Remember that “First Freedom Television” scam?

Toldja so.

Back in February, The Zelman Partisans tried to spread the word about that outfit. They suckered the Virginia Citizens Defense League’s Philip Van Cleave into an “interview” which left him so uncomfortable and suspicious that he tried to warn the world. I saw that, and looked into FFT and figured it for a scam.

Another group was contacted by FFT and shared the warning.

Since much of “First Freedom’s” message involved Israel, I sent a warning to TZP leadership, thinking we might be a likely target (if FFT even heard of us).

Other individuals and groups tried to spread the word. Apparently to little avail.

And why do I bring this up now, months later?

Perhaps you’ve about actor Sacha Baron Cohen’s “documentary series” in which he suckered folks like former VP Dick Cheney (autographed a waterboarding kit), Senate candidate Roy Moore, and former AK gov Sarah Palin (met a fake disabled vet).

And then there was Utah gun rights activist Janalee Tobias. That article finally mentioned something I hadn’t seen anywhere else. Maybe I just missed it.

Tobias said she was approached via email by “First Freedom Television” to take part in a docuseries exploring shared security interests of Israel and the United States.

Yes, we now know who was behind the scam. The scam which we warned of six months ago. If only they’d been paying attention. Perhaps Sarah Palin should subscribe to the TZP newsletter.

Perhaps you should as well, if you’re not already.


One thought on “Remember that “First Freedom Television” scam?”

  1. If they did have TZP in mind with more than one column warning about them they may have decided to move on to easier targets.

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