5 thoughts on “MSNBC Poll: Should people be allowed to carry guns in public?”

  1. Excellent. Sort of hard to reconcile with the supposed “90%” that want more gun control. Can’t be both. 🙂

    But we still have our work cut out for us. Now 93% of the people need to recognize that nobody – especially the non-voluntary government – is qualified to “allow” it…

    1. When you figure most people are ignorant of what is or is not legal (I’d bet most people think “machine guns” and “assault rifles” can be had off the shelf somewhere or mail order), I could well imagine most people wanting more gun control, but being willing to allow specially licensed people to carry in public. I can easily imagine both polls being correct for that reason. Of course, MSNBC’s poll is hardly scientific; I’m sure pro-gun groups (not just this one) jumped on it.

      As for your last point, the problem with a word like “allow” is that it has two possible meanings: 1) Not forbid, i.e., defaulting to the activity not being illegal, and 2) Actually grant permission. Meaning #1 is of course the appropriate one (especially if no one is empowered to forbid), and #2 is the one you’re complaining about.

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