Trump is a tyrannical weasel, part 2,434

In the aftermath of the Paris attacks, there’s been a lot of talk about terrorism, how to prevent it, how to fight it, and how to protect Americans. Even the DC Dominatrix Cathy Lanier has accidentally acknowledged that the citizens are the first line of defense against an attack. Of course, she continues to keep them disarmed, but admitting you have a problem is the first step to recovery, right?

Presidential candidate Donald Trump has placed himself square in the middle of the conversation with another idiotic statement on guns. This time, he stepped on his own winky with golf cleats by claiming that those on the terrorism watchlist should be denied their right to keep and bear arms.

shrug_chart_final1Now, I’ve always thought Trump was a fascist uber douche. Now, that has been confirmed. While I agree terrorists should be prevented from purchasing firearms (also caught and clubbed to death with spiked cricket bats), many of the people on the watchlist are hardly terrorists.

Of the 680,000 people caught up in the government’s Terrorist Screening Database—a watchlist of “known or suspected terrorists” that is shared with local law enforcement agencies, private contractors, and foreign governments—more than 40 percent are described by the government as having “no recognized terrorist group affiliation.” That category—280,000 people—dwarfs the number of watchlisted people suspected of ties to al Qaeda, Hamas, and Hezbollah combined.

These are people who have been convicted of nothing. They have been placed on this list, because according to the source, the standard the government uses to put people on a watchlist is “reasonable suspicion” to determine whether someone is a possible threat.

Because the government tracks “suspected terrorists” as well as “known terrorists,” individuals can be watchlisted if they are suspected of being a suspected terrorist, or if they are suspected of associating with people who are suspected of terrorism activity.

These are the people Trump wants to deprive of their rights. These are the people Trump would disarm and render vulnerable to everyone from terrorist to marauding thug. These are the people whom Trump wants to label as “enemies of the state” without due process, and without so much as an official set of charges.

Trump needs to go away. Far away. He shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near the White House or anywhere near government service writ large. He’s a national embarrassment, who doesn’t understand policy and is merely running for president to stroke his own violently large ego.

It’s hard for me to believe that roughly a quarter of Republicans think this narcissistic weasel somehow deserves to be president! But then again, I think he appeals to the meathead faction of the GOP – you know – the ones who sit in their trailers, drinking cheap beer, scratching their shriveled raisins and screaming about how illegal aliens are taking their jobs, while the meth cooks on the stove.

Yes, I’m being intentionally inflammatory. That said, would anyone in all seriousness consider casting their vote for someone who is proud of his desire to stomp on people’s rights without due process?

So much FAIL!


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  1. “It’s hard for me to believe that roughly a quarter of Republicans think this narcissistic weasel somehow deserves to be president!”

    I think his polling reflects the sheer disgust voters have for the career rights violatorspoliticians rather than any actual Trump appeal. He pretends he isn’t part of the ‘establishment’. But he is; not as as an elected politician but as the owner of such scum. I find that reminding folks of little things like his early preference for a VP running mate (Oprah Winfrey), being a serial abuser of eminent domain, and his disregard of other people’s property rights even when he can’t ED them (his Scottish golf course) tends to lessen his supposed appeal.

    Narcissism is probably his best… qualification for elective office; up there with Barrycade, any Kennedy, Schumer, the Bush clan, Boehner, and [insert politician of your choice].

  2. I support Trump. And while I’m part of the 25%… I have two college degrees. I’m self employed. I cling to God & guns because I know that NOBODY in DC will offer any safety that doesn’t come at a price too high to pay.
    Yes, people support Trump because the next best choice is to not vote… So go on and call him tyrannical… At least he’s not a traitor. Which is what the establishment candidates are.
    You are quickly making me realize that you offer nothing of substance Nicki, just like the MSM

    1. So you claim to be educated and yet support someone who wants to deprive your fellow Americans – 240,000 of them who have no connection whatsoever to any terrorist group – of their right to keep and bear arms?

      Proof positive that colleges graduate meatheads.

