Poll: Rate Trump’s first 100 days of RKBA

When Donald Trump first started campaigning for President, many people were dubious of his new-found commitment to the right to keep and bear arms given his history on the subject: gun bans, preemptively prove your innocence, waiting periods, and more.

But once he hit the campaign trail he started talking a good game. The question was, could he walk as well as talk?

One hundred days in, he’s still talking, but he has also done some good things like ending the Social Security abuse. On the other hand, Obamacare 2.0 attempts still have RKBA problems, federal gun-free zone requirements are still there, and his Second Amendment advisory group is vaporware.

Since everyone else is rating Trump’s first 100 days in office, how would you rate him on RKBA?


7 thoughts on “Poll: Rate Trump’s first 100 days of RKBA”

  1. I voted him as good. That is a relative vote, compared to not only what could have been, but also what has already been. As president, the power that he has is somewhat limited. The real test and the power to make a real difference rests with the house and the senate, and they are the ones who have been somewhat disappointing. Time will of course tell, but we can not afford to look away.

  2. I rated him as good based not just on what he’s actually achieved, but what he’s gone to bat on to date.
    If he does his part on an issue to the lawful limit of the powers of his office and gets blocked by the legislature that’s not a failure on his part.
    I’m also factoring in how much internal sabotage and undermining he has to be dealing with due to holdovers and career bureaucrats.

  3. I am not a Trump fan, nor a democrat or a republican fan (Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell & Ryan all make me puke) but If Trump veto’s (or let’s the R’s know it is DOA) this terrible budget; he will get an excellent from me. It is way past time someone stands up to this BS. To go along with it is to be a part of it too.

    Right now I rate him an incomplete because one good supreme court nomination does not make a presidency IMHO.

  4. I say fair on RKBA, I think he has to wait for a more favorable judicial climate. Appointing another conservative to SCOTUS and conservative appointments to federal district courts may enable Trump to further carry out promises made to the RKBA community. Wait and see? The only reason I was big on Trump was that he had never been a professional politician and He was not Hillary or any other Clinton.

  5. Ending Social Security abuse? Hardly.
    It’s a start, but I doubt the recent flurry of arrests has even made much of a dent in it. He has rolled back some regulations, and appointed what appears to be a decent SCOTUS Justice, but the warfare and welfare state, along with the deep state bureaucrats and politicians keep cruising along nicely. By this time Obumma had 179 appointees approved. Trump has 49. Are the morons like Ryan and McConnell doing as little as possible? You bet. Both the D’s and the R’s are happy to keep fighting wars, increasing the Debt, inflating the money, and lying about the economy.
    Is he better than the Hill-n-Bill traveling snake oil show?
    Oh, yeah.

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