Something Wicked This Way Comes

I’ve watched the antifa (anti-fascist) movement with a combination of anger and concern. During the election they formed their crowds, blocked roads, surrounded cars terrifying their occupants, rioted, burned cars and stores, attacked people physically either due to their race or because they were conservatives, Trump supporters or had shown up to a political rally to hear what was being said because they were undecided.

During the elections no one in authority, it seems to me, really came out and strongly spoke against it, except maybe Sheriff David Clark. I had hoped after the election that perhaps this would go away and we could return to more or less, being a country of rules and laws. Meaning if you vandalized, looted or attacked someone and you got caught, you are going to jail. You burn stuff down? You’re going to jail.

But no, no it hasn’t died down. In fact, with the encouragement of their college professors, George Soros and I’m sure a few others, perhaps even failed politicians it has continued unabated. Left wing colleges have prevented conservative speakers such as Milo and Ann Coulter from speaking. Several “universities/indoctrination centers” have prevented conservatives and pro-Israel speakers from coming and sharing a different point of view while allowing Hamass to speak freely and often.

Then there was the Battle of Berkeley. This is a snippet with some explanations and context. The part towards the very end is pretty interesting. When they ask the police where they were and why the didn’t intervene when the pro-Trump people were being violently attacked. “That would be a question for the chief of police”? Seriously. Well, apparently the mayor of Berkeley supports Antifa too.

The big irony in this is that “Antifa” is suppose to stand for anti-fascist. Now let me see if I understand this. You don’t like what someone is saying, so you think the correct response to this is to call it hate speech (despite not having heard it, or allowing anyone else to) is to attack the people that came to listen and call them “haters” and say you are “saving your community”. I think I fell down a rabbit hole, stepped through a looking glass, or had too much fried okra for dinner. Reminds me of reading about the Missouri Highway Patrol MIAC report controversy. Christians and conservatives were labeled a threat. Wonder why the SPLC some state hasn’t labeled Antifa a threat?

The insanity is so noticeable that a popular article going around now is from a former liberal saying why she is no longer one. And this woman was WAY far left. It’s actually quite a good article.

The ever brilliant Daniel Greenfield says the civil war is here and The left doesn’t want to secede. It wants to rule.

But as ugly as this is, and it is ugly. I think it’s fixin’ to get worse.

Antifa is angry that they lost the fight. Not the battle. They have looked at what shortcomings they had and have decided what they need is, mixed martial arts training and guns. The following videos were posted on Facebook and youtube. They are actually talking about killing people, apparently this doesn’t violate Facebook’s community standards. Huh. Is it possible that because the “nazis” they are talking about killing are conservatives because they disagree with their point of view, and because they might say something they don’t like? Why, I believe it is.

Ok, this one is funny, I think, but maybe it was suppose to be serious.

But this one? This one is serious. Now there are a few things that are ironic to me. One is the “bluegrass” music in the background. Most hillbillies I know, already know how to shoot just fine and they don’t put cartridges in the “hole”, they know what iron sights are and are quite adept at using them. While they may not have a huge love of government, I’m pretty sure they would not embrace the “big government” of communism, and that’s what antifa wants. Along with their way, about everything. And in the places where there are no grown-ups in charge, things are going to get much worse. Because the children have found that throwing a hissy fit gets them everything they want along with the participation trophy.

The thing is, some of the comments under the video are making fun of these fools, and frankly, it’s easy to do. But understand, I truly believe when they talk about wanting to kill someone, they do. While we want to carry to protect ourselves and our families, these people are talking happily about shooting random strangers because they hold a differing political viewpoint. Something to think about the next time they swarm a highway and shut down traffic. All those people trapped in their cars? These people are talking about “declaring war” and a “revolution”. And in some parts of the country? The police will stand by a let it happen.

I wonder if Shannon Watts or Mikey Bloomberg have told them how very dangerous it is for them to have a gun? These are people on the left, 3 months ago they were anti-gun. They have not changed their belief system so much as are trying to add elements for control. So much for tolerance, eh? A friend of mine of Facebook asked if they knew they were 47 times more likely to get shot with their own gun. I love snark, speak it fluently. All manner of frightening things await them according to Shannon.

Everytown fibs in every town

It seems I’m not the only one to think along these line. Some of the comments under some of the articles I read were more along these lines.

Don’t sell them short. I remember the Viet Cong. They started off this way, too.

I’m old enough to remember how this goes. They won’t stand up and fight, they will slither in the night, planting bombs and shooting the unsuspecting.

I’m of the opinion they’re correct, something wicked this way comes.


9 thoughts on “Something Wicked This Way Comes”

  1. OK, I heard my sister laughing, so I had to watch some of those videos. The Tactical Outfitters stuff have to be parody. When you watch the “Glock 1-9 in 9mum revolver with two triggers so you can shoot two bullets at once” video, he very carefully manages to work the slide so carefully as to deliberately “accidentally” eject rounds. That takes practice. And that was after he could “barely” work the slide at first, complete with funny grunts.

