Nurses for Tyranny

Another weasel-worded call for repeal of the Second Amendment.

Gun rights — Constitution needs to be amended to protect the lives of our patients
We are nurses who have a vested interested in the health of the public. Each of us has many years of experience working in practice, and in teaching public health, mental health, and women’s health. Gun violence touches on all these areas.

We agree that there’s a need for gun violence research but we also think about the root cause. By definition, there would be no gun violence if there were no guns.
For us, as nurses, we notice that when we are discussing gun violence it is critical to note that gun ownership is a constitutional right — specifically enumerated and clear as clear can be.
To protect our patients, we as nurses are rising to an important recognition that the time has come to follow a constitutional approach to address gun violence. The reality is that the Constitution needs to be amended to protect the lives of our patients. And we, as nurses, believe that the time to act is now.

We need to recognize that the Constitution needs to be at the center of our conversations surrounding gun violence.

Guns are the root cause of gun violence? That’s a complete failure to differentiate between cause, effect, and method. As a more rational nurse said, “In a nurse, that’s f*****g serious.”

I hope none of those idiots are ever my nurse. Hearts are the root cause of heart disease. By definition, there would be no heart disease if there were no hearts.

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2 thoughts on “Nurses for Tyranny”

  1. So many of our so called leaders today are totally out of touch with the people they pretend to represent.

    These nurses are a very good example of that.

  2. Let’s imagine their world…

    The Constitution is amended and 100 million firearms owners calmly turn in 400 hundred million firearms for destruction. All felons and gang bangers amazingly comply, too.

    Finally, the only people with firearms are the police and the military.

    Then when President Trump or President Chelsea Clinton (take your pick) decides that they want to be President for life the round up of political dissidents begins and they are never seen again. If you make a nasty Tweet about a politician and you have a SWAT team kick in your door that night and they shoot you and your family for good measure.

    That is the world that comes with disarmament. Just look at Venezuela for the latest example. I do not want to ever be treated by any of these idiotic nurses.

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