Yom Ha’Shoah

Today is Yom Ha’Shoah, holocaust remembrance day.  A few thoughts and some more information for you on Yom Ha’Shoah.  This is quite a good little article.

Politics always take an interest in you
Politics always take an interest in you
Only a moment.
Only a moment.

7 thoughts on “Yom Ha’Shoah”

  1. Here, I should not have to say this.

    But I will anyway.

    Never Forget.

    Never Again.

    (I think a trip to the range is called for.)

    1. I made it before sunset. I got a box downrange.

      Then the gun broke. Time for a parts order!

      (And this is why I have another gun. )

      Remembering those who had none when they needed one, and those who decided to make use of just a handful, when they needed to.

  2. Once, Rabbi Hanoch Teller was traveling with 16 of his children…while in transit in Frankfurt, Rabbi Teller noticed a German woman staring at him her mouth open.

    “Are these all your children?” the woman asked, “from one wife?”

    “Yes, God blessed me with all these children”, the Rabbi answered.

    “But haven’t you heard of overpopulation? How many children do you want to have?”, the woman asked in an accusatory tone.

    Rabbi Teller stopped, and looking her in the eyes and answered, “About 6 million!”

    [H/T Hadar Israel] 🙂
    [ http://www.hanochteller.com]

  3. Y.B. Ben Avraham,
    Thanks for the anectdote, I had never seen this before.

    It has become popular to ignore the Holocaust. In a similar way they are trying to rewrite history in the U.S. as well. They want to hide things that they disagree with, or that they don’t understand.

    1. Ignore the Holocaust, deny it…oh, and while we’re at it, let’s blame Israel for all terrorism, too. And if you can’t manage that, blame some of it on the US, because architects and engineers will hit the wall at 400 MPH in a blaze of jet fuel to protest how downtrodden and poor they are back home.

      I really didn’t think anti Semitism was much of a force in the US, but every once in a while I get a rude awakening. (And no, I’m not referring to complaints about liberal Jews, that’s just griping about bagel brains as seen from outside of Judaism. I’m talking about hard core “Christ Killers!” anti-Semitism.)

  4. Steve,
    Bigotry is the same whether aimed at blacks or Jews. It has always been here in the U.S., against both groups. It rears it’s ugly head often, and in the past, you can see a few great examples of it in the manner in which different groups were dealt with during time of war.

    During WWII, it was not uncommon for blacks to have segregated units. The same thing held right up until at least the end of Korea, with a gradual end coming before the Vietnam conflict.

    The dealings towards Jews during WWII are well documented, and need no further explanation. However, the anti-Semitism did not end with the Vietnam conflict. In fact, it has not yet ended, as you have pointed out. We in the U.S. are accomplices to the problem, when we do nothing to stop the hatred that causes nations to condemn Israel for defending herself when attacked by Hamas or the Palestinians.

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