Governments have a habit of throwing money at problems…

…unless it might go to honest folks. Like honest, noncriminal gun owners.

So they’ll pay criminals to “behave,” but punish gun owners for not “behaving.” I’ve got a better idea.

Just those three Danegeld cities would account for some $6 million a year in extortion payments. That would buy more than 105,000 of these little gun safes, and handguns are the preferred firearm of choice — small, concealable, easily disposed of — for criminals.

Instead of criminalizing theft victims, and paying off the predators, how about incentivizing guns owners to secure unattended weapons?

Michael Bloomberg spent $20 million just on Nevada’s 2016 background check initiative, only to see it fail when it turned out his toadies wrote an unenforceable proposition. He could have spent the same money on 350,000 gun safes — for more than 10% of the state’s population –, and actually accomplished something.

For that matter, $20 million would provide excellent bounty payments for would-be victims who take out the criminal who attempted to prey upon them. A two-fer: incentivizing defense and elimination of criminal predators.

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2 thoughts on “Incentive”

  1. Well said but will never happen.
    Law abiding gun owners are their enemy.
    They care nothing for anything that would punish the criminal class.
    The victims of crime are insignificant when compared to the victimhood of the criminal.
    Firearms ownership allows one to take responsibility for one’s own safety and the safety of those we care about. These people view that as an affront to the State and this can never be tolerated.
    They want us subjugated or dead. Simple as that.
    Never forget that you can have a say in that.
    What are you doing to make your voice heard?
    What have you done today to make tomorrow more survivable?
    This ain’t no party. This ain’t no disco…

    They don’t like us. Never will. They can never be appeased.
    They want us subjugated or dead.
    I chose neither.

    1. “The victims of crime are insignificant when compared to the victimhood of the criminal.”

      That’s because so-called victims are part of “The Bourgeouisie” and the latter creates criminals by its very existence. There would be no criminals without “The Bourgeouisie”.

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