Apparently I live in the wrong town

Obama at Dallas Police Memorial: Easier ‘to Buy A Glock’ Than a Book
“We flood communities with so many guns it is easier for a teenager to buy a Glock that [to] get his hands on a computer or even a book.”

Man, I wish. Where I live, there are a couple of libraries where I can check out free books at will. And get free Internet access.

But guns? The last two I bought, I had to fill out a 4473, show a DL and GWL, and undergo a background check. Not to mention paying for them.

Either there’s some wonderful place where ARs grow on trees, or our President is woefully ignorant of reality. I’m hoping for trees, but not holding my breath.



12 thoughts on “Apparently I live in the wrong town”

  1. Your problem Carl, is that you don’t know “we”. That’s where you get all the guns “flood”ing in. It’s a club, er, more of a secret society. Appearantly you don’t belong, sad.

    You could always go the used book store. The one by my house has a bin of leave a few – take a few, for FREE. It’s outside, you don’t even have to go in the store. Weirdly there are always several polite, freindly folks browsing through them. No such luck at my nearby gun shop although the people are even more polite, strange.

    1. I was somewhat disturbed to discover that there is exactly one bookstore in this area. It specializes in selling books by local authors, about the local area, to tourists. It has an SF/Fantasy section (sort of), but they never even heard of serial NYT bestseller Correia.

      There is no used book section.

      The town library is surprisingly decent for such a small place. And I’ve patronized it heavily. They place free giveaway books in a cart in the foyer, but so far nothing I wanted.

      On the bright side, while the gun stores expect money, there are several of them, and only one has annoyed me to the point where I don’t expect todo business. Heck, I bought one at a pawn shop where the deal was decent and the folks knew their stuff, and were darned friendly (I expect coming in to give them money rather than trying to get a loan made a difference [grin]).

  2. Books? I’ve got books coming out of my ears. And I keep getting more all the time. Came home from the library last week with two more bags of them… a buck each. And no background check. They’ll let anybody buy their discards.

    Guns? Most of the sellers at the gun shows are “dealers,” so you have to do the bureaucrat crap. Gun stores and pawn shops the same. As for private sellers, they are a rare breed in Wyoming. Everyone buys guns, but almost nobody wants to part with one.

    But Obummer and his ilk are not mistaken. They are liars, pure and simple.

    1. I’d have books coming out of a lot more orifices if I didn’t weed them out occasionally.

      Heh. Once when I moved, I mentioned unloading some books to a young lady. She shared much of my taste in reading and said she’d take ’em.

      So I showed up at her door and handed her a grocery bag (the big brown kind) of books. She said thanks, I said I’dbe right back with more.

      She knew me, but didn’t realize how much and fast I read. I dumped about a thousand paperbacks on her. And that was just one move. (She should have known; she’d spent time in my house.)

      1. Indeed… I left a LOT of books, and other things, behind when I moved here from Calif. Of course… now I have even more. I’m going to have to decide soon whether to buy more bookshelves… or get rid of some books. I’d have gotten the shelves long ago, if I could figure out where in the heck to put them. 🙂 I don’t think there’s much hope for folks like us.

        1. I have never missed money I have given away. I can’t say the same thing about books. I am slowly putting many of my more long term book stores on my Kindle Fire. It takes up no room and I don’t feel bad with a huge pile in the corner. But I still love the huge coffee table type of gun books that have pictures of all of the military guns, or all pistols , or all long guns back to match lights. Those kinds I just have to keep. They just inspire me, even though I will never own most of the guns in them.

  3. It was his mis-administration that concocted the Fast and Furious scandal. Running guns to Mexican drug cartels. Perhaps that is what he meant by flooding communities with guns. Especially the “we” part.

  4. Our Esteemed Magic Kenyan was referring to his teenage daughters, no doubt. They have “the help” take care of those little things.

      1. Tnx Carl. It seems every state has their own label. Here in TN we have ‘HCP’ or handgun carry permit, but includes long guns as well.

        I was worried it was some crap like a FOID, a Firearm owners ID like IL has.

        1. What I love is getting chewed out by someone from a different state for getting his state’s permit name “wrong.”

          And now I will contradict myself. The Illinois paperwork you were referring to is more correctly thought of as an FOAD given by the state to the gun owner.

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