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I ran across a story talking about  women who use guns to defend themselves, it was written by a woman. She seemed to be no big fan of the notion. Her complaints are that women are at greater risk from former partners and spouses than they are strangers. She feels gun rights groups only get the “Stand Your Ground” laws passed by emphasizing “strangers lurking in bushes”, and that since most of the attacks against women are from known people this is a false argument. She quotes Mary Ann Franks, the anti-gun law professor who wants you to take her karate classes instead, if this give you any idea about the author. She says guns are the weapons of choice for batterers, so she wants women armed with what? Hairspray? The website the story is on has helpfully placed a related story on the sidebar about “12 Facts That Show How Guns Make Domestic Violence Even Deadlier”. I’m thinking this web site reeks.

She does however, rightly point out that women have gone to prison for defending themselves against a violent attacker. I did an interview with one many years ago. It was when the case for Castle Doctrine was being heard in several states. One of the legislators said if anyone had ever gone to prison for defending themselves with a gun it was an “anomaly”. I heard this story from attorney and author Kevin Jamison who said he informed the legislator he called them “people”. This story got me to thinking about a case I had read about a woman who had gone to jail for defending herself with a gun. I wondered if I could find her, by now the Internet had come along. For some reason I remembered her name, and with some help and passed on messages got in touch with her. I won’t republish the whole interview but heres the Sheila’s Notes version, like Cliff’s Notes, only provided free here.

This was a woman who had a profession that was all about saving lives and intervening in a medical crisis. She attracted a stalker without even knowing it. He stalked her for a while before she even met him. He would break into her house, move things, move things in her yard, and she raised dogs. He killed twenty-one of them, twenty-one innocent dogs killed because this ass-wipe wanted to scare her. And he did. She did all the right things, called the sheriff, reported everything. They would come out and take pictures and that would be the end of it. One day he left her a note telling her he was coming that night. She called the Sheriff’s Department to let them know, to ask for help. They said they would have two deputies right up the street, so when he came, they could arrest him, or remove him. The stalker came, the deputies didn’t. He forced his way into her home, she RETREATED, she RETREATED the length of her house, 60 feet I believe she said. She RETREATED to the last room in her house, the bedroom, where she had an old shotgun. He followed her, he followed her the whole length, and when he had her corned in her bedroom, he pulled a knife on her. She had followed all the rules, she had called the Sheriff, she asked for help ahead of time, for a year and a half this man had been terrorizing her without consequences, and now he threatened her life. She was all alone. She grabbed an old shotgun and took aim, the first round was a misfire. He LAUGHED at her and advanced, he said “What are you going to do? Shoot me?” She tried again, at first she didn’t think the second shell was going to fire, but it did. She thought she missed him, he turned around and left, going toward the end of the hall, where he knelt down, and dropped the knife. Then he continued on out of the house, with her following at a distance. She was telling him to lay down & curl up in a ball. He finally collapsed and she immediately called the Sheriff’s Department and THEN the deputies came.

From there it’s a tale of corruption, evidence disappeared, people that knew what was going on wouldn’t talk. Why? Oh, did I forget to mention the stalker was the sheriff’s nephew? Sorry, is that germane? She went to prison, for six years. Six long years for a woman who had dedicated her life to saving lives. The author of the story would say this is a failure of stand your ground laws, and that women having guns isn’t helpful because she went to jail. I think it is too, because she should never have gone to jail, though perhaps the sheriff that covered for his nephew should have.

We’ve heard of the Colorado Demoncratic state Senator Evie Hudak who told a rape victim, Amanda Collins:

that a gun would be useless in her defense because “statistics are not on your side, even if you had a gun.” Senator Hudak tells Ms. Collins in so many words that there is nothing a female can do during a rape except be a victim. She even states that martial arts are a useless pursuit as a women are likely to be overpowered anyway.

So there Mary Ann Franks, your class is always useless as well. Katie Pavlich wrote about the victim, Amanda Collins who had a concealed carry license when she was raped. She of course wasn’t carrying when it happened because she was in a “gun free zone” a campus. She was within 50 feet of the campus police department. She had left with a large group of people, and was a second degree black belt and was in a “safe zone” whatever the heck that means. She was raped.

