How dangerous is the alt-right to American Jews?

I didn’t vote for Donald Trump. Wouldn’t have if you’d have held a gun to my head. But it doesn’t take a die-hard Trump fan to see how abominably he — and his supporters — have been treated by the media, both before and since the election.

Every Trump voter is a mysogynistic, racist, anti-Semitic, homophobic, gap-toothed Billy-Bob who can barely read, let alone understand political issues. And every Trump appointee or potential appointee is a slightly more educated version of the above. To hear the MSM tell it, Trump will soon unleash millions of militant Nazis on the U.S.

Already we can see that the handful of media mea culpas apologizing for biased election coverage and promising to do better were nothing but phony virtue signaling. The post-election coverage has, if anything, been even more despicable.

One needs hip waders to get through the BS.


That said, there absolutely is a foul, racist, and very definitely Jew-hating faction among the alt-right, and these people do feel invigorated and entitled following Trump’s election victory.

They consist not only of white nationalists, who’ve been around forever but have grown stronger and more angry in an era where we’ve all been told that white is a dirty word and that Caucasians should be ashamed even of existing.

But there’s also something more ominous, which for want of a better term I’d call Christian supremacists. These are people who try to pretend that so-called Western values are solely by (and ultimately for) Christians. They claim there’s absolutely no such thing as Judeo-Christian values. On the contrary, in their warped view, the very expression “Judeo-Christian values” is a conspiracy promulgated by anti-Christians. To hell with history and to hell with observable reality; in the view of these people, Christianity was born without other cultural or theological influences, and Christianity has by itself created the only worthwhile influences in Western culture.*

In particular the faux “Christian values” these supremacists tout were never influenced by, you know, those icky Jews.

Again, one needs hip waders to navigate the BS. But just as the MSM’s baloney appeals to a certain mentality, this smug, historically ignorant superiority, appeals strongly to people who’d rather spout holier-than-thou slogans than read history.


I joined, the brand new (still in beta) social network created by Andrew Torba to be a Twitter killer. The left has typically sneered at Gab, dismissing it as “Twitter for racists.” Torba and his family have been living under death threats.

Gab is actually exactly what Torba says it is: a platform for true, uncensored free speech for all points of view (very much unlike Twitter, which has recently purged hundreds, perhaps thousands, of accounts merely because their owners held right-wing opinions). The only “censorship” at Gab is done by individual users, who have the ability to mute users or words they don’t want to see.

However, Gab’s initial membership is overwhelmingly Trumpist, so right now Gab gives a pretty good look at the range of the alt-right.

And alas, my mute list consists largely of people who spout anti-Jewish rhetoric. I support their right to free speech; I just don’t want the stinky breath of their rantings washing over me.

While they’re a minority, they’re definitely part of the pro-Trump mix.


For what it’s worth I don’t foresee that either the white nationalists or their cousins the Christian supremacists are likely to turn into marching Nazi hordes. Already (following a creepy report in The Atlantic), Trump himself has slammed the alt-right hard. Other prominent people on the right have spoken out against them. Here’s Paul Joseph Watson, a star in the pro-Trump universe:


While I think he’s optimistic to say that the creeps had nothing to do with electing Trump, it’s great that people in the movement are recognizing these bigots for what they are and disassociating themselves from the worst.

Watson is definitely correct that the “new right” consists of every color and kind of person. (Another of the stars of the movement is Milo Yiannopoulis, a gay Jew banned from Twitter but welcomed elsewhere as a hero-provocateur. Yet another is a black sheriff.) Quite a few “gabs” recently posted have reminded Trump supporters that they have a responsibility to disclaim the views and deeds of the bigoted cretins among them.


The Jew-haters and racial dividers among the alt-right (and for that matter, among the left, which did so much to create the current climate) are always dangerous because, as a spokesperson for the U.S. Holocaust Museum points out, the Nazis’ Holocaust didn’t begin with killings, but with words.

And of course, with laws. Not likely that Trump, with his Jewish son-in-law, Jewish-convert daughter Ivanka, Jewish grandchildren, and his very non-bigoted views, is likely to implement or even tolerate the most poisonous alt-right creepitude.

Still, we owe it to ourselves, our friends, and our freedom, to make sure that the rising bigots are pushed back — with derision, with strong argument, with cultural marginalization. Even with arms, should it come to that unthinkable pass. If the bigots raise an army, or even a few isolated, terrorizing gangs, we should absolutely be prepared to exercise self- and community-defense against them. But we should never try to “disappear” them by censoring them; we should never sacrifice the First Amendment in their dubious honor.

Do those people have the potential to be dangerous to Jews and others? Hell, yes! But I don’t think we live in a country or a culture that’s going to allow scum like that to rise to the top.


We should also, while seeing their stories of grave alarm, never let the media turn our eyes away from a much more clear-and-present danger: Jews who want to impose big government, globalism, and disarment on their fellow religionists — and on us all. Those who don’t think that Jews — or anybody else — should be able to take up arms against tyranny or oppression.

