Feelin’ Triggered

It seems that recently Fredericka Whitfield, a cnn #FakeNews anchor had a segment talking about the school shooting in Florida. The one where the FIB ignored tips and the police never followed through on the myriad of calls they had on Bucket O-Chum. So guess who they had on as a SENIOR analyst? Yep, an FIB dude. Some guy named Tom Fuentes. Tom is everything cnn #FakeNews would want in a senior analyst and everything we would expect in a cnn analyst. Tom thinks female teachers are incapable of carrying concealed.

From the transcript:

And then the fact that they have the gun come out when the uniformed police arrive and do what they’re supposed to do, run in, they’re liable to get killed because all the police are going to see is someone waving a gun around and they’re coming into an active shooter situation. So, you know, that adds to the danger.

And then one of the things that people don’t talk about, a lot of these schools — Sandy Hook had an all-female faculty from principal to teachers. And for a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day? You can’t put it in your desk drawer, somebody might steal it and you can’t get to it.

You’re not going to have it in a safe in the principal’s office, you can’t get to it. On your person, hiding it — if you wear a dress, if you wear a skirt, are you going to have to wear a jacket every day with a belt and a holster the way a detective, you know, on duty would do?

It’s not a real practical solution even for a variety of reasons much less being adept is more than just pulling the trigger and making the bullet go down range.

WHITFIELD: Right. And the comfort level, all of that. You know, so many teachers have arms open. They want to hug their kids. I remember that from my school teachers. And certainly that would present a real problem of where exactly to put the gun if it comes to that.

FUENTES: Oh, yes. The kids are going to be “hey, Miss Jones, are you packing?” I mean it’s just not a good situation for it.

WHITFIELD: All right. We’ll have you back. Tom Fuentes — thank you so much. Appreciate it.

Let’s start with that “waving a gun around” part. Apparently since Tom is former FIB, that type of behavior must be de rigueur for the FIB. When they aren’t running guns to Mexico. He must think armed citizens behave that way. We don’t. Tom has seen one too many movies apparently, I don’t care if they were training films telling the FIB how we, the unwashed masses behave. We don’t. We apparently behave far better than the FIB, since I wouldn’t, and don’t personally know concealed carry people that would behave in such a manner.

Shall we move on to the for a woman, where are you going to hide that gun during the day part?

I know, hard to believe this is a serious question. But like little Julie Bandaras from FOX who apparently doesn’t know anyone who has every bought a gun legally, this idiot doesn’t know any women who are smart enough to be prepared protect themselves.

It reminds me of the story of the Pauline Kael political quote.

In December 1972, a month after U.S. President Richard Nixon was reelected in a landslide victory, Kael gave a lecture at the Modern Language Association, during which she said, “I live in a rather special world. I only know one person who voted for Nixon. Where they are I don’t know. They’re outside my ken. But sometimes when I’m in a theater I can feel them”

Then Fredericka of cnn #FakeNews chimes in,

You know, so many teachers have arms open. They want to hug their kids.

Right Fredericka, they are only capable of giving hugs, cause they’re women, right? If someone came in to hurt them, be it a crazed kid, pedophile, the unibomber, Chucky the killer clown, or muslims #ReligionOfPieces ala Beslan, they would only want to stand there and hug, they wouldn’t want to stop the SOB in it’s tracks right? Cause well, they’re women, and that’s all they can do? I have a hunch that “open arms” excuse is crap because in this age of #MeToo, I really doubt too many teachers feel safe to “hug” their students.

Ahh Tom and Fredericka, both up to cnn #FakeNews highest journalistic standards.

CNN has standards? Who knew!







So let’s talk about those elusive, at least for cnn #FakeNews journalistic standards.

From The Washington Examiner, No one would accept, in any other national discussion, the level of ignorance seen in the gun debate

Weinstein is correct when he writes, “The onus should be on those citizens who own the weapons technology, and purport to understand it, to share that understanding with the skeptical and less-informed.”

Beauchamp also notes that there’s a big difference between correcting a gun control advocate who’s “actually writing the legislation” versus “a random citizen deciding whether to support a new [assault weapons ban].”

And this is why that open discussion often doesn’t take place.

Because gun ban proponents don’t want to have a discussion. They just want to fling poo. The article continues.

It’s the ignorance of lawmakers, gun control activists, and media commentators that is inexcusable and insulting. Understanding the issue is the bare minimum required of their respective professions. Yet, so many simply refuse to learn the topic.

It’s things like Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, D-Fla., saying she opposes “rapid-fire magazines,” whatever those are. It’s things like Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., calling for a ban on “gas-assisted receiver firearms,” which are not real. It’s things like professional cable news commentator Steve Schmidt saying it’s harder to buy cough medicine than an AK-47, which is a damned, stupid lie.

No one would ever accept this level of ignorance and dishonesty in a similarly serious and emotionally charged debate.

No one would cheer if a pundit said it’s easier to get a late-term abortion than Sudafed. His audience would ask to see his homework. No one would shrug it off if a legislator incorrectly referred to a “trimester” as a “semester.”


