5 thoughts on “Orthodox Union of Bagel-Brains”

  1. These guys read the holy scriptures and then…what?

    It’s very confusing.

    They want; freedom from fear, secret lists, non secret lists (NICS), to be made safer, to be made more secure, and they BELIEVE that prohibiting people…

    All this, at what, the mighty hand of a saving government?
    It’s disturbing, especially the freedom fear part.

  2. What is it about us that leads to magical thinking like this?

    Because appeasement and mewling has worked so well for Jews in the past?

    Because Shoah didn’t really happen?

    The Orthodox union of morons doesn’t speak for me. Because NEVER AGAIN.

  3. OK. That’s better. Some excepts from the retort back in 2014.

    “…fundamental right and halachic obligation to defend themselves, their families, and communities, whenever the need arises….
    We have a duty of self-defense under Jewish Law. Our mitzvot oblige us to preserve and defend Jewish lives. This obligation is all the more important while we are in Exile and therefore at greater risk. Rendering Jews less capable of self-defense and more dependent upon others runs counter to our halachic duty, endangers all Jewry and emboldens our enemies… The Torah praises self-defense. The Torah recognizes armed self-defense as a requirement for a free people…
    readiness for armed conflict is a moral duty…

    Worth the read at the link in the 5:58 post above. I would add; why would any people subject themselves to foreign rule, remember the roman occupation where they pretended an uneasy “friendship” then destroyed the temple and scatter all to the wind?
    Jews (and I) are under ZERO obligation to submit to decrees that run counter to the holy writ. There is a higher law.

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