Georgia teachers must be even worse than I thought

The two main contenders for governor in Georgia are a guy who talks a good enough game on firearms-related human/civil rights that I might’ve voted for him if he weren’t a Republican (long story), and a gun-grabbing lunatic of a Democrat.

But I repeat myself.

Let’s settle our stomachs with a little Pepto and take a look at Democrat Stacey Abrams.

Ms. Abrams believes that “gun safety measures are essential to keeping Georgia’s schoolchildren safe.”.

“Commonsense gun safety measures, including repealing campus carry, are essential to ensuring our schools are safe,” said Abrams’ spokeswoman Priyanka Mantha.

In Georgia, allowed “campus carry” is restricted to licensed adults 21 and older on college campuses. Not schoolchildren. Maybe; but I suspect that there isn’t much intersection between the groups of GWL holders and diagnosed crazies.

For the record, there have been exactly zero criminal shootings on campus by GWL holders since campus carry went into effect. Or before.

What else does Abrams think is “safe”?

Abrams’ platform for gun safety measures includes universal background checks, the introduction of a 3-day waiting period and banning assault weapons.

No word on how criminals — 94% percent of whom bypass all laws by obtaining their firearms through unlawful channels — will be forced to undergo universal preemptively-prove-your-innocence prior restraint checks. I tried to get a statement from Carol Bowne on waiting periods, but she was unavailable for comment.

But it was Abrams’ position on arming teachers that really struck me.

Abrams has said that arming teachers is dangerous and distracts them from educating.

Either Abrams is projecting her own sad cerebrally-challenged limitations onto our teachers, or Georgia’s teachers are easily distracted, unable to organize thoughts, and too dangerous to be in rooms with helpless children.

Allow me to list a few things I’ve successfully done while armed. It’s far from comprehensive.

  • teach classes
  • attend classes
  • operate a wide assortment of motor vehicles
  • operate a wide assortment of power tool, including chainsaws
  • ditto manual hand tools
  • maintain and repair telecommunications systems, including high power tropspheric scatter communications across internal borders and digital telephone switches.
  • perform security patrols
  • walk, talk, and chew bubble gum
  • vote
  • design book dust jackets and covers
  • write technical manuals
  • write hard science fiction novels
  • write pro-RKBA columns
  • look after small children
  • graphic design
  • build web sites
  • repair automobiles
  • repair lawn irrigation systems
  • check the mail (where I lived, that was a necessity due to all the bears)
  • eat a meal
  • prepare a meal
  • clean up after

To summarize: live a normal life, doing all then usual (and sometimes unusual) stuff of everyday living.

If the gun absorbs all your attention, you’re doing it wrong. Even in defensive circumstances, you are certainly aware of the gun, but your attention is on the situation — situational awareness.

I find my phone far more distracting (when it rings) than my sidearm.

If Georgia teachers are incapable of successfully doing just the first thing thing on my list, then they probably shouldn’t have a gun.

Nor should they be teachers.

And I’m quite certain that Stacey Abrams shouldn’t be governor — nor much of anything that doesn’t involve a guardian — for the same reason.

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