“Defense” – Sexism and Job Security

I ran across a story this morning about a women’s self defense class being run by some Florida law enforcement agencies.

Right away, I suspected this would be the usual crap.

FL: Self-defense lessons teach women to spot, thwart attack
The program is called W.A.V.E., which stands for Women Against Violent Encounters. It’s a free two-day, women-only course being held at the Courtyard Marriott.

The class will be taught by instructors from the St. Johns County Sheriff’s Office, the St. Augustine Police Department and the St. Augustine Beach Police Department.

The two-day course will teach women how to recognize a threat and will show them simple self-defense moves, including punches and kicks. Women will have the opportunity to practice what they learn during the class.

But, in the interest of accuracy, I wrote to the St. Augustine Police Department to get some specifics.

Good day,

I heard about the class to be held September 24-25. I have a few questions about the course content.

1. How much range time will the class include?

2. Will firearm selection, carry style (and holster type) be addressed?

3. How much time will be spent on use of force law?

Thank you for your time.

Yes, I’m a naughty person. And yes, my assumption proved accurate.

This is not a firearms course. It is a self defense class for woman.

Michal Ochkie

No guns. Because it’s for women?



This is not a firearms course. It is a course that focuses on teaching women threat awareness as well as self-defense techniques. We go over assertiveness, verbal skills as well as physical techniques.

Hope this answered all of your questions.


Ofc. Dee Brown #2943
Community Affairs Division
St. Augustine Police Department

A self defense class for women which… Well, that called for a response.

I am aware that it is a self defense class for women. But you’re going to teach them to go hand to hand with larger stronger men, instead of using the most effective defense tools available?

I suppose ensuring a steady supply of predators and victims is one way to guarantee job security.

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2 thoughts on ““Defense” – Sexism and Job Security”

  1. Why bother the police, who obviously have more to do than hold the hands of a bunch of scared women? Just have them go to the local college, and have a liberal arts teacher, preferably another woman, sit with them for an hour, and teach them how to speak to their attacker in a way that expresses their feelings, and how it is totally wrong for the much stronger males to attack women, just because they are biologically different.
    No doubt the attackers will repent, and the women will have recruited one more person to side with them in their quest for dominance in the nation.
    Or they could just pack a gun.

  2. Pigpen, that is delicious!
    I would be curious where they are going to send the women for follow up. You do not learn something one time and “know” it. You need to develop muscle memory, timing and be able to alter the plan. Just in case your attacker doesn’t follow the “plan” they taught you in the one day class. Are they going to give the women a list of “approved” dojos they can go for further training? Did they teach them that if they face more than one attacker they best hope they have studied more than a class.

    I have nothing against classes, I flippin’ LOVE classes. I have something against people that present such to gullible women as it being the ONLY thing they need to repel a violent attack. I do have something against those.

    Perhaps the officers would be shocked I can reload, and resume firing without chipping my nailpolish?

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