Whatever else you can say about Donald Trump’s most unsavory supporters, you won’t find many of them wanting to disarm anybody.


*I think at this point I’m obligated to note that Christian supremacists don’t in any way represent the mainstream of Christianity or speak for Christians in general. But I’m putting that disclaimer in this footnote because I’m pretty sure that decent Christians, particularly decent Christians who’ve read both the bible and history, already know the creeps I’m talking about don’t stand for them.


9 thoughts on “How dangerous is the alt-right to American Jews?”

  1. I was not a Trump supporter, I hope he turns out to be a better president than I expect, however the lamestream media appears to demonstrate its prejudices with every chance they get, thus destroying any credibility it ever hopes to achieve.

    There are those who call themselves Alt right that are bigots however I don’t believe Trump is a racist nor Bannon, I’m assuming their embrace of some of the Alt right principles & people are those principles & people which are not the racist ones.

    Here’s an article about his son in law that you may find interesting;

  2. Eighty Eights, as they are called (Don’t search it unless you have the stomach) by the larger body of the Alt-Right are infiltrated up to their neck with feds. More so than even the Malheur fiasco.

    Most of that nonsense is fed bait. Not saying that there isn’t an element, but it’s mostly fed run. The actual racist 88ers are too stupid to organize washing their own car, if they even have one.

    None the less, vigilance is called for.

    ‘christian supremacist’? Lots of actual Christians are pissed at our gov and have no outlet because all they hear in their fake government run 501(c)3 churches is talk of fluffy bunny rabbits and unicorns and how that makes them feel. Christianity is under attack to the detriment of society, to deny this, is willful blindness, as the alternative is government as god. Name the thing that government does not claim authority over already. There are no such things. Are some Christians anti Zionists or something (I’m still not sure what that is or what the term means) yes, but I’ve never heard an actual Christian say that they want to harm Jews. It’s a long way from the NT saying that ‘the only route to G-d is through Jesus’ to then killing Jews. In fact, there is no path, no there – there. And before anybody gets all pissy and screams crusades, crusades keep in mind that Jews and their roman cohorts killed 50 mil Christians in the early years of the explosion in Christianity across the middle east and Europe. Can we be friends now? I think we are.

    The same people who want to kill ‘niggers’ are the same people that want to kill Jews, and again, mostly fed run. In fact, the feds were so successful at infiltrating the KKK and others, to bring them down, that a similar model is being considered for the radical mosques in the US.

    None the less, vigilance is called for.

    Some more details and a little push back. Bless you.

  3. Not much to add here except that I agree that I will so what ever I can to stand up for anyone that believes in freedom. I’ve seen first hand the evil of the Nazis at a little mountain side village in Greece that I was stationed near in the late seventies. I would never want that to happen here.

  4. Thanks for the thoughtful responses, guys. And glad to know you’re still alive & kicking, Rusty Gunner. Loved the western culture link! I wondered if that was you, there on Gab.

    Fred, thanks for getting it. I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the latest noisy group of bigots were as fed-ridden as all their predecessors. But I’m glad you got that I wasn’t referring in any general way to Christians. (Do I dare say, “Some of my best friends are …”? LOL)

    I also agree with you that Christianity is under attack, both culturally and from TPTB.

    The people I’ve seen (with Vox Day among the currently most prominent and memorable) deny the record of history, philosophy, and theology to prop themselves up as superior and view others as inferior or bad (which, taken to extreme, also translates as “disposable” or “having no rights”). They pervert religion and everything else they touch.

    1. Told ya not to look. No, it’s the lovely skin heads and nazi prison tattoo guys. Those are the ones the AltRight calls 88’s. You can tell the real ones, look deep into their eyes…WHOA…not too deep, there’s genuine evil in there.

      I don’t read VoxDay. I can’t understand it. At first I thought he was way smarter than me or something, but now I just think that we do not connect at any level. You’re right, he can deny certain facts to fit his view or goals or something.

  5. Following hard on the heels of the previous post,

    this makes for interesting reading. There seems to be enough hysteria to go around; perhaps that is the intention. We need to keep our wits about us, practice critical thinking, and keep our intellectual heads on a swivel.

    I fear that things are going to get much worse before they get better. The “progressives” are going to ride DJT like a rented mule for as long as he remains in office. OTOH, the interview/selection process of the new administration looks an awful lot like more of the same old neo-con cheerleaders and “war on — ” crowd we have all come to know and loathe. As I’ve said often elsewhere, the main purpose of “draining the swamp” appears to be “loosing the alligators”.

    I advise low profiles, heads down, ammo plentiful and dry, and avoid crowds.

  6. There is much more anti-semitism in the cntl-Left than in alt-Right. I would be much safer at a Trump rally than a BLM rally, and probably most far-left shindings.

    I look forward to the day that I can vote for a person, rather than vote against the other. Note sure if I will live long enough for that day to come.

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