Janet Reno, 1938-2016

In contrast to recent posts about brave and principled people who fought for freedom, and even gave their lives, I am forced to present Janet Reno.

She died today. Finally.

I admit that I am not a truly forgiving person. For one thing, I foolishly insist on a person demonstrating remorse before I’ll even consider it. To the best of my knowledge Reno never once expressed a modicum of actual regret for overseeing the gassing and incineration of 80 men, women, and children. To the contrary, she was proud of having brought in “good rent-a-cars” — modified tanks to normal people — to finish the job.


No wonder she favored victim disarmament.

And it’s hard for me to forget she was at the forefront of the “Satanic ritual child abuse” craze, sending innocent people to prison for things that existed only in the interrogators’ fevered imaginations.

Or Elián González, returned to Cuba to become a good little communist.


If I were a religious person, I might be anticipating her finally facing judgment. Perhaps even discovering “Oh, so THIS is what it felt like for all those women & children to burn alive in Waco’ – #JanetReno in hell”.  But I’m not.


Instead, I’m left with, “It’s about damned time,” and the sick realization that more Waco monsters remain in our midst. And just might be the US’ next President.


2 thoughts on “Janet Reno, 1938-2016”

  1. The dead can’t forgive , and it’s not my place even if I wanted to. She owes for at least 80 mostly innocents. I’m not sure but believe she was the one who let her killers loose on ruby ridge also to murder and destroy the weaver family. I hope she’s getting roasted slow and long.

    1. She never was even willing to say I’m sorry.
      Not even the deaths of the childern trouble me.

      The best she could do was – we will never know if it was the right decision and she said that almost smiling in a upbeat tone.

      Reno was an evil monster.

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