Poll: Do you care about bump-fire?

Recently, I’ve put a fair amount of my time into tracking bump-fire bans, new rulemaking and legislation alike. I’ve noticed thatrelatively few people seem to be speaking about the subject, and the majority of those who bring it up at all indicate that bump-fire stocks (and trigger cranks, etc.) aren’t worth bothering with.

Obviously, I disagree with that assessment.

Web site traffic analysis also indicates that bump-fire is a low-interst topic.

What do you think? Am I wasting my time and yours? This a two-parter; two separate, but related, polls.



23 thoughts on “Poll: Do you care about bump-fire?”

  1. I do think that the rule is going to go into effect. How it will be interpreted is going to be the issue. And I am opposed to any and all additional gun control laws of any kind. The idiots in charge cannot enforce the ones that they have, so why should we let them add more, simply to build a stronger box to cage us with. I am done being reasonable. And common sense says that if they don’t follow the laws that are on the books, they won’t follow any new ones either.

  2. About the bump stock itself, I don’t see a need so I don’t care. BUT (big BUT) I oppose another avenue for gun control zombies to ply their trade. So the subject is important, but the product itself is not. What will be the next, then the next, then the next until the same method is used for all semi auto weapons. Followed by all hand guns. Followed by “high powered telescopic sight sniper rifles”? What will the Fudds say then? Keep up the good work. Nutty Old Geezer

    1. Many shotgunners – hunters and/or trap/skeet/etc. competitors – have no interest in supporting the Second Amendment, because they think they will never be deprived of their weapons, or will be the last to lose them.

      They haven’t considered that the liberals could easily modify the “automatic firearm” rules, especially if we all sit still for the banning of “bump-fire” stocks as “machine guns”. How will they feel when Bloomberg or his toadies sponsors a new rule saying that shooting buckshot (or even birdshot) is the equivalent of shooting nine or more “bullets” all at the same time. Yes, it is a single pull of the trigger, but BATFE (and its Deep State bureaucrats) will have already covered that, since the trigger is pulled multiple times with a bump-fire stock, yet they are claiming it is the same as firing multiple times with a single pull of the trigger.

      “And when they came for the shotguns, there was no one left to defend mine.”

  3. While I’ve never used one, and never foresee using one, I DO think it matters. It’s something tried before, pick something they don’t think enough people will get riled up about, go for that, then pick something else they think. Deerfield has decided to go high. They are banning semi-auto….

  4. I think this whole bumpfire, gat crank thing is a tactic… These devices were “decriminalized ” during one of the most anti gun administrations I have lived through

    1. A tactic. Oh, most assuredly. Of course it’s a tactic.


      But a tactic to accomplish what? Do elaborate. Perhaps the goal is to force SCOTUS to finally make a pro-2A/RKBA ruling?

      That they could have accomplished merely by doing nothing, and watching the Everytown Mommies for Genocide et al file their own lawsuits — spending their own money — to force the reg. A righteous AG Session could then file a brief in support of certiori demanding SCOTUS hear the case and rule for freedom.

      The problem with that is SCOTUS’ history of refusing pro-2A challenges. In 2008 — Heller — SCOTUS blessed anything short of a total ban on the carry of any weapon. Any restriction of total ban goes.

      In 2010, they extended that limited “recognition” to the states in McDonald. Since then -crickets-. Refusal to hear anything despite polar opposite precedents coming out of different circuits.

      But a new rule, based on outright lies, that turns thousands or hundreds of thousands of people into felons… and conveniently extends the power of unelected government?

      For that matter, “bump stock” bans had been sponsored in Congress. They could have rolled with those, if a court challenge is all they wanted. And if the bureaucratic fiat fails, they can still do that, and SCOTUS — again, based on history — is likely to let that go, too.