Hell, no one would accept this level of ignorance from a traffic report. If a journalist referred to a pickup truck as an “auto-style speedbox,” he would rightly be laughed off the air.

Apparently neither Tom or Fredericka are aware that many everyday women are far more prepared to defend their animals, themselves and their homes than “progressive” women are to defend their children. It amuses me to think of the potential number of women these two twits may have passed on the street that are carrying concealed weapons.

I’m sure it would be a shock to them to know there are books with such topics covered. The Cornered Cat: A Woman’s Guide to Concealed Carry

There are great women’s concealed carry holsters.

There are beautiful custom handmade holsters.

There are shops with all kinds of amazing gear for women.

There are concealed carry purses.

So what it boils down to, Tom, is you are an ignorant, misogynistic, condescending miserable excuse for a man.

Women are capable of far more than you can even dream of. We cut down trees, we raise animals, children, work in the military, law enforcement, are legislators, take care of people and we can not only carry a firearm, we can deploy it and save the life of someone we care about. A concept foreign to you, the Sheriff of Coward county, and Captain Jan Jordan, who directed deputies to stage and form a perimeter outside Stoneman Douglas High School, rather than immediately entering the building during the mass shooting.

And ya’ll, ya’ll are the “professionals” that you and your ilk want us to leave our safety, and the safety of our families in your hands?  Oh HECK no. No thanks you miserable wretch. Bless your heart.

Because us real women?  WE can do pretty ok.




8 thoughts on “Feelin’ Triggered”

  1. Lyudmila Pavlichenko comes to mind;

    Red Army Soviet sniper during World War II. Credited with 309 kills, she is regarded as one of the top military snipers of all time.

    Who said they were the weaker sex? I would love to have a lady like Lyudmila anytime on my six when needed.

  2. Oh YES!! I remember reading about her. I think she was the one Rachel Weiss ‘s character was based on in a movie. And didn’t they name a battleship after her?
    But the utter ignorance of these people, the elitism, the hypocrisy just continues unabated!

  3. I think that this speech by Nick Freitas should be either shown at the NRA convention, or he should be an invited guest. There are many who may have missed it that need to hear it. He is the kind of person that I think that I could stand behind for president in 2020. It would be nice to have a candidate to vote FOR instead of having to vote against someone.

    I tend to hold hypocrites to a different standard than others. I see so much of it occurring in the Christian community that it has harmed the cause almost to the point of forcing American Christians underground like in some foreign countries. So when I see feminists who turn on women who are strong and take a stand, or journalists who hide the truth and pretend to be the defenders of our freedom, it tends to irritate me.

    Of course, there have always been those who say one thing, and do another. Yet it seems as if we are seeing entire groups of them coming out of various places, certain colleges, or the coasts, en-mass. Obviously, this is not accidental, but is something that has happened due to someone or a group of people pushing their agenda for a reason. And that reason, while it might seem to be transparent, I believe that it is not completely revealed yet. It is easy to hear the words of some who might say, oh, it’s the New World Order. But I don’t think that they know exactly what they are talking about, even if they are conceptually accurate.

    I suspect that ever since we first heard George H.W. Bush mention the NWO, we have been being prepared for some kind of blending of governments. Is the ultimate aim to have a one world government? Who the heck knows. But when I see so many of our different leaders conducting talks with foreign countries on such topics as global warming and the like, it makes me wonder just what is going on. Everyone knows that the U.S. is the one that will bear the brunt of any such agreement.

    I suspect that this is the reason why the left is trying so hard to get rid of Trump. He is a loose cannon that cannot be trusted to be allowed in on the project, and certainly can’t be allowed another term. Even if they have to JFK him.

  4. I have what I consider to be an even better question: Where is it written that weapons would need to be “concealed?”

    The briefest perusal of the Internet will surface countless photographs of Israeli schoolteachers, crossing guards and other custodians of children openly carrying true assault rifles for the protection of their charges.

    1. CC vs. OC is an old argument, largely based on opinions of tactics (usually abbreviated as “keep the bad guys guessing who’s armed” vs. “seeing the armed people is a deterrent”). Generally, I don’t see the discussion as helpful at this time when referring to allowing armed teachers.

      In this particular case — proposals sparked by the Florida shooting — it matters. Under federal law, schools are gun-free except for those with state licenses (states have their own set of laws). Florida does not allow open carry; therefore — unless the law changes — armed teachers would have to be carrying concealed.

  5. I understand your point Rob. My personal opinion is I try not to do things to scare the sheep. Using the sheepdog reference. In America they have managed to convince the easily ill-informed that guns will “just go off”. This has resulted innocent licensed concealed carry people being killed in Costco, a gun-free zone. His jacket slipped, and it cost him his life. If people can’t even figure out that it’s not the piece of metal it’s who’s hand does it rest in, they aren’t going to accept open carry. In Israel not many attacks are by guns. They are cars, knives, bombs, and any thing else they can come up. But their ARE indeed openly armed soldiers everywhere. Buses, trains, the street. Nobody blinks twice.

  6. Pigpen, I pray for the safety of President and his family every day. For the same reason. It’s about destabilization.

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