      1. Here’s a thought, instead of allowing potentially dangerous people to have unfettered access to firearms, how about we try to make the lists more accurate? The whole problem with your position is the potential for a demographic group to become straw purchasers en masse… And while I am a vociferous supporter of a ‘blank check’ interpretation of the second amendment, maybe reserving that right for citizens would be wiser than allowing unfettered opportunities for evil people to perpetrate violence…

        1. There are several challenges with this.

          For instance, letting Islamic refugees/Muslim Immigrants is difficult, if not impossible. While we have assets on the ground in certain nations to be able to at least access some databases, if someone has created a new identity from scratch, it becomes more difficult. Ergo, making the lists more accurate is nearly impossible. We have to have at the very least humint assets on the ground to do so, and elint/sigint would be even better.

          So what do we do? Do you really want to refuse the right to defend one’s home and family to people based on religion? What about those who have made a commitment to live here and work here? What about green card holders? You want to simply infringe on their rights because the bureaucracy takes forever to process their paperwork?

          Additionally, what makes you think that bad guys are using the formal system to access firearms? Much like regular criminals, if they want to wreak havoc, they will more likely than not buy firearms on the black market, rather than go through the rigamarole required to legally purchase a gun.

          Depriving someone of a fundamental right merely because they belong to a specific demographic, religion, etc. is foul. Period.

  3. Fred Lewers — You support Trump even though you realize he wants to deny gun rights to anybody on the terrorist watch list — and you realize that anyone anywhere at any time can be put on that watch list for any reason and might never be able to get off the list again because it’s so secretive and arbitrary and so completely lacking in due process? You support that? In the name of gun rights? Or in the name of American freedoms?

    1. Again, let’s make the lists accurate or let’s have a completely unfettered 2nd amendment. But that’s theoretical and at this point probably just a fairy tale. And after all the Muslim immigrants that have been busted for providing material support… I’m not so trusting. So even though Trump’s position stinks to high heaven, it’s the least evil ACHEIVABLE approach to reconciling the 2nd with potential terrorists. (Potential doesn’t mean evil anymore than monitoring tire pressure means you’ve got bad tires. Just some common sense) And the key word is achievable. A goal should be relevant, measurable & achievable or its kind of useless.
      I think an appeals process to remove a person’s name from the watch list would go a long way to making this discussion moot. But that would require our government to be accountable. We all know how that’s working out.
      So if you disagree, that’s alright. But at least make a suggested course of action that could improve security from the whole refugee as a threat paradigm. A course of action that is achievable given America’s current circumstances and the probable actions of the administration between now and then. Thanks

      1. “let’s make the lists accurate or let’s have a completely unfettered 2nd amendment”

        I v*te for unfettered 2nd amendment. Yes, I agree we’re a long way from that, but we’ve certainly been moving in that direction.

        As to the “accuracy” of any government list, you need to understand that they are as “accurate” as the government cares to make them. And if any list could be used to automatically deny gun rights, the ‘crats would see that as a great opportunity to add even more (and more arbitrary) names. We should not have to appeal some arbitrary bureaucratic decision in order to attempt to win our rights back. That’s not how freedom works.

        As to the “whole refugee as a threat paradigm,” that’s a complex question and I’ve personally taken some cr*p from people who consider me either too “anti-immigrant” or too “anti-Islam.” I don’t think it’s up to Nicki or anybody else here to define how the government ought to handle security (they wouldn’t listen, anyhow). But free expercise of the 2nd amendment is certainly right up there with the best things we can do to protect ourselves against any threat of violence.

        Not perfect, but then perfect security doesn’t exist and only tyrants try to achieve it — for themselves, not for we the peasants.

