Poll: How will gun owners’ legal status change in the next five years?

This week’s poll requires no explanation. It simply asks how (or whether) the legal status of guns and gun owners will change in the next five years.

Of course, there’s really nothing simple about that question. But polish up your crystal ball and tell us what you see. You can give details in comments.

Oh, and if you don’t personally care about the legal status of guns and gun owners because your rights are above the law, fine. I know that’s a common view hereabouts (and I’m glad it is). But this question looks at the legal, not philosophical, issues.


7 thoughts on “Poll: How will gun owners’ legal status change in the next five years?”

  1. I really don’t know… The older I get, the less I am even tempted to predict. Too many variables, for one thing. I lived near (enough) to Los Angeles during the Watts Riots, and watched the rest of the country having similar – or worse – problems that summer. I was sure it was the end of something… but never figured it out. The riots stopped, and life went on. I wasn’t particularly concerned about gun “rights” then, but very aware of many terrible things that could have happened.

    None of them did, really… but, unfortunately, a much more subtle and destructive evil crept in while most people were not paying a whole lot of attention to anything but the snooze and all the usual stuff – while they went right on voting, paying taxes and complaining – all too often without ever even questioning the “authority” they granted to the state. And still don’t.

    I think too many people see “gun rights” in isolation, and will perhaps overlook all of the other stuff going on at the same time.

    But I don’t know. Plan and prepare for the worst, be glad if it doesn’t happen.

  2. Regardless of the outcome of the pResidential election, I believe that we’ve reached a tipping point in gun politics. Whether it is the media bias, the “progressive” campaign, the Congressional spinelessness, the judicial abuse, or the executive arrogation, the mood among the general populace seems to me to be shifting to the emotional stance, not the rational one. As you allude above, it will matter not to me or those like me. We will continue to be the sheepdogs and will continue to protect the flock as best we can. G*d help us all.

  3. Our Liberty is being eroded. Whether it is the 1st, 2nd, 4th, 5th, 10th or 14th amendment doesn’t seem to matter much. PC speech rules, “hate crime” laws, civil forfeiture, circumventing due process, electronic spying, eminent domain abuse, federal over-reach, rule by decree, law making by un-elected bureaucrats… it’s all allowed by the Constitution right? The one guiding rule is expediency, and which ever way the mob can be stampeded.

  4. That which cannot be sustained WILL NOT BE because it can’t. The philosophical bankruptcy of these presently united States is inevitably being followed by cultural, political and economic bankruptcy. How that will play out is difficult to predict.

    In any case, in 5 years, the political climate will be very different from today. If we are lucky, many states will no longer be a part of the USA; secession will have taken place, and the productive states will no longer be supporting the entitlement states. More likely is that we’ll either be in the throes of a nasty civil war unlike anything seen here to date, or we’ll have won it.

    It is possible that we’ll still be in the slow ‘suffering evils’ stage, but it is in the nature of highly leveraged systems that when a tipping point is reached, the change to unstable highly dynamic change happens very quickly. I expect that here in these presently united States that social order could break down very fast, in less than a month, possibly much faster than that.

    In any case, those who are armed and trained are likely to fare much better than those who are not. “Think of it as evolution in action. “. Also, ” Always keep your clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark.”

  5. I am not a prophet, nor do I play one on tv, but I am confident in my educated guess that things in 5 years will be the same as they are now. Inertia being what it is, and people being who they are, I have to think that we are not likely to gain much more in the next short time period. On a brighter note, we are just as unlikely to lose much either.
    Just think back 8 years ago, to when Obama was on the horizon, and consider the idea of whether we would have lost ground on our rights. Suckers bet, right? And yet, here we are, having not lost but actually gained. Sure, the rabid leftists are louder and angrier than ever, but as yet to no avail.
    The election will have little to do with things. The mood of the people is what can bring about change, and that can only happen because of the desire for either freedom or enslavement. Until now, people have been content with slavery as long as they have their bellies full and toys to play with. Take those things away, and the desire for freedom stands a chance. Then and only then will gun rights become a popular cause, and not something easily ignored.

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