Only The Professionals

James Comey thinks basic biological functions, like defense in support of the survival instinct, are best left to the professionals.

Riveting: Former FBI Director James Comey Refused To Carry A Gun
He was permitted to carry one himself but chose not to. “I was surrounded by armed people all day long. If I wasn’t safe in the hands of the FBI, then our country was really in trouble.”

The rest of us don’t have the option of a 24/7 federal security detail. And as the line goes, when seconds count, the police are minutes away. And rumor has it that Comey hired a porn star to bang his wife for him, knowing that a paid professional would do a better job than he ever could.

Yes, our country really is in trouble.

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4 thoughts on “Only The Professionals”

  1. I wonder if after Comey got fired, his wife started a Go Fu– me page, to get enough money to continue to live her life in the way that she was used to.

  2. Oh my gosh, I almost sprayed water on my keyboard!! What I want to know is if he was taking a tax deduction for it? Where’s Lois Lerner on this one?

    1. I am reminded of Gilda Radnor, and her Saturday Night Live skit as Rosanne Rosanneadanna.
      One time she was complaining that people were talking about flea erections, and she thought that fleas should be allowed to have all the erections that they wanted. Chevy Chase pointed out that it was free elections, and she said Nevermind.
      I think that Gilda would have thought the Democrats were celebrating her birthday and Christmas every single day, just for her, with all the cannon fodder that they provide for the bit she used to do. She would have been set for life with just that one character.

  3. (Moderated: The Zelman Partisans do not advocate or support unlawful initiation of force. We certainly do not approve of attacking family members of those with whom we disagree. We will not be a platform for you to do this.)

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