  4. I hate to call anyone a traitor, unless their name is Jane Fonda. So I won’t call Trump that. But I will call him a person who has abused the American country just as badly as any politician in the last 30 years.
    He has not only used Eminent Domain, to take away peoples rightful property, he has also donated money to candidates on both sides of the aisle, to which he willing admits. He also admits that he has done this to curry favors from said candidates. I understand that this is called being a smart businessman in some circles. In my way of thinking it is called bribery.
    When I think about the qualifications that I would desire in a President, I would today have to put number one as being able to protect our country from foreign aggression. This includes terrorism, as well as electronic attacks and also could encompass economic warfare, although that really is a stretch.
    Another quality that I would value highly in a leader is the ability to not be carried about by the wave of public pressure and social whims. We find our current president one who is a professional surfer. If there is a new wave breaking over a story somewhere, you can be sure that he will be seen riding high on it just as soon as he can put his finger into the political wind and see which way it is blowing.
    The last thing I will touch on, although my list is not complete, is adherence to the U.S. Constitution. A President swears an oath to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution against all enemies, both foreign and domestic. Our current present cannot do that, since he has proven to be the biggest enemy our constitution has seen since Abe Lincoln was President. I don’t limit this to simply the bill of rights, although that would be enough, if a president were to simply follow them. This president has also usurped authority that does not belong to the executive office. Some blame goes to congress, but not all.
    As I ponder some of these qualifications, I don’t see Trump fitting any of them. He is a smart enough guy. A good business man, seems to have nice enough kids. He probably would surround himself with a cabinet of highly capable people. That doesn’t help. In the end, if he is elected president, the world will look at this country as being finished as not only a world power and leader, but the world will look at us as a sad joke, incapable of even pretending to be serious enough anymore to try and show that we are more than a has been state.
    But then it will be too late to say Trump, your fired.

      1. I am in awe of having people like Nikki and Claire acknowledge when I have made a post here. I feel truly humbled to know that people like you have bothered to read things I have said.
        Also, I am thankful that you allow me to continue to post to your sites. I feel that I sometimes take over your sites for my own personal sounding board and I feel bad about that. It would not be bad if I were always right, but the problem is, quite often, I am wrong, and later on, after thinking and more study, I realize it. But then, I am not able to put the horse back into the barn, as it were.
        At the very least, unlike many on the left, I am willing to change my thoughts and opinions when presented with facts. And it is because of blogs like these that I have learned and grown and for that I thank all of those involved and wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving.

        1. Not at all! Your comments are always insightful and interesting, and I, for one, am glad to have you both here and on my sight. I always read your comments with lots of smiles, so keep it up!

    1. Yeah… None of the above is the best candidate. But the elitists won’t relinquish the power they have. Not until the hangings begin in earnest.

  5. I believe The Donald’s appeal has a lot more to do with his ability to destroy the GOP establishment, than any supposed virtues he might have.

    As far as I’m concerned, I can’t see how we can lose this election. Either The Donald or Hitlery would make fine captains of the USSA Titanic, and they are also the candidates most likely to win. What’s not to like?

    Of course, there may be war, but I don’t see how that is avoidable in any case. Better sooner than later, as Patrick Henry pointed out.

    1. Sometimes I feel like I’m in the car that’s America (figuratively) and we just passed the last free exit and the next stop is financial violation at a tool booth.

      1. I had not thought of “The Right Honorable” Justin Trudeau as Baby Doc. I had been calling him Hugo Chávez the 2nd. I hope you don’t mind but I am going to steal Baby Doc Trudeau from you. :^)

        As far as the comparison between Baby Doc Trudeau and Ford well Ford was a loud no nothing red neck with delusions of grandeur while Baby Doc Trudeau is like a snake oil salesman.

        As for the comparison, pray for us…

        1. I have to admit that the “Baby Doc” handle is not my own invention. I happened to like the whole idea.

          A friend of a friend of mine once invented the metaphor of “intellectual cornflake,” Cornflakes being inoffensive and kind of bland. We may be able to use this with respect to M. Trudeau. Could be all we can hopefully expect.

    1. Sometimes I think (only sometimes) that Trump was placed in the position he’s in just to get those of us (even in Canada) still awake, really upset. Nicki can obviously attest to this…

      Perhaps the question is, would you rather have Trump donate money to Terry McAwful (whoever he or she is) or would you rather have George Soros donate far bigger bucks to ensure Hillary gets the national vote?

      1. Keelie – McAwful (Terry McAuliffe) was elected governor of Virginia a couple of years ago over a decent candidate, who was our AG and staunchly pro-2A, and with the help of scum such as Trump and other out of state billionaires.