  5. I believe this whole bumpfire thing is an attempt to get something else by the ATF/Liberals in general/ democraps in particular.. When during the Obama administration one of the most antigun I have lived through, there were constant tales of the anointed one considering nationwide concealed carry, most of which were complicated registration schemes… When the Obama era BATFE decided that gat cranks, bumpstocks, and other devices did not constitute a “modification” to full auto; I sensed a future problem.. If one does not reside in MassiveChewShits; you might not be sensitive to this kind of paranoia… After the Las Vegas false flag event a lot of hooey about bumpstocks came out,, early reports talked about Tripod mounts, bipod mounts and bumpstocks… I have been near folks firing these ammo wasting, sight picture ruining devices, and I’ve noticed several things. I don’t think running one of these of a bipod is going to work all that well… but the average drooling union goon anti gun Democrat is not going to know that. since their brains have been vacuumed out like a fetus in a late term abortion they are going to ass ept any detritus spewed forth from any anti gun, “Tidepods for gunsafety; Condom snorting” leader… In MassiveChewShits, all holders of any sort of firearms ID card, got a Kristallnacht letter from the AGs orifice… the gist of this missive is any device that can increase the rate of fire, is banned and must be turned in to the authorities with no compensation. Now here is a pop quiz for folks everywhere. A) How many states are in the union??? B) in how many of these states exist a legal requirement to keep your tools in a locked storage container? C) in how many states can you be charged with a crime for the possession of an empty brass case without a pistol permit??? In MassiveChewShits there is a Hitler Era enactment on the books that exceeds the German pre ban statutes. I have heard that there might have been as many as 10 of these piles of plastic turned in,,, I have to believe that more of them made it into the state, but unless one was purchased with a credit card there is no form 4473, FA10 or any record keeping for these,,, I imagine that in light of certain rulings in MassiveChewShits; a mass safe storage inspection might be in order, to check for compliance… and look for gat cranks, bump stocks, and string with a loop in one end,,, I wish the bumpstock “decriminalization” never happened. it’s opened the door to more mayhem,,, Do I wish there was less restriction or the law abiding?? absolutely… the Recent ruling by the “federal Judge in mass, and Moron Healeys subsequent statement regarding where you live, to be shining a bright light on intent of this law…

    1. ” I don’t think running one of these of a bipod is going to work all that well…”

      The only way it would work at all is if the bipod were mounted on the bump-fire stock.

      But bump-fire stocks were never “decriminalized.” That could only happen if they’d even been illegal. On the contrary, the Akins Accelerator was retroactively criminalized (based on an “active” component; a spring.

      Buit I still don’t see what “tactic” you think this NPRM is. I think the language (“rate of fire” and the lie as the manner of operation) makes it clear that it’s the setup for a semiautomatic firearm ban.

  6. I don’t give two hoots in a holler about bump-fire stocks.

    What I do give a hoot about is a POTUS who ignores separation of powers and unilaterally amends a law legitimately passed by a seated legislative body.

    The other problem is that the anti-gunners are too ignorant of firearms for it to be even remotely possible for them to create a law that ONLY affects bump-fire stocks and not be so loosely worded that it also could be applied to lightweight BCGs, adjustable gas blocks, binary triggers, muzzle brakes, different weight recoil buffers and springs, rubber butt pads and eventually any detachable box magazine capable of holding more than a single round.

    Damn the NRA for not getting in front of this.

      1. The NRA has been fighting against open carry laws since 1923! And they are still quietly sneaking around to various states who consider passing open carry laws, to either talk them out of it or to file law suits _against_ open carry. Here is an article explaining it: https://newsblaze.com/business/legal/nra-loses-fake-open-carry-lawsuit-files-three-more-concealed-carry-lawsuits_131350/

        After being a member for over twenty years, I quit back in ’97 when the NRA helped pass the Lautenberg Amendment, and didn’t bother warning us members ahead of time. Many of us found out only after it had been passed.

        The NRA is NOT a friend of gun owners. That is why I am a Life Member of GOA.

  7. Well, if nothing else the first question shows that 60.56% of those responding as of this writing either don’t read carefully or do not understand the concept of individual “rights”. Ah well, at least they are ‘on our side’.

  8. SlideFire, which invented the bump-fire stock, shuttered its doors today.

    Because Trump.

    So a business that was begun with the full cognizance of the BATFE was destroyed, jobs destroyed, investments lost, capital lost, sweat-equity lost.

    Because Trump.

    So where is their due process?

  9. The irony is, given reports of bullet strikes well beyond the crowd, that using the bump-fire stocks may have saved lives.

    On the ban, give them the stock, and they’ll go after the rifle.

  10. Bump fire stocks, a fun toy that an idiot can use to waste ammo. And another in a long line of treasonous infringements of a right that “shall not be infringed.”

    I haven’t commented on the rule, and I won’t. I’d have to say that the BATFE is an unconstitutional agency whose very existence is banned by the Second Amendment. They enforce treasonous statutes, and the only proper thing anybody who works for them could do would be to put their loaded, cocked, and unsafed weapon in their mouth and pull the trigger.

    Somehow I don’t think they’d respond well to that message.

  11. Just another attempt to legitimize banning scary parts and modifications. If the bump stock ban is successfully passed the left will not be satisfied, all parts that aid in firing will be next. Titanium strikers, trigger modification and even grip upgrades will be next. Allowing this “part” to be banned will open a Pandora’s box of leftist rage against any and all gun parts. It opens a new front for them to continue their assault on the 2A. Just an opinion.

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