    I figure those are Tactical Outfitters themselves because they have access to a couple grand of accessories to put on a 5-6 hundred dollar rifle. More or less the same with the Glock.

    “Comrade Dragonlord” I would have taken that for pure parody, but looking at the rest of their F******k page they seem to be serious. Go figure.

    Space Unicorn… checking the rest of the account: pure parody.

  2. The attitude has been here for a while but at least for the previous 8 years they (the left) felt they were in control and that kept many of the left on the reservation however now since they feel as if they have lost that control they surely have applied the war paint and are gleefully on the warpath IMHO.

    I live in a blue city in a blue state and one thing I’ve noticed is the number of one finger salutes have definitely increased, you see I proudly have a snake flag on my bumper. The few left wing friends I have tried to maintain over the years have had to be eliminated because just simple civil conversations have gone out the window with them.

    There is a whole lot of hate out there and fanning the flames is the sole interest of the MSM today it seems. There are many on the left that would be very happy to “Necklace” all those that may disagree with them, don’t get me wrong there are those on the right who feel the same way but their numbers aren’t being inflamed like those on the left today IMHO (even if there surely are those trying).

    One thing among others that stops those with the finger salutes (only a coward would do something & run anyway) taking it to the next level is that they know someone with a snake flag is most likely armed too however when you get a mob of them together courage might be create where there was none before so I am very aware of where I go and when.

    IMHO we have the following to look forward to in that the current envelope of violence containment will be expanding on the left until those out of power get back in power unless or until we have a complete economic breakdown which means all civilized bets will be off for everyone anyway.

    Not a bowl of cherries but way more pits than what would otherwise be desirable for any rational person.

    1. As a group they may find a “group courage,” however I remember what an old friend and former St. Louis cop and white NAACP member, Carl Jacobson, told me about some would-be rioters he was faced with in 1968. While working up their courage they taunted him that there were over a hundred of them and he had only a six-shot revolver. “Jake’s” replay was, “that’s true but I WILL take six of you before you can get me; now, who wants to be first?” Jake said that they milled around for a bit and then the incipient riot simply faded away. They all wanted to attack him but they all also wanted someone else to soak up the bullets first.

  3. I see things growing more and more dangerous every day. I have to try and avoid political discussions like a plague on that book which shall not be named. I have a cousin whose son threatened to come to my house and do me great bodily harm last winter. Just because I happened to disagree with her on a point on her post. We had been going back and forth for a few weeks in good spirit, but he didn’t know that, and had gotten full of youthful zeal and adult spirits. I was kind to him, I offered him kindly to stop on by, since I didn’t get to be old by being stupid. I get tired easy now, so I can’t fight long, so I have to cheat. Fortunately, she talked some sense into him, and things were smoothed over, but I learned a lesson from that, and from another similar event later, and so I try to keep away from politics. But I sense tempers flaring in daily dealings on the street, and I try to never go outside my house without my gun. I am now retired, and I also try and take my wife everywhere she needs to go that I can. The small city we live in has a shooting nearly every week now. This is up from when it used to be 4 or 5 per year. A lot of it is drug related, of course, but much of it is happening in decent neighborhoods, with accidental shootings the norm.

  4. The irony of this so-called “Antifa” behavior is that it’s right out of the Communist and Nazi play book of the nineteen-thirties. This kind of behavior, i.e., rioting and making it impossible for opposing parties to meet or hold rallies, is precisely how the National Socialist Workers Party came to power in Germany and how the Bolsheviks took over Russia.

    1. Yes, Brolin1911a1, things are in a lot of ways looking like Germany of the thirties. I am not a scholar, but I have read history a little. It does seem like if our financial sector were to be wiped our over night, with a major cyber attack that we saw a couple days ago, it would send the major nations into a panic, and the dollar into a downward spiral. Memory of the Weimar republic have mostly faded from the few remaining people left alive who lived through it, but I have read about it, and It could still happen again, but this time the Federal Reserve could not bail us our, simply because it would be too massive to fix. And things in America would get very dangerous indeed. This is why many of us prepare, store a little food, perhaps some water, why we are at the least familiar with firearms. We are not chicken little looking for a crisis, but we are not crazy, either, thinking that history cannot repeat itself. Truly, it may not repeat itself, but history often rhymes. And if it does, I wish to have at least a running start.

  5. I think deep down inside we all knew one day it would come to this. The last presidency emboldened the left and the new president is removing their hope. All lovers of freedom,sight in your weapons,keep your powder dry,store some provisions, and pray the worst never comes.

  6. A couple of years ago in a nearby town, the local Jewish Community Center in conjunction the Holocaust education center did a series on nazi propaganda. They had a series of lectures and the national archives did a display of artifacts.

    I think perhaps it’s almost time for a column on that.

    But if you look at their willingness to block highways, attack people and Law Enforcement officers, who doesn’t think they are capable of blocking traffic and doing the fish in a barrel thing? I keep remembering a new story I read. One of the “peaceful protesters” complained about being arrested. He had been assured they wouldn’t be. Hmm.

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