At the hearing another Colorado Demoncrat, Rep. Joe Salazar’s helpfully commented about call boxes and rape whistles being sufficient self defense for women on campus, while another Demoncratic Rep. offered ballpoint pens should be used to defend against a attacker with a gun. The Colorado legislature passed four more gun control bills to disarm victims.

Amanda followed all the rules too.

So I was thinking about this story, and the women who have gone to jail for using a gun to defend themselves, legislators that condemn women to being defenseless victims, the media who lie regularly about self defense stories and writers who twist facts to suit their agenda and I’ve had a glorious idea. I had lunch with a good friend today and while we were talking she commented about someone having to walk a mile in someone else’s moccasins. BINGO.

I have an innovative plan to help sort these thorny issues out. For every legislator that wants to legislate women into defenselessness, for ever media moron, for ever prosecutor that dislikes guns and so goes after someone who uses one to defend herself, they get a minimum one hour virtual reality experience. At some point, they are taken to the best virtual reality technology center and given a one hour experience to allow them to experience what they have legislated others to, what they have presented to the public as truth, knowing it was a twisted lie. For ever celebrity that has sanctimoniously lectured how evil guns are while making money in action movies, virtual reality gets to slap them upside the head. Now if I was really evil? I would figure out a way to do it without them knowing they were dealing with virtual reality. Then the terror, the helplessness, the consequences really will have the impact on the elite decision makers and those that have paid protection. But that would be mean wouldn’t it? Almost as mean as telling women rape whistles, call boxes and telling your attacker you have a disease or are menstruating will keep you safe.

Pick one, your call.

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  1. I wonder how many of these same brave legislators who make rules that make complete victims of those who would at least have a fighting chance, themselves carry a firearm? It is more than none, I am willing to bet. How sad, and how infuriating at the same time, that so called public servants, whose sole responsibility should be to serve their people, instead of making sure that they have the bare minimum chance to protect themselves, and especially women who are often not as physically capable of fighting off an attack by a male, they make rules to ensure that those intent on violence don’t have to worry about the woman being armed. And not only are they making laws that do that, but they also pat themselves on their collective backs and say that they are protecting the communities or the children, or some other such drivel. I no longer take the random college class. However, if I did, I would certainly be buying myself one of the small pocket pistols, and carry it on campus, legal rules be damned. I live in a small city, but even here, violence is a day to day reality. And even though some politician says that there is a zone where guns cannot be taken, I find that the criminals don’t listen. I would have to follow their lead.

  2. An armed society is hopefully a polite one. Respect for other’s rights and the law seem to be in short supply except it seems for when it is invoked to protect predators from normal people. There is a lot of people who carry now a days. Thank God that this has changed. What has not changed is the constant battle with gun grabber’s and laws which seem to seriously curtail people’s right’s to defend their own or other’s lives. Hopefully, President Trump can the cataylst of change to address some of these issues. All that being said, WOMEN should be the some of the greatest supporters of concealed carry. IT IS YOUR RIGHT, IT IS YOUR DUTY ALSO WOMEN to protect yourselves and your loved ones. Firearms are the great equalizer. No amount of kick boxing, or pepper spray, or bright lights, or cell phones, or OTHER EXCUSES are going to be good enough to give you a CHANCE of surviving if somebody really, really wants to hurt you. Many jurisdictions have a lot of requirements and some do not ,as to purchasing a firearm or obtaining a concealpermit carry permit. The point is is that one, know the laws and get training with whatever firearm you are interested in purchasing. It doesn’t have to be a revolver or pistol. Your second ammendment rights (in most jurisdictions) extend to rifles and shot guns as well. In fact the waiting period for “long guns” (rifles and shotguns) can be significantly less than handguns. And secondly, since all of this takes TIME, it may be best to be properly trained and have a firearm that you are comfortable with, BEFORE you need it but MAY NOT BE ABLE to buy it. For example in the event of some catastrophe or martial law, it may be impossible to just run out to the store and pick up a Sig Sauer p320 9mm and 1000 rounds of ammo. Just saying, better to have it and not need it, than to NEED IT AND NOT HAVE IT. Anyways you are just as able to defend life and liberty as anyone else with proper training. Besides, IT’S YOUR RIGHT! God bless and God bless America!!!

