Almost half aren’t ready?

Just a quick note.

National survey finds just 46 percent of gun owners report safely storing all of their firearms
The survey defined safe storage as all guns stored in a locked gun safe, cabinet or case, locked into a gun rack or stored with a trigger lock or other lock. This definition is based on research showing these practices reduce the risk of unauthorized access or use.

Let’s run that headline through the Universal Bullshit Translator:

“Criminals warned that more than half of gun owners keep defensive tools ready.”

Pretty much the only time all my firearms were what these idiots call “safely stored” has been when I was out of country (to a place where bringing firearms was impossible).


5 thoughts on “Almost half aren’t ready?”

  1. If I was asked that question, my reply would be YES, I DO safely store all my firearms in a locked gun safe.
    However, I would be referring to the firearms that are STORED, not in use.
    My .45 is always on my belt. When home I usually have a long gun out in my control. If I’m out in the back 40, it’s with me, not in the house for a sneak thief to find.
    When I go out the long gun is stored in the locked safe.
    100% of my firearms are NEVER in the safe.
    That would be insane.

  2. I have read that these people also think that you should store the ammo for your guns locked in a separate safe. I don’t really understand the utility of that. If you have to do that, then you really should consider buying a better safe, or a bigger safe, if that is why you can’t fit everything in one safe. I won’t say how I store my guns, but I will say that I can get to a gun very quickly at all times.

    1. If you had a walk-in vault they’d still demand you store ’em separately. Else the guns will load themselves in the middle of the night and shoot the safe lock off from the inside.

  3. If you live behind enemy lines as I the best answer to any question like that is; I’s don’t own no guns no more.

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