the illegal drug trade. He could perform direct outreach to at-risk kids. He could exercise the prime responsibilty of a rabbi by teaching these people the difference between aggression and defensive use of force.

But Creditor is a rabbi in name only. He doesn’t want to teach.

“Our vision is to amplify the work that’s being done, knowing that Congress has failed us so far,” Creditor said. “The ability that faith leaders have to marshal civic activism is unrivaled.”

More laws. More violations of the rights of honest people. The kind of laws that those honest people — and even Congress — have rejected.

Because, when violent crime rates are dropping to levels not seen for decades, some crazy minor murdered a woman to steal her guns and take them to a designated gun-free victim disarmament zone to murder more people…

…he wants to inflict more human/civil rights infringements on the people who didn’t do it. Because the gun laws didn’t work there, Rabbi Creditor wants to turn the entire nation into Sandy Hook.

For safety.

Because disarming Jews worked so well there, he wants to turn America into Nazi Germany.

For safety.

I think not. I strongly suspect his motivation is a little more crass.

Creditor also got Eileen Soffer, a Mountain View resident who had worked as the national deputy field director of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, to come aboard as the full-time national coordinator.

That is the same Moms Demand Victims that is under the umbrella of Everytown for Gun Safety (along with Mayors Against Illegal Guns), which is chaired — and heavily funded — by billionaire Michael Bloomberg who never saw a gun in civilian hands that he liked (except his own bodyguards). Soffer undoubtedly brought along the promise of financial backing for yet another bloody-handed victim disarmament group.

Perhaps I’m being unfair; maybe he wants something other than restrictions on rights. But since he does want “further expanded background checks, public health research into gun violence, I doubt it. The fact that he runs their F******k page as a closed group implies that they want to hide their agenda from those who appreciate civils rights.

I invite Rabbi Creditor to answer a few questions.

  1. Have you ever read the complete Constitution, to include the Bill of Rights?
  2. Do you comprehend the difference between a constitutional republic and a democracy?
  3. Exactly what gun laws do you propose to stop another Sandy Hook scenario (where the perpetrator violated a series of laws just to get the guns)?
  4. How do you propose to protect the rights of those who didn’t do it?
  5. How do you propose to enforce your laws on criminals (bearing in mind that criminals cannot be required to submit to a background check)?
  6. If your agenda includes weapons bans, will you man up and conduct confiscations peronally?
  7. Would any ban/confiscation recompense gun owners for the loss of property? Have you considered how much money that would be?
  8. What will you do when the good guys just say, No”?
  9. What will you do if the good guys say, “All righty, then“?

I await Rabbi Creditor’s response, though not with bated breath.


6 thoughts on “Traitorous Bagel-Brains Against Gun Victims”

  1. I have thought long and hard about insane amount of money that is beefing spent on citizen disarmament. And the useful idiots that seem to be out there in job lots. I keep asking my self what is the real end game behind all that money? Every answer I come up with is never a good one. Every act of citizen disarmament has ended badly, but I don’t need to you guys here that.
    I can only think that they are after a complete reformation of the US and they can’t do that as long as us bitter clingers have our fire arms that we shoot and train with regularly. If that make me a member of the Tin Foil Hat Brigade then sign me up.

    1. It does seem as though, for some reason “they” have decided that NOW is the time to make a push on this issue. Classic media campaign, first getting the NYT to publish their first *overt* front page editorial in decades (their “news” is so biased it might as well be editorials, but they aren’t *overt* ones), then more pushing, a huge run up to Obama’s damp squib executive orders…

      Then Hiltary Klinton making it a centerpiece of her campaign.

      Are they truly unaware that the population is swinging in a pro-gun direction?

  2. I realize “bagel brain” is a Zelmanism…but it seems ridiculously inadequate to describe such intellectual depravity and moral cowardice.

  3. These victim disarmament groups are quite the shell game aren’t they? Like the tentacles of a hydra, or the head of Medusa, or, well, Medusa is pretty good. Especially for Moms Demented Activists. I REALLY hope he responds.
    I do not know where you found the graphic, but Bear, it’s GOLDEN!!

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