Poll: Will you vote for Donald Trump this year?

Donald_Trump_GunIt certainly appears that my last post generated a lot of controversy.

A number of commenters think I was mistaken, and that Trump will do a lot less damage to our Second Amendment rights than Hillary. Several pointed out that we are allowing the perfect to be the enemy of the good.

I have explained my rationale behind my opposition to Trump previously.  Aside from his historic anti-RKBA views, which he has now conveniently changed now that he’s pretending to be a Republican, he’s an authoritarian weasel, who has no respect for basic human rights.

So I’m wondering what our members and readers really think about Trump.

Will you vote for him now that he’s the presumptive GOP nominee? Will you enthusiastically support him? Will you vote for Hillary Clinton, or the Libertarian nominee instead of Trump? Will you stay home on Election Day?

Let us know! Poll below.


22 thoughts on “Poll: Will you vote for Donald Trump this year?”

  1. Please don’t stay home. If you can’t stand Trump or the Hill and Bill show, vote Libertarian and vote Liberty as a protest. If the Libertarian got a decent percentage it might send a message to the Democrat and the Republican wing of the Democrat party. They are one and the same under different names.

    1. After the LP ran the Barr/Root ticket, the only message would be, “I voted Libertarian because they’re Republicans, too.” Maybe if they nominate McAfee, I might consider it.

      But “voting” in the Presidential election means nothing. It’s a non-binding popularity contest. Everyone who thinks the Electoral College (or Congress) will elect anything but a D or R, raise your hands.

  2. I am abstaining as a protest against anti-constitution government. If you all did the same, I wonder if it would have any effect?

  3. Haven’t decided yet. Voting Hillary is not an option.

    I am beginning to get the impression the Dems are looking for a way to throw her under the bus, now that Trump is starting to poll well against her.

  4. This sums it up for me;

    “We’re talking about someone who repeatedly proves himself to be a terrible person with no morals or class, a serial adulterer, a rude bully, a sexist pig, a possible Alzheimer’s patient, and a delusional liar. He lacks any true convictions on what would be best for the country because he’s only concerned with what’s best for Trump, as evidenced by his malleable positions-turned-suggestions and his previous support of all things Democratic.”


    And the answer to the question this linked article asks; for me is yes!

    1. I’d have to say, “No.” No one I consider a real friend is seriously supporting Trump. Acquaintances are, but mainly because he isn’t Clinton. Some believe Trump’s new-found “conservativism,” but most simply hope he’s sincere despite his past record. They figure that Trump might relapse, but Clinton is frothing at the bit to rape freedom.

      I look at Trump’s history of abusing other people’s rights (not just RKBA or that NJ eminent domain case; look at what he did in Ireland and Scotland. Clinton will impose an out-right police state. Trump will impose a Trump state. The only practical difference will be who gets the loot. And it won’t be us keeping ours.

      On the other hand, if Trump wins, the White House redecoration (and WH Christmases) will be entertaining as hell. Michelle Antoinette has nothing on Trump in tacky ostentation.

      1. I have fond memories of voting for the best candidate. Then for a long time it was voting against the worst candidate.

        This year it’s “Who am I least afraid of?”

      2. “Clinton will impose an out-right police state. Trump will impose a Trump state. ”

        That is the most succinct, simplest, and accurate description of this election that I have seen yet.

        1. Fred; good one; “A Trump State” with your permission I will be using that one!

          Not exactly sure what a Trump state would be like but I betcha there will be plenty of liberty as long as you do what Trump wants you to and you don’t forget to call him boss.

          1. It’s Mr. Bussjaeger’s. See his 11.32am comment. I hope he doesn’t mind because I plan on stealing it myself.

      3. Carl I am sorry to say that I have lost some friends because of Trump, there is one thing to be voting for Trump because you look at him as a lesser of two evils, I find that forgivable, but when you support him because you look to him as being THE solution then that is something else.

        I think Jonah Goldberg said it best when he compared it to a Slow-Motion Invasion of the Body Snatchers;


        Where I am now just waiting for the Donald Sutherland finger from those once respected and now ex friends;


  5. I’ll vote for Trump before I ever vote for a Clinton or any socialist-democrat. The democratic party of John Kennedy is dead and it has been replaced by buffoons that believe an American version of Russian communism is our future. They have no respect for our founding, our Constitution or the rule of law. I’ll take Trump and his issues before I’d ever sit home or vote for the dictator in waiting Hillary.

  6. Any non-vote or “stay-home” is a vote against your own and MY gun rights—vote Trump if you support Israel and want to keep your gun rights!!! דמד

  7. Would it be wrong to support (from Dr. Jerry Pournelle) “someone who wanted to make America great again, control the borders, stop policing the world (and if we have to keep doing it, get some other beneficiaries of the expenditure of American blood and treasure to start contributing their fair share, a real portion of their GDP not just token amounts), appoint original intent Justices to the Supreme Court — well, you know. Put American interests first. Really. With a realistic foreign policy. And if we have to fight a war, then fight it, with enough force to win and win fast and then get out, the way we always have. Didn’t we do that in four years, going from essentially no army at all, and while we were at it becoming the “arsenal of democracy” whatever that means, and doing that in two years? While coming out of a Depression, for heaven’s sake. But, we’re told, that’s not conservative, that’s something else.”

    1. Couple of things wrong with this.

      After WWII, though we won as quickly as we could, we hardly “got out.” We occupied Japan and Germany for several years and still have bases in both. (The difference between then and now being, we seemed to know how to fix things so the nation would turn into something halfway decent, back then.)

      And the other thing: You’re assuming Trump means what he’s saying now. But it wasn’t that long ago he was saying very different things, and he has made contradictory statements of policy during this campaign.

  8. Voting Trump. Lesser evil. Must save 2A. Clinton will be the last hammer blows on the nail that Obama has driven into America.

  9. I checked “I am not voting this year”, which I am glad to see is leading in current stats. But in reality, I am not voting any year, because voting is an acceptance of the current system, which is rigged against you, me, and individual liberty in general. The Enemy Class controls the electoral process, and I will not play by their rules.

  10. Hmm…..vote for Stalin, or Mussolini. Some choice.

    I put down voting for the Libertarian candidate, but that depends on who it is….Not voting for McAffee….

    Or I may not vote….I started voting when I was 16 (the statute of limitations has expired), and haven’t missed one yet. This year may be it.

    1. “.I started voting when I was 16 (the statute of limitations has expired), and haven’t missed one yet. ”

      You can probably balance this by voting once while dead. Depending on what part of the country you die in, you may more than make up for it.

  11. I wonder if voting for a Republican just because they have an R next to their name is supposed to be different than voting for a Democrat because they have a D next to their name, because from where I’m standing, I can’t see the difference. Especially this year, but realistically for the past several election cycles.

    Another great poll, as usual, here on TZP, and quite informative as far as the results are looking. Even among those of us who are of similar ideologies, there is little agreement on who is the right choice, so this election will be interesting to say the least.

  12. Like siblings, we may wrangle, and get hurt feelings, and stomp around, but in the end, we share a common understanding, deep down, about the _real_ , core issue. I envision a young person, or an old one, shielding another from harm, with the look of steely resolve that evil will NOT prevail. Guns are but a tool. A metaphor… for the spirit of liberty and the undying will to preserve it. It is at THIS point that we agree, and fight as one spirit.

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