The Same Side of the Same Coin

I’ve been pondering many things about the incident at Charlottesville. So many people act and talk as though it was “right” vs “left”, or “alt-right” vs “alt-left”. I don’t believe it was any such thing. I believe it is one side of the same coin.

Really, who didn’t see this coming when they started in on the Confederate Flag? “Symbol of Hate” it was labeled, all discussion of “states rights” produced the glazed stare of a deer in the headlights, then heads would spin around twice and invective would flow. Since no one wants to be labeled a racist, and we should all know by now, it is only socially acceptable to label a white as a racist usually, though there can be exceptions. For instance, this is not a racist statement

“I know we’re better than this. The bigotry, hatred and senseless violence against people who are not white cannot stand.”~~Starbucks CEO, Howard Schultz

Now some will chose to bow to the alter of political correctness and remove part of our country’s history, the “Stars and Bars”, which was never carried in battle. And I suppose people thought it would stop there? Have they never heard of shark bumps? I remember hearing a lawyer, Kevin Jamison, talk about how a shark will bump it’s prey before it attacks to see what it will do. If nothing, it’s dinner time. Criminals behave the same way in case you didn’t know.

So back to Charlottesville. Some interesting things here, as Doug Giles points out in some of the photos, the flags look like they were just unfolded from a box. Also that few Southerners would be likely to have anything to do with nazis, as many of them had Grandfathers that died fighting them, and memories go way back.

Next up for you consideration, is the man who killed Heather Heyer and injured 19 other people. While some claim he was “neo-nazi”, there has been evidence put forth he was a hillary clinton supporter, I know, none of these are getting capital letters, and a member of antifa.

Then there was the police response, or rather, non-response. Gov. terry mcAwful has praised the police for the magnificent job they did and for their restraint. And mentioned ad nauseam how out-gunned the state police were by the right. No mention of the weaponry on the left of course. He told how the police had found weapons the side he called “the right” had stashed around town. Except according to Virginia State police, they hadn’t. Ooopsie. One police officer has come forward and claimed they were told to stand down. There is a audio clip if you want to listen to it.

A police officer has said that the Charlottesville P.D. were specifically instructed to bring the radical left and right wing groups together to instigate violence and then to told to “stand down” once violence ensued in a deliberate effort to ignite a race riot.

It seems that antifa hasn’t been paid, you remember soros funded many of the “grassroots loot, pillage, burn, riot, assault, peaceful demonstrations” during the campaign season and whenever a conservative tries to speak in a safe space known as a college campus or university, right? I mean, the poor little dears get frightened when they see a name that scares them written in chalk. Universities are doing an outstanding job of preparing these children to live in the real world. But back to soros and antifa, he owes them some money. And if he’s wise, he’ll pay up. That bulldog slug of journalism known as #FakeNews changed the headline of a story about antifa being violent because antifa didn’t like it, and #FakeNews must have been scared they would be violent. So they scrubbed it.

Then if you want violent leftist, Missouri has the misfortune of having people that will elect something like Missouri State Senator Maria Chappelle-Nadal. First she tweeted that the President should be assassinated. Then after that drew outrage, she doubled down on stupid and tweeted a Holocaust themed threat at Missouri’s Jewish Governor, Eric Greitens. And folks, you just can’t make this stuff up. It was so egregious that even abc had to cover the story. Does it not make you wonder that people think this stuff is ok?

The howling left has not been happy about how President Trump responded to the Charlottesville violence. It wasn’t enough, it wasn’t the right words, it was/wasn’t _________________. I read an excellent column by Rabbi Prof. Dov Fischer

I just did something fascinating. I just watched the President’s entire 14-minute impromptu news conference at Trump Tower on Monday that sparked all the latest barrage of anti-Trump screeds from the left media that will criticize him every day, no matter what he does, augmented by the “Never Trump” Republicans and neo-conservatives who will not rest until they can re-conquer the political party they lost because of three terms of two failed Bush presidencies, followed by the two failed Presidential candidacies of Sen. John McCain and of Gov. Mitt Romney.

As he says, he listened to what President Trump said, not what the media said he said. His whole column is excellent. He looks back at some history and puts things in perspective.

Jack Engelhard points out to be a “good Jew” you must hate Trump. As always, it’s a column by Jack, so it’s good. Trump and Israel haters get religion.

So bottom line – hating Trump is required but there is more to it than that. Do you hate Trump ENOUGH? That is the question.

Jack also shares my opinion on what happens when you allow your past to be ripped away.

