About the Israeli Mauser rifle contest

We are very sorry to announce that we’ve had to call off the Israeli Mauser rifle contest. Refunds are going out to the entrants now.

Unfortunately, interest in the competition was not enough even to cover the cost of the rifle. In addition, contest rules were widely misunderstood; we received quite a few essays without entry fees and entry fees without essays.

Things might have gone better had we been able to structure this as a pure raffle, with no mini-essay required. Unfortunately, that would have been illegal for us.

If you entered, you should be receiving a refund soon. PayPal refunds are already going out and refunds of snail-mailed entry fees will follow. Thank you very much for your participation and for the wonderful, heartfelt reasons you expressed for wanting to win this firearm.


5 thoughts on “About the Israeli Mauser rifle contest”

  1. Saw the refund and wondered about it. Wish you would have said something first. I would have just told you to keep it. Now it is back in my account and will probably get spent on a bill. Damn.

    1. Thank you, pigpen, both for the original entry and the sentiments. One kind person did donate his refund back to us, but it’s not something we ever would have asked for or expected.

      I just regret that our contest entrants have nothing to show for their time and effort. We did get some fine mini-essays submitted.

  2. I’m sorry to learn of this setback. Had there been a way to enter, I would have. The importing of firearms into Canada with all the hoops the BATF, Canada Customs, the Brown shirts… er, RCMP have in place, made entering the contest not feasible.

    The next time you do this, and I’m sure you will, I hope it goes goes well.

  3. I received the refund in the mail this weekend. Thank you.
    I do hope you will take good care of my Mauser …+ahem+ and let me know when you will be raffling it off again?
    I, personally, would not be offended if you published my entry.
    Just print them without attribution or comment? Maybe?

    Like Pp I would have been satisfied to leave the money in the donation bucket. Jar? Whatever.

    Stay safe,


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