[UPDATE] Oops: “Authorized Urinalists”

I originally posted this on my personal blog, Random Acts of Gibberish, but it’s too funny not to share with a wider audience.

Oopsie, someone has a little explaining to do

…to the ATF.

AJC.com, the Atlanta Urinal-Constipation just published a story claiming a reporter built an assault rifle.

I helpfully emailed authorized urinalist, Ken Foskett to explain that if that’s true, someone is going to prison.

Interestingly, it took some searching to find Foskett’s email address. AJC killed the link to the reporter staff directory. I guess they got tired of getting negative feedback from people who know they’re full of shit. Fortunately, they left the actual directory online; you should bookmark it.

Nice try, Foskett.

Yeah, you edited the article from this

to this

but you forgot to change the graphic.

I just had to send Foskett one more email.

Nice try.

But you forgot to change the graphic.

Fortunately, I kept screen shots of everything in case the ATF should ask.

I expect that graphic will disappear from the AJC site in 3… 2… 1…

UPDATE, 2/8/2018: They finally realized they still had the “assault rifle” image loading. It’s now gone. Further, they’ve set the original URL…


..to redirect to this one, so “assault rifle” no longer appears in the address bar.


But no mention that they edited the original story for content.


4 thoughts on “[UPDATE] Oops: “Authorized Urinalists””

  1. Right you are, it is gone. Should the link to his email suddenly go dead, those things happen. I’m sure he’d be available for questions on twitter at @KenFoskett.

    Bear, you rock. Really you do.

    1. Looks like the “assault rifle” graphic is still there. If you have scripts enabled, you see the first image of the shooter, then the “assault rifle” graphic autoloads after a few seconds. Without scripts, it doesn’t appear.

    1. Ah, but the problem is that they specifically claimed Wade built an assault rifle. By definition, an assault rifle is a machinegun under the NFA. Between construction of what they themselves claimed to be an assault rifle, possession without tax stamp, transfer to the shooter, possession of a machinegun manufactured post-FOPA, he broke a lot of laws if it was that they originally claimed. That’s why they scrubbed “assault rifle” from everything, including the URL.

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