Turning Around



Yesterday, Claire wrote a most inspiring post. It reminded me of a great, and true, story my rabbi told our congregation on the first day of Rosh Hashana services, this year.

Recently the rabbi received a phone call from someone in our town informing him that there was a survivor of the “camps”; a man in his 90’s, living not far away. They asked if the rabbi would mind making a visit.

Mind?! He jumped at the chance.

Going over, he envisioned a frail old man,… perhaps on his death-bed. Not at all. Old? Sure. But, alert, healthy, and mobile.

During their conversation, the man explained that since those dark days, for some seventy-five years, he had been angry… furious… with G-d.

Finally, his anger had abated. Once again, he wanted to grow closer to G-d, but did not know where, or how, to begin, after so much time had passed.

The rabbi immediately took out a pair of Tefillin, and helped the man remember how to put them on. He then guided the man through reciting the Shema, and a few other blessings and prayers.

Seventy-five years of estrangement, alienation and loss, had melted away in a few minutes of kindness and encouragement. Teshuvah at work

We all tend to focus on what appears wrong in this World. But, there is boundless good, everywhere we really look, as well.



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  1. Oh Y.B. ! This is just beautiful! What a wonderful Rabbi, and what a blessing to have an opportunity such as that! What a WONDERFUL thought to try to keep in the front of my mind in the coming year.

    Thank you!

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