Sandy Hook: My Failure?

I don’t think so.

When will it end?
The killings on December 14, 2012 at Sandy Hook Elementary School will be forever remembered as a monumental failure of otherwise law-abiding gun owners to take responsibility for their freedoms.

I don’t know when it will end. But it seems highly unlikely that it will completely end until overly-emotive nonthinkers like Mr. Nehring base their victim disarmament decisions on reality rather than fantasy.

Let’s talk about the “failures” of law-abiding gun owner Mrs. Lanza.

  • Her son had mental problems. She spent years trying to address them.
  • She bought firearms through licensed dealers, going through background checks.
  • She reportedly kept most of her firearms locked up, some reports indicating specifically to keep them out of her son’s hands.

So what was her failure; what allowed her deranged son to get those guns and murder those people?

She fell asleep.

Yes, for those with no long-term memory, like Nehring, Mrs. Lanza’s son murdered her in her sleep so that he could steal the guns he would take to the school.

Many vocal gun owners refuse to acknowledge that with their freedoms come responsibility. Instead they try to sweep this tragic result under the rug.

I suppose in Nehring’s deranged world, he has a point. The right to sleep without being murdered is not specifically enumerated in the Bill of Rights.

Ban sleep and high capacity king-sized beds.


4 thoughts on “Sandy Hook: My Failure?”

  1. That’s going to put a dent in “My Pillow” sales. Somehow the left can rationalize riots, arson and anything else that suits their fancy, but telling the truth about a woman that by all appearances “played by the rules” seems to elude their grasp.

  2. Every gun owner I know takes responsibility for their lives and property very seriously, as well as for their use of guns. The fail in the gun grabber’s lexicon is the idea that people can be, must be held responsible for what other people decide to think, feel and do. Not possible, really, and wouldn’t solve the problems if it were possible.

    No responsible gun owners were involved in the murder at Sandy Hook… And that is truly unfortunate, because we know that if one had been there, armed, they might well have stopped the killer before he got started – or soon thereafter.

  3. This conversation would make sense IF citizen disarmament was being forced for reasons of public safety.
    Sandy Hook was nothing more than the best opportunity so far to advance the agenda of citizen disarmament for all the same reasons totalitarian regimes have disarmed citizens throughout history, and the practice predates the invention of firearms. Laws that were FORCED through literally in the middle of the night, QUICK, within days of the shootings, took MONTHS to write and were waiting for an opportunity. Progressive politicians were pouncing as the tragedy was ongoing. Looking back, it is not supposed to make sense and it doesn’t matter the resulting citizen disarmament laws seem fair or justified. THEY GOT IT DONE! Good luck UN-doing it. I’ve waited a lifetime for NY laws to ease up to be more in line with the rest of the country . . . and then . . . the NY SAFE Act.

  4. Conspiracy theory aside there WAS a great deal of information suppressed by law enforcement. So many unanswered questions allows gun-grabbers to fill in the blanks to suit themselves. Adam Lanza killed his mom to gain access to HER weapon(s). If she had a combination safe would Adam been able to gain access? If she didn’t own them would he have killed a neighbor to get them? Would he have come up with a different plan of attack? Sword? Knife? Dump truck? I can’t say. Neither can the gun-grabbers. In the end it’s the INTENTION of the individual, not the tools used. As an aside Nancy Lanza would scream bloody murder about her son’s “rights” when it came to teachers and administration and social services. Just sayin’.

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