Complicity: Accessories before, during, and after the fact

In reaction to known terrorists using illegally obtained automatic weapons, grenades, and improvised explosives, the EU wants to crack down on honest people possessing semiauto firearms. That includes national registries of all firearms and firearms owners (i.e.- the honest folk who obtained their defensive arms lawfully), and collating the national registries into an EU-wide registry. Where have we heard that before?

These ‘leaders’ not only cannot protect their people, they want to ensure their people can’t protect themselves. Call it bureaucratic job security. G-d forbid people should realize they don’t need government ‘protectors’.

In the Paris attacks, the stadium was a gun-free zone which somehow failed to repel explosives. The Bataclan concert hall was a gun-free zone which again failed to repel psychotic goons with guns and explosives. In America, some 92% of mass shootings occur in gun-free zones, or what the more knowledgeable call ‘target-rich environments’.

Which is more evil? Terrorists who kill innocents, or the politicians and bureaucrats who knowingly and deliberately make it easier and safer for the terrorists to commit atrocities?

In a sane world, any politician who imposed any gun-free zone, claiming it will magically repel bullets with a Star Trekish deflector field, would be tried and convicted of terrorism. He’d spend the rest of his life making restitution to the victims of his policy.

Anyone who would impose a defense-free zone on an entire continent should be executed for war crimes.

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One thought on “Complicity: Accessories before, during, and after the fact”

  1. Good ideas. They should be prosecuted. Then sued. You don’t have to actually be the killer in the US to be sued for ‘wrongful death’ – you don’t even need to be charged with a crime by the police. But you can lose everything you do or ever will own in a courtroom, regardless. Maybe we should start suing our Congress-critters as accessories, or filing RICO charges if there are more than 3 deaths as a result of gun control votes.

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