Target Selection

[My obligatory SHOT Show posting.]

“Mohamet, I have selected a mission, Inshallah.”

“Yes, Mohammed? Will ISIS be pleased with our work?”

“Inshallah, yes. The Caliphate has stated that the mujahedin should use the work of the Mandalay Bay hero as an example. I have the perfect example!”

“What, Mohammed?”

“Paddock gained media glory by targeting 22,000 people at a gathering of sinners in that Great Satan’s hellhole, Las Vegas. But I have learned that just a few miles away, in that same den of iniquity, there is a far larger gathering of crusaders: 70,000! We can hose them down!”

“Umm… This America. Out of 70,000 evil satans, some are bound to be armed. It would be sad to die before bringing glory to Allah.”

“That’s the beauty of my plan, Mohamet. This is the SHOT show. Attendees are required to be unarmed. Vendors are required to remove firing pins from their display weapons. They’re helpless!”

“I see… Wait.”


“Mohammed, isn’t this SHOT thing held indoors?”

“Mostly. They had a range day, but I thought it best to skip that.”

“Allah has blessed you with wisdom. But still… the main show is indoors, where attendees are disarmed?”


“But outside, where we can shoot them… these are Americans. Americans specifically attending a show to see what new guns they wish to market and purchase. Americans who already own most of the small arms in the world. Who practice.”


“Including arms for the crusaders’ military.”


“Mohammed, these would not be metrosexual pajama boys suitable only for servicing mujahedin heroes. Mightn’t they shoot back?”

-sigh- Then we shall don martyrdom vests and go inside where they are unarmed and even the guns cannot fire…”

“Mohammed, how long does it take to put a firing pin back in?”

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4 thoughts on “Target Selection”

  1. Heh… what makes anyone actually believe that all 70,000 of those people actually followed the “rules” and disarmed? I don’t think so…

    The muslims may be stupid, but I don’t think they are THAT stupid.

      1. Well yes, but that kind of stupid is rather well distributed among the population of controllers and fools. ISIS seems to enjoy explosives far more than machine guns. I mean, how much ammo can a person hide under their coat? 🙂

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