Complicity of current gun laws makes people guilty of slaughter
Are you complicit?

Re: the mindless slaughter of men, women and children in a church in Texas, at a hotel in Las Vegas and at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Ct. plus many others too numerous to mention.

You are complicit if you are an elected official voting to block adequate gun control laws! You have the blood of innocent individuals on your hands.

I should like to note that, by his peculiar standard of law, Mr. Blank is complicit in the murder of my brother who was disarmed by the sort of retroactive — ex post facto — gun control he likes.

By his standard, Blank is complicit in the murder of Carol Bowne, killed while waiting for her lawfully purchased defensive tool; mandatory waiting period gun control.

By his standard, Blank is complicit in the murders of 23 people in Luby’s Diner, where gun control had disarmed Dr. Suzanna Gratia.

Considering that Sandy Hook Elementary School was a “gun-free zone” by federal gun control, with lawfully possessed defensive arms banned, by his standard, Blank is complicit in those murders as well.

I’m sure guilt-stricken Blank will be contacting his representatives immediately to call for an end to victim disarmament.

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4 thoughts on “Complicity?”

  1. Not to mention the 170 MILLION or so citizens around the world murdered by their own governments — after being disarmed by law, of course — in the 20th century alone.

    Each and every one of those deaths was directly facilitated by “common-sense, reasonable” gun-control laws.

    Is that “adequate” enough for you, Mr. Blank?

  2. Archer is on the right track, why do we have a 2nd amendment?

    And if the day ever comes that the 2nd amendment is needed for what it was intended for in the first place who will be complicit in requiring that, I say the very same people who want to take away all our guns in the first place.

    And I hope each and every one of those people gets their just rewards!

  3. I try to do my part. I just bought 500 rounds of 9mm, and a Spanish Mauser, in .308 Win.

    I am not a militia nut, but I will stand against tyranny, and have friends who will stand with me.

    And where do these idiots come up with this line of BS, anyway?

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