We don’t get to pull ourselves from our roots as if the good, the bad and the ugly never happened. Once we do that, we’ve handed ourselves over to the mobs who want the past, present and future only to themselves. The best of who we are is also at risk when we fall for the tyranny of forgetfulness.

See, then you end up with people who claim the Temple Mount has nothing to do with the Jews, and people that don’t know that Israel was Israel before it was Syria Palestinia, or even why that happened.

If you are compelled to tear something down, here ya go.

THIS is an offensive statue that should come down.

But here’s the thing, people think the left is on one side of the political spectrum, like communists and socialists and the right is one the other side of the political spectrum like nazis and fascists. Note that antifa takes their name “anti-fascist” in opposition to “deplorables” and anyone on the “right”. But they aren’t opposite ends of the spectrum at all!!! They are on the SAME end! They are the SAME side of the SAME coin! All the groups want big government and oppose freedom, the very thing they claim they want. They do not! The opposite end of the spectrum is anarchy! Do yourself a huge favor and watch this video. It’s so good I’m only giving you one video this time. The result of things like this in Charlottesville and Boston is to make it difficult for conservatives to openly assemble and express their viewpoint. See what you think, because I think it’s the same plugged nickel.


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  1. I am continually finding myself staying away from the news media and only occasionally checking in to see the latest. It is just so maddening that I am ready to take the little money I have and buy land up north and live in the wilderness as much as I can, and ignore the world. The only problem is I don’t think I can live on 100 sq. feet of land, which is about how much I could afford to buy. Maybe a little more, but my wife likes indoor plumbing and neighbors, so I guess that idea is out.

    I thought it was crazy, and then I saw some people on FB saying things about the event, so like a dummy, I got involved. I just tried to explain that the civil war had more causes than just the issue of slavery. You know how that went over. So I gave sources. I got vitriol in return. So I shut off my computer and took my dog for a walk. At least I know what to expect with him. And he is smarter than most of those that I tried to speak to.

    The reaction to Trumps off the cuff remarks about the riot in Charlottesville? Inexcusable. Even a Trump hater should have felt that his tone was fine and acceptable for such an event. But I guess that I misjudge the level of hatred that the left has for Trump. What the left is actually missing, though, is that what they see is only a small part of what is going on in Washington, and every little bit of news snippet that I see from reliable sources, added together, shows me that the president is actually doing things, and making things happen. Just a week ago, North Korea was on the brink of causing WWIII. Funny how a strong stance against them, and they stepped it back. I predict that if things work out, Trump will actually prevail, and his administration will actually accomplish some of the things that he set out to accomplish.

    I was intrigued by your two side of the same coin illustration. It reminded me of a set of cymbals. It takes two working in conjunction to make a sound. So it seems to be with extremists. If you find one, look around, for there is usually the other side, lurking somewhere close by, just waiting for the chance to come together and make their big clash.

    Or perhaps, if a police officer takes money from a drug dealer, who is the bigger crook? Neither, they are one and the same. The only difference is that one has a badge, and the other probably has a gold chain.

    What did you give us? A Republic, if you can keep it. Has that question been answered already, or is there still hope?

  2. Starting in pre-history, slavery existed, and was continued for thousands of years until the evil white evil colonial evil English evil navy closed ocean trade to slave ships. The only slave routes remained were land-routes from Africa to the countries that celebrated the religion of peace, where slavery is ‘rumored’ to continue.

    As for the current politics,the Democrat-anti-fa-socialist-communist party isn’t healthy for Jews and other living things. Plan accordingly.

  3. And he is smarter than most of those that I tried to speak to.
    Pigpen, your dog is definitely smarter! He has real world education. I’m guessing many of those you tried to speak with have indoctrination.

    One of the things so stupid about antifa, The communism they so happily embrace has killed just as fascism has. And if this truly were a fascist country they would lay dead in Tiananmen Square. That they are trying their best to turn us into such a country never crosses their vapid little minds.

    David, welcome and you are very correct. The leftist party and antifa are neither one healthy for the Jews. In any country, the same in the UK and Europe, the left is the party embracing the ones that most desire to wipe out Jews. But sadly some seem to have more allegiance toward a political party than Torah or survival.