  3. Better idea, instead of virtual reality make it so that any local, state, or federal employee who criticizes the right to own a gun is not only barred from owning guns themselves but cannot use local, state or federal funds to have any security.

  4. Better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6 however we also know justice isn’t blind if you have the right connections, one way or another.

    IMHO a person should never not protect themselves against evil no matter what the law says. To hell with gun free zones or gun control laws that prevents you from defending you & yours.

  5. Unreported – The Crime That Didn’t Happen

    The stories of close calls I have experienced, and yes… even here in rural Wyoming. There is no place on earth that is risk free.

    A great many potential attacks never are completed. Attitude and body language are very important here. Predators want easy, helpless and even compliant victims. If you look confident, alert and ready to resist, they will mostly likely leave you alone – even if you don’t have a gun. I carry a gun for that rare evil doer who is either too stupid or messed up somehow to think about that, or care.

    I already met one… and had to shoot him to save my life.

  6. ML says;

    “Predators want easy, helpless and even compliant victims. If you look confident, alert and ready to resist, they will mostly likely leave you alone ”


  7. I understand the argument better to be judged by 12 than carried by 6. I have heard it often. However, I also am not that interested in either one. So I have determined to follow the rules as much as possible, for the time being. I take off my gun, and leave it in the car when I go in the bank, or any of the other gun free zones that I must go to. I chose to not go into places that are gun free zones as much as possible. In MI, you can’t carry into a restaurant/bar who gets more than half of their income from the sale of alcohol. I don’t go into bars, but on occasion we do go to restaurants that also serve alcohol. I absolutely NEVER drink even a beer, if I have a firearm on my person. Period. It is a bad idea, on many levels. It is also illegal to carry a firearm into a movie theater that holds more than 2500 people. The one theater that runs first run movies here has a sign on the door that says this theater holds more than 2500 people. I simply refuse to go there, or if my wife really wanted me to go, I would have to carry there. Why? Because the theater holds more than 2500 people. It is a much bigger target for not only terrorism, but plain old armed robbery. Like I said, I try to follow the law as much as possible, but I also will avoid making bad decisions for my and my families safety. I just make damn sure that concealed means concealed. Others must make their own determination. I just know that while if I were in a bank and used my gun to protect my life, I would be grateful that I chose to break the law. However, if I were in that same bank and were spotted with a concealed weapon, and was arrested for carrying there, and spent the next two years in jail, lost my firearm rights, and all the other things that being a convicted felon entails, I would not be quite so grateful.

  8. Totally understand, to each their own!

    I was carrying concealed when carrying conceal was only for the rich and famous in most of this country, both of which I was not. I’ve even carried conceal in DC where the penalty if caught may be ending up in a dungeon under the capitol for the rest of your life.

    However I totally agree not breaking the law is a good policy but if I find the law to be wrong I tend to do what I feel is best if the odds of being caught ain’t too high, every thing has it value; for example just about every day there’s an intersection I go thru that has a protected left turn light but when it turns red for the left turn but is green for crossing straight thru the intersection and no one else is coming at you, I turn left when needed (if I saw a cop right behind me I might not but then again I might just to have an opportunity to rationalize why I did with him to see what his reaction is, I really get a high out of talking cops out of tickets), it’s feels so good being an outlaw too! However I must admit it is a lot easier decision to make about doing the crime when there is only a fine then when it is has real time attached.

    Here’s an example of that, I once (I’m a guy BTW) was busted in a girls dorm in an all girls school, now I was invited and the young lady even bailed me out the next day however when I went to court the DA recommended 60 days in jail, now that set me back a little and I expressed my concerns to the judge about making me a convict over this grand crime I had committed, so the judge made a deal with me, I could never step foot in that town again the rest of my life which of course I accepted smiling, so the question remains would I do it all over, Hell yeah!!!! & every time today I am in that state I always try to at least drive thru that town! If you are wondering what ever happened to that young lady, I married her & we have 4 wonderful kids & a few grandkids now too, yep, being an outlaw ain’t always a bad ending!

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