That silly cars/guns analogy again.

This time from Dr. Colleen Kraft, president of the American Academy of Pediatrics.

What if guns were regulated like cars? To increase child safety, AAP president calls for public health approach
What if, she asked, “guns were regulated like cars?”

Excellent idea. I love it when victim disarmers make that comparison.

Felons and those adjudicated mental deficient could lawfully own guns. No more ex post facto losing your rights because of a decades-old misdemeanor. Fingerprints and criminal background checks would be gone. Minors could buy guns. 16 year-olds could get CCW licenses. You wouldn’t need a license or insurance so long as you didn’t fire your gun in the street. “Tank capacity” magazine limits would be a thing of the past. NFA restrictions eliminated (though, like racing stock cars, they probably would not be allowed on the road).

Other than those non-street-legal machineguns, we could have suppressors on our guns; they’d be mandated, just like car mufflers.

One shooting test, and you’re done with practical testing for life. Probably written testing, too.

My CCW would be good for 8 years, rather than 5, just like my driver license; and a whole lot cheaper. It might be “REAL ID” compliant, which would exclude anyone but citizens and lawful residents.

I’m not thrilled with the registration requirement, but I could move to a state that doesn’t require registration for non-street vehicles. I’m not sure how you’ll get people to register guns, anyway, given the very low compliance rates in states that have tried it (California thinks, after 20 years, that they might be up to 20% for “assault weapon” registration; I think Connecticut is hovering around 13%). But then, I see a lot of unregistered cars in driveways and the road.

And at long last, CCW licenses will be good in every state, just like drivers’ licenses. And they’d be valid ID for commercial flights.

No safe storage laws. Theft victims wouldn’t be blamed.

People would stop trying to sue manufacturers and dealers over things for which they aren’t responsible.

No more bound book perpetual record-keeping for dealers. No more federal licensing of dealers, or ATF harassment.

Go for it, doc. It would be far from perfect, but a vast improvement over the current over-regulation of firearms ownership.

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    1. Only if you have more than 10 gallons of fuel in your tank. You can bypass that rule if you drill a hole in the tank to prevent it from holding more than 10.

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