  4. I have been telling my Christian friends that I am finding myself spending more time in prayer and Bible study/reading. I at one time had in mind that I was going to be a Pastor. I think that part of my job now has turned out to be something closer to that than I expected. I have a lot of friends who are hurting today, with not only life happening, but also fears about some of the things going on in the world as well. I try to encourage them, both with the Bible knowledge that I have, but also with some of the things that I have learned in my time spent watching world events, over basically my whole life. I am part of a private group on FB that is mostly people who have lost loved ones to heroin or other drug overdose. I was invited to join that group due to some comments that I offered to a lady who had lost her son to OD, and was having a hard time dealing with it. I don’t know if I made a difference but I hope that I did. I try to post in the group on occasion just to keep people aware that G-d is still in control. I tried to explain to them just recently that there is nothing new going on that has not happened before, and the creator of the universe is never surprised or worried, but His plan is continuing. At times, I find myself having to have a serious talk with my own self, to remind me of that same thing. We simply must keep on doing our best, and count on G-d to make it work out for His glory.
    Shalom, and a safe Sabboth.

  5. Those that promote hate are all on one side, same coin for sure. There are many on the left who preach against bullying and hate but their action speak otherwise.

    Just as in Germany in the 30’s we now have the commie’s and fascist fighting it out but their goals are the same, control, their control and they are fueling that control with hate.

    The media are guilty for fanning these flames.

    We must all be very careful about aligning ourselves with those whose goals are power and control no matter what side they pretend to be on because in reality they are only on the side of hate.

  6. Pigpen, I have it figured out. You sir are a spiritual paramedic. In times of war, the people with training similar to that of a doctor. Like a pastor, you’re trained. But where I think the Pastor and doctor tend to stay in buildings, you and the paramedics run out into the field where you do your work in the midst of battle to help hurting people.

  7. (Bit of a long comment; sorry about that.)

    I was following and agreeing with Rabbi Fischer’s article until I got to this point: I also perceived that those monuments constitute a horrible daily insult and vile dishonor to African Americans and, frankly, an incomprehensible curiosity for a country that had defeated the Confederacy and had reunited. What indeed were all those monuments to the losing side doing all over the place? I came to a sense that perhaps those monuments should be moved to Civil War museums, to the great preserved battlefields at Antietam/Sharpsburg, Chancellorsville, Bull Run/Manassas, Fredericksburg, The Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Shiloh, Lookout Mountain, Cold Harbor, Vicksburg, and Petersburg. (Gettysburg already has its full complement.) Perhaps move them to cemeteries where Confederates lie buried.

    How does a memorial to a fallen war hero become “a horrible daily insult and vile dishonor to African Americans”, unless the mind perceiving it wills it to be so? (This has been my perception of “Black Lives Matter” and “Antifa”: they’re offended mostly because they want to be offended and actively look for reasons to be offended. Like a feminist who takes it as a personal insult that the word is spelled “HIStory” instead of “HERStory”; it’s ridiculous.)

    And why should they be moved?

    During his “intensive” travels in the South, he missed something very important: the Southern people value their history. They value their history enough that they built memorials and reminders everywhere. Shunting them all off into forgotten corners of the states won’t preserve them or the history they represent; it will contribute to forgetting both (and we all know what happens to those who forget – or fail to learn – history). It also won’t save them from destruction. “Antifa” wants to be offended – they are not upset at where the statues are placed; they’re upset that the statues exist at all. They will not be satisfied with the statues’ removal from city squares; rather than protesting, they will instead desecrate the hallowed cemeteries to destroy the statues.

    I believe Rabbi Fischer is forgetting the history of the Jews in Central Europe in the ’30s and ’40s. First, the powers-that-be convinced the people to hate them. Then, they convinced the people to relocate them into strictly-Jewish communities (ghettos). However, even that wasn’t enough to placate the powers-that-be or the people. After relocation, concentration, and removal from “upstanding” communities, the Jews nevertheless still had to be systematically destroyed. To the “good” people and their leaders, nothing less would suffice.

    He’s also forgetting the post-’68 history of Israel. Her Islamist neighbors are not content that all the region’s Jews are relocated “over there” and minding their own business; they want to see Israel destroyed and the Jews wiped out. To them, nothing less will suffice.

    “Antifa” is following the exact same progression regarding those Confederate statues. They have already convinced themselves to be offended by them, and to hate them. Relocating them will cool tempers … for now … but moving them all “over there” won’t be enough. Eventually they’ll be back, pushing for the total and complete (systematic) destruction of every last Confederate monument.

    To them, nothing less will suffice.

    1. “Eventually they’ll be back, pushing for the total and complete (systematic) destruction of every last Confederate monument.”

      And when they achieve that then it will be the total and complete (systematic) destruction of anyone who does not agree with them.

      “Antifa” is like the Khmer Rouge it wasn’t just about destroying their history but also culling 25% of the population.

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