Nu ? Ist es gut fer de Yidden?

In the months leading up to the U.S. Presidential election, Jewish “Leaders” were issuing very grave warnings in the face of the increasing popularity of Donald Trump.

This was especially true in Europe. Recently installed Chief Rabbi of the United Kingdom; Ephraim Mirvis, even condemned him as a “racist”.

After the election, piling onto his condemnation of the Brexit vote, and horrified at the election results, the President of the Conference of European Rabbis, intoned that this would embolden the “Extreme Right-Wing” in Europe.

In a revealing statement, Rabbi Goldschmidt claims that the U.S. Elections were “good” for the State of Israel but “bad” for the Jews.

Well… “bad” for the Jews remaining in Europe, under the superb protection of their respective Governments, and dutiful and dependent men like Rabbis Mirvis and Goldschmidt.

Interestingly, Rabbi Goldschmidt admitted as much, as he elaborated that if the Trump administration were to have a reduced role in European affairs, this would leave his Jews to the (ineffectual?) protection of their respective governments.

But, I thought…   Huh.  Keeping his thumbs so firmly in his eyes must really hurt.

Stark divisions were also revealed within American Jewry in this past election: 70%, overall, went for Clinton, but the majority of the rapidly growing Orthodox went for Trump.  Even in New York City.

The shrinking Reform, Conservative, and secular Jews, obeying J-Street and the DNC in America, and the CER and their suicidal secular government patrons in Europe, voted for a third Obama term.

Americans residing in Israel voted overwhelmingly in favor of Mr. Trump.  Except for the shrinking (dying off, really) left-wing in Israel, native Israelis, even many “secular” Israelis also strongly supported the candidacy of Mr. Trump, and  seemed to discount the “boogie-man” version of Mr. Trump, as served up daily by the mainstream media.

Now, after the election, these attacks are becoming even more shrill.

How will this all play out?  Is Mr. Trump “good” for the Jews?  I really don’t know.  He and his advisors sends so many mixed signals, it is hard to tell.

One thing is certain, however.  The primary alternative offered, was bad. Very bad.

In the final analysis we all, Jew and Gentile, alike, really are best served by protecting ourselves  And,  not relying on earthly princes.


3 thoughts on “Nu ? Ist es gut fer de Yidden?”

  1. I do not understand Jews who support “The Globalist Progressive Socialist/Communist Democrat Party”. They are ANTI ISRAEL and are complicit in the global agenda of DISARMING CITIZENS (Never Again?) and THE ISLAMIZATION OF WESTERN DEMOCRACIES. In the same way Jews were slandered to incite the wrath of the German people – ALL WHITES in America are being slandered and “labeled” in a way to incite violence against them. State sponsored racism against whites. State University of NY at Binghamton course for resident assistants”STOP WHITE PEOPLE” – NY City Mayoral assistant with BLM sign next to his sister with a “F*CK WHITNESS” sign – “WHITE PRIVILEGE” – “WHITE GUILT”. All to demonize all who are opposed to the globalist ATTACK on western democracies through OVERWHELMING IMMIGRATION! Label all opposed as racists! Mob violence is incited against all political opponents. TRUMP supporters were being openly attacked at rallies. It is the Progressive Socialist Democrats that are the new Nazis! NONE of this is good for Jews in Europe OR America.
    TRUMPS so called “radical agenda” is to guard the border and uphold the US Constitution! We just got rid of the RADICAL GLOBALIST TRAITORS that were subverting our sovereignty and constitution FORCING “CHANGE” to take down our country, part of which was violent Nazi type brownshirt intimidation mobs to shut down political opposition. I can’t believe that open eyes can not see the red flags of danger so blatantly in front of them. Especially in regard to HISTORY and “NEVER AGAIN”. How could ANYONE support the party enabling mob violence in the streets and at the same time is working RELENTLESSLY to disarm you. It all sounds TOO FAMILIAR!

  2. In the final analysis we all, Jew and Gentile, alike, really are best served by protecting ourselves And, not relying on earthly princes.

    Nuff said!

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