“[T]he riffle was a friend of his.”

The bravery of the Broward SO is exceeded only by their linguistic skills. [/sarc]

1) the video is still up
2) what’s a “riffle”?
3) they used my dad’s name as my mom’s
4) why did I need to tell you I didn’t threaten anyone, why didn’t you bother to look up the Tweet before?

I sent Mr. Kashuv a message earlier, hoping to clarify some points. I haven’t received a response, but I think this answers some of the questions:

Mr. Pittman, it was an illegal and unconstitutional detainment. See U.S. Code ยง 1983 and JDB v. North Carolina
1) the derogatory mentions of poliical beliefs.
2) the LEO in back of me holding my chair.
3) not contacting my parents prior
4) Calling me into a locked office

Taken to an office and the door locked, deputy holding his chair behind him. Sounds like “custody” to me, and questioning without parental or legal representation. Still no mention of Miranda being read to him.

Broward County taxpayers are not going to be happy about the inevitable settlement.

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