        This has nothing to do with Soros. My point was that Trump is hardly conservative, and not even remotely pro-liberty! He’s actually part of the bigger trend, as you described, of Soros-like billionaires funding leftist weasels into office.

        1. Fair enough.
          Then just think of Trump as an alarm clock. His only function is to wake people up.

          As they sang in Fiddler on the Roof: “When you’re rich they think you really know…” Looks like wealth is the measuring rod we still use and we are still impressed with it. Well, many of us, but fortunately not all.

  6. Patrick Henry was talking about war with the Crown, not war within the colonies. If Trump is elected, war may be inevitable as you seem to hope for, but the predicted war will tear our country apart at the seams.
    I for one have still got some modicum of hope that there is something left to be salvaged of the United States. There are great people, a fantastic founding document, wonderful history, some of the best natural resources any country has available, and the best minds and technology on the planet. However, if we elect a president who allows our country to be torn in half or into pieces as has happened in the last 7 years, to the point of war, as you predict, then I have to figure that all hope of the country continuing on as a leader and a beacon of freedom and aspiration to all is pretty much a pipe dream and it is every man for himself, or every woman for herself, as the case may be.
    We all know history, the Greeks, the Romans, going back to Biblical times to the Assyrians and others who’s cultures fell because of their own decadence and failures, and the failures of their leaders. We think we are such a wonderful country and have been here for such a long time, but look at some of the countries of Europe, who’s existence’s are measured at 500 years or more. They have dealt with things like this before and have continued until today, and now, at this point in history even they are beginning to feel the weight of time.
    Consider why this could be. Could it possibly be that the influence of America and it’s liberal policies have brought weakness to the foundations of some of the oldest and strongest nations on earth, while at the very same time we ourselves are struggling to maintain our place at the top of these nations as a leader and protector? Just a random question that comes to mind, I have no answers.
    Make no mistake about it though, Donald Trump is many things, but a true conservative he is most definitely not. He never has been and he never will be. He probably would be best described as a willow tree. His roots are shallow, but he keeps from tipping over by being easily blown about by the wind, going whatever way seems to keep him upright. When the wind stops blowing for just a second, he snaps right back to where he was in the beginning, just as if the wind had never touched him in the first place.
    I can’t help but think that in a different place and time he would likely have been the second in command to a King, feeling out His moods along with the moods of the people of the kingdom, and using both to his own advantage, while making both the people and the King think he was working for their good, but always looking to line his own pockets. It seems like this presidential bid is just such a maneuver, somehow not a real thing as much as a way for him to line his own pockets, and I keep waiting for him to make a grand gesture to the party, to step aside for Ted Cruz, or Marko Rubio, for ” the Good of the Country, ” all the while knowing he has raised his profile and his bottom line. If that is the case, I hope he does it soon. The country has too much at stake for him to tear us apart much more.

    1. It’s too late to change the system from within and too soon to use ropes & lampposts. I don’t think it really matters who we elect. Economically, we are past the PNR. Socially, the unwashed masses have learned that they can vote themselves bread and circuses. Militarily, we have been emasculated by our leaders. Ethically and morally, we as a nation are bankrupt. Worse than Israel & Judah were when God finally removed the blessing of divine protection. And physically, Americans are weak, soft and stupid. This is starting to look like a perfect storm for social collapse. We’re not voting our way out of this mess.

    2. No sane person wishes for war; however it is preferable to slavery. By “inevitable” I mean the debt bomb – there is no avoiding it. As to tearing this country apart, I do wish for that. Multiple diverse Americas are better than one, homogenized slave version; an added benefit is that we’d have to give up the empire.

      What good America brings to this world, is in spite of the government, not because of it. All governments are evil, but large powerful ones are the worst.

  7. Well, I voted for Cruz in our primary, but I likely will vote for Trump in the general election. Here’s why: Trump’s new “Hail to the Chief” will be Darth Vader’s March, but Hillary’s version can be nothing less than “Night on Bald Mountain”. In other words, Trump will be a likely tyrant, but Hillary is a demon: pure evil.

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