GOP Baseball Shooting: “More Laws!”

If one were to take early reporting seriously (which I haven’t done for decades), some angry white guy — probably a right-wing white supremacist — shot a bunch of congressmen with a full-auto M4 assault rifle. The asshole took advantage of Virginia’s “lax” gun laws to get and carry his assault rifle.

Umm… Not so much. One, maybe two congressmen. One, maybe two cops. One, maybe two staffers. Maybe a lobbyist. Reports on that still vary.

CNN would have us believe the — oops, rabid left-wing Bernie supporter — used a Chinese knock-off of the AK-47.

Oops redux. Again, not so much. Now it was an SKS.

Note the subtle differences between this and the AK-47 and M4.

So he had an IL FOID (background check), possibly a CCW (background check), and bought his 3 guns from an Illinois FFL (background check & waiting period, background check & waiting period, background check & waiting period). He used a knock-off of a WW2-era semi-auto rifle (apparently with a 10-round fixed magazine, since it was Illinois legal. Heck, it might even still be California legal. Not an “assault weapon,” much less an assault rifle.

I can hardly bear waiting for the calls for laws that wouldn’t have stopped this. Oh. Wait.

I didn’t have to wait.

But I apparently will have to wait on national reciprocal carry while Congress addresses DC reciprocal carry only for our betters masters congresscreeps


5 thoughts on “GOP Baseball Shooting: “More Laws!””

  1. You know Bear, I’d about guess that after a few years in the game you could pretty much write the story that cnn, mslsd, #MSM will write without much effort. I’d also hazard a guess you will also most likely be able to accurately say what really happened.

    I am beginning to consider gun control for liberals. For them, life is cheap, so long as it’s not theirs.

    1. “I’d also hazard a guess you will also most likely be able to accurately say what really happened. “

      Yeah, but I’d wait until the facts have come out.

      I suspect that — even more than political bias — junk stories chock full of inaccuracies are driven by the perceived need to beat the competition in a time of 24/7 “news.” Then there’s plain laziness: “Why bother investigating/reporting when I can just paraphrase the — inaccurate — police reports?

      Those first two guarantee bad reports. When you add bias, it simply makes it that much worse.

      Yeah, I could write the story that CNN would run. But why bother? They’ll do it anyway,.

    1. Comrade X,
      I just followed your link, and I was ashamed and aghast. That is something that actually shocked me, and I am hard to shock now days. The level to which some people will stoop has hit an all time low, when they boo not only the president who is asking for unity during a time of sorrow in the nation’s government, but also when they are praying for healing as well. May G-d touch hearts in our country to bring about a healing and a turning towards Him. Nothing else will solve such a hardness in peoples hearts. And thank you for the link. It was important that I see it, as well as others. Be well.

  2. I don’t know, for sure, but I think you both are wrong. I think that the story is already written, and the news orgs just have to fill in the blanks. Like, so and so was shot and wounded/killed at _______________ this morning/evening by a misguided male/female whose identity is yet unknown. The shooter used a high capacity assault rifle. ______________ area police have not released the name(s) of the victims, but terrorism is said to not be a motive. Congressman ______________ issued a statement calling for a ban on all guns, saying ” for the children”.
    More to follow as information is made up.

    I think that the people who live in states whose reps and senators are republican should start putting some real pressure on them to get some gun freedom bills on the presidents desk, and soon. Remind them that there is an election in two years, and we won’t forget. In MI where I live, I have Stabenow and Peters, both Dem. senators, who toe the democrat line, so they are absolutely no help. But to write them they always give you the same thing, I grew up in a hunting family, blah, blah,blah. I try to be nice to my reps and sens when I write, but I don’t lie, I tell them if they don’t listen to me and my friends and neighbors, we will vote them out of office. These are the strangest times I have ever lives in. May you both have the best and safest weekends.

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